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Published: Thursday, Nov. 4 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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London, United Kingdom

I wonder if Obama still believes that Republicans must only ride "in the back of [his] bus"? I am glad he (says he) wants to work together now, but wish he would have been more gracious earlier on in his presidency. His attitude toward his "enemies" is one reason why he is falling out of favour with crossover voters.

Not So Fast
Salt Lake City, UT

How nice of him to now include everybody in the discussion. I seem to recall the same rhetoric in his campaign and after he was elected. Does he mean it this time? Hope so.

Salt Lake City, UT

"I want us to talk substantively about how we can move the American people's agenda forward,"

Funny how it is now the people's agenda that is of concern and not just the Obama agenda. A little whooping in the polls and all of the sudden you are more willing to work with everyone!

Lindon, UT

It sounds like too little too late. Where was this attitude when he (Obama) was ramrodding the secret health care bill? Where was the BIPARTISAN agenda then?

Good luck, MR. President. As Commander In Chief, he needs to take his own counsel. Talk is cheap.

Kearns, UT

Silly Republicans. They seem to forget that their party was the one who voted NO on every single issue for the last 2 years. They seem to forget the hundreds of measures added by Republicans to the Health Care bill, only to vote against it. That is the way Republicans were "involved" in the process.

Compromise for Republicans means doing it their way, or no way.

Provo, UT

Interesting that the AP article considers Boehner and McConnell "antagonists". I guess that makes Obama the protagonist in this story? After Tuesday's election results, I don't think most of America sees it that way.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Is he going to talk to them like he did last time? Remember when he said he will have the cameras in the room and it will transparant? Remember how he didn't listen to them and tried to correct them every time they made a comment?

I'm tired of demos telling us that they are great listeners, when they can't stand people who won't agree with them. It's alright to disagree and have different view points. It's another thing to completely disregard the people. 2012 can't get here fast enough.

Gordon T.
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I am a Democrat but must admit this country is not going anywhere until Obama is out of office. Many Democrats wish they had never voted for him. He reminds me of Jimmy Carter who is another Democrat I did not vote for. Obama is smart but not qualified for the job.

Beaverton, OR

Obama is learning a lesson on diplomacy. One cannot be the brutal dictator, but must lead by example and open mind and heart. Repentance is a bugger, but must be done in order for this country to recover and become a stronger nation.

Lindon, UT

Ethel | 10:05 a.m. Nov. 4, 2010
Lindon, UT
It sounds like too little too late. Where was this attitude when he (Obama) was ramrodding the secret health care bill? Where was the BIPARTISAN agenda then?

Good luck, MR. President. As Commander In Chief, he needs to take his own counsel. Talk is cheap.

Salt Lake City, UT

He's always been trying to work with them, the problem was that he kept offering compromises at the start of every bill so we never see the "we want this" "no we want that" "fine we'll put some of that in here". Like take the stimulus bill, it started out as about 40% tax cuts because Democrats knew Republicans wanted those so they put them in at the beginning as a compromise. The healthcare bill has plenty of GOP things in it but they never tell you that. That's just democrats compromising and never getting credit for it (things in healthcare bill: can buy insurance across state lines, insurance pools, allowing states to come up with their own plans, ending junk lawsuits, tax breaks for employer-sponsored insurane, the fact that it's a private market plan since we gave up single payer, the public option, and the medicare buy-in).

But no, republicans just want to go make massive deficits (extend tax cuts for rich is 70 billion a year, cutting the insurance mandate while leaving in the pre-existing condition dropping ban means people free-ride until they need insurane and so insurance costs skyrocket)

Roy, UT

I thought the economy and jobs was his "#1 PRIORITY" when he took office? I guess somewhere it got pushed to the back burner and off the stove into the freezer??? Where is his head? This is a joke!!! I like Politizoid's animated video on him about #1 Priorities, and the number of times he has placed things as the NUMBER ONE Priority! Hey Obama it should have been the number one priority since the day you took office! All I can say is this, "Get A Clue!"

Claremont, CA

From the liberal "left Coast" which seemed to defy the rest of the country. Lets hope that fiscal responsibility returns to the House of Representatives where it belongs and that they will not bail out California or New York from the bankruptcy they both deserve because of their fiscal irresponsibility.

Ex-Pat of Zion
Lititz, PA

Squaky (since it's a pseudonym, I took liberties with the misspelling ... feel free to do likewise)

Can you please define "everyone" for me? We're in the middle of a political civil war here. If you took the side of the republicans on the promise on fiscal grounds (taxes, spending) see that they deliver the results. If the blame goes to the dems ("you put us in too big of hole to dig out of in two years") then your support of that excuse is evidence of your hypocrisy.

If you took the republican side on the promise of jobs because business wouldn't be worried anymore, measure job creation in quantitative and qualitative terms. 20 million new jobs at Walmart and Target isn't progress.

If you took the republican side on health care repeal, pray that you or a family member doesn't find themselves in a crisis that drains all your assets ... or worse ... watch helplessly as your child dies needlessly because of affordability.

Refer to Mosiah 4:17,18 That's just one example

casual observer
Salt Lake City, UT

And no more talk from either side like Mr. Obama's statement, We won, so we'll do it our way or get to the back of the bus.

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

Too late. Obama has already sealed his fate as a one term president.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Obama's specific quote was “We don’t mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.”

Had a white man said that he'd have been branded as a racist. The time has come for the Republicans to usher Pelosi to a window seat in the back of that bus.

Billy Bob
Provo, UT

Silly Williary. Of course they voted against most (or all) of what Obama and his liberal friends brought forth. They voted against it because they knew it is bad for America. And judging by the results of this year's election, America agrees.

Henderson, NV

This is silly. Obama and his party think that people who make more than $250K are rich and should be taxed at a higher rate than others, Republicans understand that $250K and over for a small business owner does not necessarily mean rich and that we shouldn't be taking their money away at a higher rate anyway. Obama thinks it's okay to force people to buy health insurance, most republicans don't. What's to discuss? Nobody is going to change their mind. Just write a bill, vote on it, and get it over with. I don't think fiscal conservatives should compromise one bit with Obama. I think they should repeatedly shut down the government if necessary until he's out of office. Have you seen what the national debt is at? Enough is enough. No compromises, and if they can't deliver, we need to vote them all out of office. They say you have to compromise to get anything done. Who says anything needs to be done. Nothing is far better than anything congress and the president have given us in recent history.

Embarrassed in Seattle
Redmond, WA

Most Democrats ask for compromise from the Republicans but never allow it themselves. Beware of compromise, it is a very unstable virtue.

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