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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 3 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Game For Any Fuss
Draper, UT

I do not fear the horned frog! Go Utes!

Classless Ute Fan
Magna, UT

actually the title from the article on blocku was:
Biggest game ever in the history of the universe! # 3 TCU (9-0) @ # 5 Utah (8-0)

And then the first line was:
Think I'm overselling it? Maybe just a little.

So, even though Jazzy is a huge Utah fan, he was exaggerating with the title. He write some interesting articles that often have lots of stats in there. I think if he had an editor, he could write for a paper like the trib or des news.

Whether you are a Utah fan, a TCU fan, or just a college football fan, the implications of this game are big.

Even with Utah going to an AQ conference next year, I still don't like the BCS. I think that some sort of playoff would be necessary to crown a true NCAA FB champion. With the BCS there is always going to be controversy as to which conference is the strongest. We know that SEC claims they are.

Anyway, this game should be a great one.

Go Utes!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

re, classless: Of course the SEC claims they are the strongest. They play absolutely no one out of conference, and no one on the road, so they have glossy records right up until the championship game. Would they have one all those championships the last decade if there would've been a playoff? 2009 Sugar Bowl says otherwise.

Salt Lake City, UT

So if the bcs wanted to put some integrity in their system imagine how many people they could satisfy by putting a top 8 team playoff for the championship in their system. It only takes 3 weeks and they could still have all the meaningless bowls which add the TV money.

West Valley City, Utah

I'm just a little curious, but does anyone know if there is anyone nationally that is really giving Utah a legitimate shot at winning this game? Everything i see seems to be all about the frogs! It kind of reminds me of the things that were said before the Alabama game in 08 . . . . . anyone agree?

Boise, ID

The whole thing is a farce. So Utah is not worthy of the NC this year but if they do the same thing next year with the same SOS, they will be worthy because of their conference affiliation?

The BCS is exclusionary by design. The BCS was formed so there would never be another BYU type NC. Then when BYU was 13 or 14-0 they were still excluded by the BCS. The BCS will never cave. The BCS must be broken.

Lehi, UT

You obviously haven't been following Notre Dame this year...or any years recently. The Utes are a better team than ND. Granted, TCU is a very good team, and the Utes may very well lose to them, but it's going to be close. But ND isn't even ranked, and hasn't had a good team for a few years.

Ogden, UT

The BCS loves the fact that Utah and TCU are playing this week and that they are both "ranked" in the top five. Of the two, whoever loses, is instantly eliminated from NC contention. BCS loves that, as I said. Then they can put the winner against Boise State in a BCS bowl and relegate these western teams to seemingly "also rans," and continue to claim the whomever plays in the make-believe NC game is indeed National Champion.

As a side note, none of the three (UofU, TCU, or BSU) have actually played a schedule that merits a top five ranking. Face it, fans out here in the Mountain West, that's the undeniable truth.

casual observer
Salt Lake City, UT

The beating that TCU took from BSU last year illustrates that the champion of the intermountain west teams is not national champion caliber. Let a contending team beat LSU, Alabama, Auburn, etc. on a regular basis then come talk about how great they are.

Evanston, WY

Utah's schedule may not be good but, I sure the the SEC would stop pretending that they don't play schools like Chattanooga, Louisiana-Monroe, Georgia State, San Jose State, Duke, Arkansas State, McNeese State, Troy, Furman, So. Miss., Alcorn State, etc. Or that Kentucky, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Miss. State, Ole Miss and such make their conference more powerful. Utah, TCU, or Boise Could play (and beat) every one of these teams and at the very least compete with the Alabamas, Floridas, Georgias, and South Carolinas if not beat them as well. When these teams are overrated to start the season, what did we have? 4 or 5 in the early top 10 rankings before they had played anyone? suddenly they are world beaters. Bear Bryant is still last time I heard. 2 years ago Florida jumped in the ranking after beating the then #2 ranked LSU Tigers, only to see them lose 5 or 6 more games that season but, that set Florida up to play for the NC based on their new ranking. The SEC consistently has a couple of good teams but, not the stength the nat'l media gives them.

Evanston, WY

That should read Bear Bryant is still dead.

Trabuco Canyon, CA

@ Xpat You ALSO haven't been watching the Utes this year. You are obviously a cewg, so I understand that you don't follow the Utes or ND, but you at least ought to educate yourself a little before you start spouting off.
While I love the fact that you are in Karlstad, Sverige.....I do believe your comments were based on ancient history, just like everything else cewg fans talk about. Ahh yes....remember the 80's

Eagle Mountain, UT

I like remembering the past 4 years when the yewts lost to the Cougs 3 out of 4 years. How ancient is that? Before you start spouting off try finding something that makes sense or is of value.
That said, Go Utes and Cougs this weekend. 2 great programs that have alot more class than the very few members of the no-class crew who pretend to be fans.

Eagle Mountain, UT

@casual Observer: I hardly call a BSU Fiesta Bowl Victory over TCU with a score of 17-10 a beat down. Check your facts. Total yards was BSU 317 to TCU's 308. You don't sound like a casual observer, you sound like a SEC elitist. I'm a PAC-10 guy myself having grown up in So. Cal. I don't like the BCS and think there needs to be a playoff. What people forget is with a playoff, teams like BSU and TCU and Utah would still need to play top 10 teams to get to the NC game. So they may have to beat an SEC team or two to get there. Seems far to me. The other thing, BSU would play SEC teams, but SEC teams won't play BSU in Boise. BSU needs that return game, they need the money which is why they won't schedule unless they get a 1 and 1 deal, or guaranteed huge money.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

@TJ 11:32

Well said Brother. SoCalUte just can't come to terms with "3 of the last 4". Hard isn't it, SoCalUte.

Realistic Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

The big problem here is the perception that sports media types bring up all the time and Colin Cowherd talked about his morning on ESPN radio.

When the non-AQ schools like Utah and Boise St continue to stick with the strategy of playing a cupcake-dominant schedule with only the hint of an occasional ranked team, there's no way serious sports minds are going to take them seriously for consideration in National Championship talks.

He cited both Utah and Boise St numerous times for their focus on scheduling heavy on cupcake teams while BCS conference teams are playing ranked sometimes weekly.

It's easy to overlook cupcake teams for 4 or 5 weeks and spend the whole time preparing for the one good team on your schedule and catch them off-guard because they've been playing good teams every week and can't afford the luxury of over-looking anyone.

Plus there is no grind on the Utes and injuries don't take a toll when you're playing cupcakes, but this affects teams who schedule ranked or good teams every week.

Las Vegas, NV

Mel Kiper, Jr. railed on TCU for having a cupcake schedule this morning and said that the BSu schedule was far more compelling than Utah's or TCU's. His reasoning was because BSu will still play the following powerhouses: Hawaii and Nevada. Huh?

So, everybody has their own opinions. Nobody from Utah knew, when the schedule was done YEARS ago, that Pitt, ND and ISU would be having down years. The only "cupcakes" actually scheduled were SJSU and the MWC opponents (which we had no control over). SJSU, by the way, was also scheduled by Alabama and Wisconsin. ALL the big schools schedule ONE cupcake. Auburn is playing Chattanooga this week, who just lost to ELON! TCU has to play the same MWC cupcakes we do. BSu has to play worse conference cupcakes from the WAC. In addition, they purposefully scheduled Wyoming AND Toledo.

Opinions, schedules and rankings don't mean a thing unless you win the game. If we win out, the chips will fall where they are going to. We will have our backers and our opponents, nothing we can do about it. Just win out!!

Go Utes!! Squash the toads!! See you at GameDay!!

Not So Fast
Salt Lake City, UT

davidutefan makes a great list and great points. The OTHER problem with BCS stuff that nobody brings up on these shows is that the SEC is NOT the only conference the MWC is competing with to get in.

The pro-BCS discussion always starts with the STRONGEST conference when it should start with the weakest. The Big East gets an auto qualifier, an undefeated Big East school would likely get a title shot. The MWC > Big East. Ohio State plays a HORRIBLE schedule out of its conference and has some really bad cellar dwellers IN its conference. Utah spanked conference pal Iowa State and sent them to bed without supper.

Start the conversation around all the BCS conferences, not the strongest one.

johnny pigskin
Sandy, UT

Vegas Ute and David Ute fan

Well said guys!

UTAH BY 5!!!!

Overland Park, KS

Sad to say, but here in the midwest, there is very little coverage of the west. Most folks would be surprised that Utah and TCU are in the top 10. I've always been a big Y fan, so I keep updated through the internet, but the mid section of this country hardly acknowledges the MWC (thanks in part to the MTN network). The Utah-TCU game should be a good one, and I think the winner should be in contention for the championship game.

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