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Published: Friday, Nov. 5 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

Stop writing Utah articles Dick, focus on your pathetic team. Go Utes!

Payson, UT

You dont offer an objecive point of view at all.
Your specialty is writing hype for your friends in provo. We know how much you like to annoy Utah and their fans, but you should just stick to your niche.

Escondido, CA

I disagree, Hotrod. This is a fair assessment of the most important college game of the day. The strengths and weaknesses of both the Utes and TCU are accurately given in this article. Just one thing to add: the intangibles---the emotion of playing at home with such an incredible amount of support from not only the home fans and the MUSS, but also former Ute great players such as Alex Smith, Jamal Anderson, Luther Ellis, and Robert Johnson.


Springville, UT

How can hotrod say that when Dick picked the Utes to win! Incredible....

I gotta admit, I don't see Utah pulling away with the W on this one however. TCU won't let the crowd faze them. They've been looking to this game for a long time.

Look for TCU to get its first win in SLC today.

Orem, UT

A little Ot, but the fact that one of the games was described as two teams grasping for marbles is probably a good indication that perhaps the MWC might never get AQ status...

Lehi, UT

The winning team will not play for the BSC NC, period. The loosing team will drop like a rock from the ratings. If the loosing team is rank higher than 15-20 it will be an embarrassing day for the BCS'ters.

There is no possible way to justify the rosy view of the BCS'ters other than money. Speaking of money, the U doesn't get any from the PAC 12 next year.

Ogden, UT

24-17 TCU.

The sad thing is, by a total of seven points or less, Utah will drop out of any hope for NC. And yet, that's more fair than the great majority of Utah fans think. Their strength of schedule will do them in, unlike what happened to the team down south in '84.

But even if the Utes win, they'll be matched with Boise State and thus the BCS will effectively keep the NC game as a contest between the "elite" conferences.

Irvine, CA

Yeah, Mr Harmon.

Finally, you're putting some logics in your article.
Way to go!

By the way, say...are you writing a few Utes articles per week now? Is this part of consolidation of work force by DN--ie you will write about both Utes and Cougars?

Go Utes, make Mr Harmon proud!

springville, UT

Harmon writes about BYU and the Ute fans cry----homer homer, he writes about the Utes and the ute fans cry------shut up shut up.

Here I will write about the utes for you haters,,,,

TCU 46
Utah 21

Suck on that for the morning uties....

Draper, UT

Get in while the gettin is good. A 5 point TCU give is the lock of the century! This is a 14 to 21 point game. Not a chance Utah wins. This team is a joke at #5 and would ha

Draper, UT

Get in while the gettin is good. A 5 point TCU give is the lock of the century! This is a 14 to 21 point game. Not a chance Utah wins. This team is a joke at #5 and would have lost by two TD's @ Air Force were it not for AFA's 5 turnovers!

Flame of the West
The OC, CA

Go TCU....BYU NC 1; UTAH 0

Springville, UT

Dick predicts a W for Utah and the fans hate him. That's funny but only proves that for many of these fans Max was dead on in his characterization.

Win or lose there is no NC for the Utes and it appears the frustration of 'bitter and jealous' Ute fans is rising. Even if a W is garnered today that frustration is just going to go ballistic when the BCS raises its evil head and does the same thing as last year, BSU vs. TCU

And there is still plenty of football to be played!

It would be great to see the Utes go all the way to Nov 27th and CHOKE but that won't be necessary after today's game.

Kiss that winning season goodbye boys and your closest futile attempt for a NC. That's gotta hurt.

I'll be here for you after the game dishing out crow. Place your order now.

NC UTES 2010
Salt Lake City, UT

Utah 34
tcu 17


2010 National Champs

Mark that down too

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington DC, MD

BYU fans probably won't even watch their own game today. But Anyway, this is Utah's moment with what a real rivalry game should be. Both teams coming into the game undefeated. This is our real rivalry game this year.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

21 to zip. And it's another TCU 1st down!

Layton, UT

It's 21-0 at the end of the first qtr in favor of TCU. What is going on Utah?

Aurora, CO

Tough loss to a seemingly great TCU team. I hope that a road win against a strong Utah team will generate a few more first place votes.

As a BIG BYU fan I have been impressed with Utah's season and this loss is a setback, but a victory next week against Notre Dame and then another against San Diego State will setup a final MWC loss to BYU.

Here's my future dream for the breakup of BCS and a national cry for playoffs. Utah wins the PAC-12 finishing the season with one loss and playing in the Rose Bowl. Boise State winning the MWC undefeated and playing in the Fiesta Bowl. TCU going undefeated and playing for the national championship angainst an undefeated indepedent BYU and of course BYU winning 57-0.

That should get everybody's attention.

It's just mindgames.

Northwest Coug
Pasco, WA

Come on Harmon, you had to see the Utes hadn't played a good team before today.

They're middle of the pack with the Cougs, Air Force and SDSU.

Looking forward to another fun BYU-Utah game!

Ogden, UT

@ mind games

"Tough loss?" A tough loss is what TCU suffered in the last seconds playing in Rice-Eccles in 2008. It's not a "tough loss," it's called "humiliation."

Number 98 in strength-of-schedule had no chance. The Utes were even worse than the cougars against TCU. Two home losses before their bowl game won't look too good for them as they make their move to the PAC-12.

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