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Published: Thursday, Nov. 4 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Heber City, UT

Good luck Utah. I'm envious. But your team has earned it. Enjoy.

Santa Monica, CA

You see, my little children of Provo--this is a little thing called (pause---wait for it..) exposure. You don't go out seeking it. You work hard and don't trumpet your own golden bugle. By and by----(pause pause) it comes seeking you. And then, you exit (soft inspiring music begins to swell), nodding your head and tipping your cap to those you've left behind and ride your mighty steed to the land of the Con--ference (sigh) of Champions.

I thank you for your time.

Ann Arbor, MI


Sooo I’m guessing a Bronko isn’t a mighty steed?

I agree with you. The Ute football team lets their play do the talking. No need for mid- summer exposure proclamations (in HD!). No need for Iggy’s sports bar Heisman hype. No need for cheating allegations to draw attention. No need for bi-monthly T-shirt slogans….or pickle juice.

Nope, just let the action on the field speak for itself. One week at a time.

st george, utah

thanks, for the comment Smooth!....GO UTES!!!

In Arizona
Mesa, AZ

I believe I have read somewhere stating "by small and simple things, great things shall come to pass". Staying in your Conference = small. Not self promoting = small. Being patient = small. And many more which = great things such as number 5 in the Country!

Oakley, UT

Bgl... *tear* that was just... I mean.... wow...

RosePark, Utah

ESPN Great that UtahUtes are in...
Congratulations U/U

Murray Dad
Murray, UT

Thanks, this is why we say goodbye to little brother; make your magic happen with your gold coins and stay on your quest.
PAC 12 baby!

johnny pigskin
Sandy, UT

All of us Ute fans need to get to the Game Day broadcast and show the whole country what Utah Football is all about!!!

UTAH BY 5!!!!

Woods Cross, UT

Uhhh, I am a little puzzled about the notion that the fans deserve the congrats for the Ute successes... darn, I thought it was about the players on the team.

Triple B
Milford, NH

@Oatmeal - It muss be that they think they have something to do with the on field play.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT

First comment by a byu fan: Classy
First comment by a utah fan: Not so much

Thanks Max

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

It turns out Utah should have gone independent and signed up with ESPN instead of BYU.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


Been there, done that, with the exposure thing.

Here are just a few of the many highlights:

1 Sep 1984 - BYU vs Pittsburgh in the FIRST EVER nationally televised college football game on ESPN

21 Sep 1984 - BYU vs Michigan in the BIGGEST "non-major" bowl game in college football history

8 Sep 1990 - BYU vs #1 Miami in a nationally televised ESPN game

1 Jan 1997 - BYU vs Kansas State in the Cotton Bowl

5 Sep 2009 - BYU vs Oklahoma in a made for television ESPN game to open Jerry Jones Stadium to college football

24 Oct 2009 - BYU vs TCU - ESPN College Game Day in Provo

The national exposure that Utah has only recently discovered, BYU has been getting for decades, because the Cougars EARNED IT!

BYU has been building a nationally recognized football program since 1972 when LaVell became head coach.

National Championships
BYU 1984

Heisman Trophy Winners
Ty Detmer, BYU, 1990

College Football Hall of Fame inductees

Gifford Nielsen (QB), 1994
Marc Wilson (QB), 1996
Jim McMahon (QB), 1999
Steve Young (QB), 2001
LaVell Edwards (Head Coach), 2004
Gordon Hudson (Tight End), 2009
Larry Carr (Middle Linebacker), 2010

Ike Armstrong (Head Coach), 1957

Game For Any Fuss
Draper, UT

Wow, Snack PAC.

Do you really feel compelled to get on a Utah article and dig deep to validate your fanhood by itemizing your team's accomplishments of past years?

So sad. Are things that bad in Provo?

Why the inferiority complex? Why are you so obsessed with the Utes?

Don't you have a game this weekend, too?

Sandy, UT

Boy, snack pack really got riled up over that one. Too bad byu's national championship was a joke!

Go UTES on saturday, play your game, get the job done, and silence all the critics, haters, and byu fans.

Salt Lake City, UT

"It turns out Utah should have gone independent and signed up with ESPN instead of BYU. "

Yeah, that might have worked out...

If ESPN had been interested in signing a television contract with Utah.

If Utah had a state-of-the-art HD television studio and broadcast truck like BYU-TV instead of KUED.

If Utah had a national fan base like BYU instead of a much smaller local fan base that resides mostly in Utah.

If Utah had a track record of 3 or 4 decades of football success instead of half a dozen years.

When was the last time ESPN signed Utah to play in a made for television game?

Draper, UT

Snack PAC,

Pittsburgh has far more historical accomplishments than BYU, e.g., 7 national championships. But how much respect do they have now?

Yet, the Panthers aren't very relevant TODAY (despite contending for the Big Least). YES, it's painful to watch your team (BYU) slip into national obscurity.

Don't fret - you'll always have 1984!

Logan, UT

This is Gameday's second trip to Salt Lake. Boise has had one, TCU has had at least one, even Air Force has hosted Gameday. How many has Provo had?

Evanston, WY

PJ: the answer is one also. They were there to see TCU trash TDS last year

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