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Published: Friday, Nov. 5 2010 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Olympus Cove, Utah

What the MWC's clueless commissioner said:

"If either team can finish the season undefeated, it should be in consideration to play in the BCS National Championship game."

What the SEC, Big 12, PAC 10 or Big Ten commissioner would have said in a similar situation with his undefeated #3 and #5 ranked teams playing in November:

"The winner of this game will be playing in the BCS championship game."

Springville, UT

This guy is drinking the same Kool-Aid many of the Ute fans drink.

I can't believe that some people think this game determines a shot at an NC if one of these teams goes undefeated. Can't anyone remember last year's fiasco with BSU vs. TCU?

History often repeats itself and as long as there are undefeated or 1 game losers in the BCS they will be elevated to that NC opportunity.

Gee, Commish', don't you realize that this mess of a conference is a problem??? I didn't think so.

Salt Lake City, UT

"This game has very significant national implications. For the third straight year, the winner of this game will have an opportunity to participate in a BCS bowl game. If either team can finish the season undefeated, it should be in consideration to play in the BCS National Championship game," he said.


About as innovative in his quotes as he is as Commissioner.

Utesville, CA


"For the third straight year, the winner of this game will have an opportunity to participate in a BCS bowl game"

What does that say about your Cougars? BCS irrelevant.
And if Cougars has been BCS irrelevant, why do its fans even have an opinion on BCS?

Ann Arbor, MI

Funny, only tds fans posting....


Game For Any Fuss
Draper, UT

Yet again, Cougar fans like sammyg are out in force on the Utah articles.

Probably because Utah fans are busy getting ready for the biggest game in the nation tomorrow.

I guess I can't blame Cougar fans for being so obsessed with Utah. After all, it's not like their team plays tomorrow.

Wait, they do?

Draper, UT

Dear Cougar fans,

Get used to this Saturday scenario:

Utah playing high-profile game against top-ranked opponent, such as USC, UCLA, Oregon, Stanford, Arizona, etc. in Salt Lake City,


BYU hosts the likes of Idaho, Louisiana Tech, New Mexico State, Nevada and Notre Dame twice in 6 years.

You'll always have 1984!

Springville, UT

SoCal, how you twist a truthful comment into a plug for BYU is amazing. Do you write fiction or is that how life is from your mommy's basement?

BCS relevance for the Utes is one thing and a NC championship bid from this non-AQ conference is another. Totally different and that's my take. It has nothing to do about BYU but since YOU mentioned it I will end with this.

A huge train wreck will have to happen in the BCS schools to open a way for the Utes, TCU or BSU to have a shot at the NC.

And if some miraculous intervention occurs that would allow this Ute NC bid to happen it would mean no more than BYU's often discounted '84 NC. It's all a vote anyway at the end of the season.

So IF the Utes could go all the way it would be luck AND post season everyone would be scratching their heads wondering... how could Utah, a team that beat Pitt, AFA, TCU and the 'cupcakes' (BYU included for humor here) with a really stinky SOS be annointed NC???

And being in the BCS next year is easier???

Salt Lake City, UT

Yawn, more rivalry drivel.

My fellow Cougar fans, give Utah their due. They are playing great football and deserve this spotlight. They are a great, great team this year.

Utes like dcute and hedgie, you are annoying. You can stop now.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Dearest Mr. Thompson, sir. A little note of thanks for your shown leadership & direction is moving the MWC into national prominance and not only keeping the conference together but actually strengthening it. Oh, wait. This is Thompson of the MWC? I thought it was Mr. Scott of the Pac 10/12! Thompson has got to be one of the weakest commissioners in major college football. You, my friend, are the sole contributor to Utah leaving, BYU leaving, and TCU most likely to leave (what's left to keep them here). Also, an extra kudos to you for that terrific concerence TV deal you arranged. You only harmed the conference-- big time! ESPN just keeps moving on and giving their games "big time" exposure. Oh, and great "Conf. Championship" game in the ..... Las Vegas Bowl?

WSU Cougar
Alpine, UT

It doesn't matter what a non-AQ conference does, they are NOT going to let one play for the NC.

And yes, it will be more difficult in the PAC-12. But, if you want to run with the big dogs you've got to get off of the porch.

As for the Y, I'm sorry that the year has gone so badly. The root of the problem is really the first 2 years of Broncos recruiting.

West Jordan, UT

Oh SammyG,

It is sad that you say a train wreck must occur.

A simple defeat of Auburn by Alabama (they play On Nov 26th as an Alabama home game) and loss of Alabama tomorrow at LSU (who lost by a touchdown at Auburn) or in the SEC championship game would eliminate the SEC from the #1 and #2 BCS spots and leave an opening for Utah or TCU.

Also, Oregon still has to get through road games against their in-state rivals Oregon State and get past Arizona (BCS #15). A loss to either and their national championship dream is over.

Any of these scenarios are possible and we could easily end up with Utah or TCU ranked as BCS #1 or #2 after they finish with a perfect season.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

DCUte: "You'll always have 1984!"

That's a very true statement. And, pardon me, but you have ..... what??????? If you want to talk Nat'l Championships, I believe Cougs have you guys 1-0. Ah, I think that's "scoreboard"? With all that being said, I do wish the Utes success in the Pac 12. Great conference and one that Utah will add more strength to. They easily fit into the mid-upper echelon of the conference.

Port Washington, WI

The blog SportsDelve states that since the MWC inaugural season in 1999, only six other MWC games have been played where both teams came into the game ranked in the AP poll. Utah is 2-2, while TCU is 2-1 in such games. It's the first time two MWC teams ranked in the top ten will face off against each other.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Hold on there SammyG. That's a load of horse manueee. If Utah were to get to the NC game and win there would be a HUGE difference between that and what the cougars did back in the 84. TCU would likely win out and finish in the top 10 and Utah would have beaten #2!!! The cougars in 84 beat exactly nobody in the final top 20! I will grant you that it would not equal what Utah did in 08 when they beat 2 top tens and 4 top twentys and earned the crystal trophy on the field in contrast to Florida who "earned" it by tradition. It would probably be one of the weaker roads to a NC trophy but not even in the same league as 84.

With that said, I am not expecting the Utes to get there this year.

Go Utes! leave it all on the field. That's all we can ask.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah

Who: BYU in Every Major Poll of the Day
What: Major College Football National Championship
When: 1984
Where: United States

Confirmation: Official NCAA Website, numerous national poll websites, and College Football Hall of Fame

I Will Be Till I Die
Holladay, UT

It blows me away that Thompson is still employed. This conference's bowl tie-ins are a joke, the TV network is beyond pathetic, and he should have added Boise St 5 years ago and started as soon as Utah won the Fiesta Bowl pushing for AQ status.

Classless Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Representatives from the Fiesta, Orange, Rose, and Sugar Bowls will be at the game tomorrow. Oh, and not to mention the, BYU fav, Vegas Bowl. To say that the BCS bowls are not interested in who wins this game is ridiculous. It would be nice to be in the NC game. If both Utah/TCU winner and BSU go undefeated and get snubbed again, there will be outcries again to get rid of the BCS. I say keep the BCS but alter it to not have AQ conferences and change it to a playoff.

But yes, Mr Thompson, thank you for your meaningless comments.

Washington, UT

Riddles in the Dark

BYU's 84' team, whose #1 ranking Bryant Gumbel called a disgrace, was not voted no. 1 by the these selectors (polls and rating systems):

National Championship Foundation
Football News
Sporting News
New York Times
Sagarin Rating System
Dunkel System
Devold System
Rothman System
Litkenhous System
Matthews Grid Ratings

Salt Lake, UT

Ugh honestly who cares about BYU! this article does not have BYU in the topic at all, just give it up BYU fans! I like both teams, but give Utah some credit for what they are doing and go comment on BYU posts.

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