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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 3 2010 2:00 p.m. MDT

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NC UTES 2010
Salt Lake City, UT

I stick by my prediction WEEK ONE that the 2010 national champ will be the University of Utah.

I think Auburn and Oregon will each lose one game. We'll jump Boise after this weekend.

Sure - the BCS will want to put a 1 loss team ahead of Utah - but they won't put 2.

Utah 34
TCU 17

Real National Championships
Utah 1 and counting

Mark it down

Springville, UT

"It's going to be a lot of fun Saturday."

You betcha! This is a better TCU team than last year and they are going to show you what Texas football is like in RES.

Everything is BIGGER and BETTER in Texas. Just ask them. So just expect a bigger and more physical beat down than last year and relish the last moments of your inflated ranking.

TCU by 14

Utesville, CA

Wynn is a nice kid and good QB.
He will lead Utes to the greatest victory in Utah's football history.

Ann Arbor, MI

Great story on how a QB learns and gets better game after game.

A much different story would need to be written about heaps.

If heaps was on a NFL team, he would have been cut by now.

Bottom Line
Draper, UT

Bottom Line...Wynn will be entitled to another learning experience this Saturday.

Grandmother Toni
carlsbad, calif

He looks just like his great grandfather!

O\'Fallon, MO

Great story about a great kid. So glad he chose the Utes. Talented team + talented coaching staff = a top five team.

Go get'em Jordan...GO UTES!!!!!!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Real National Championships
Utah 0

How many BCS wins does it take to win a national championship?

How many national champions haven't finished higher than #2 in any of the polls?

What are the chances of NC UTES 2010's prediction coming true?

After Saturday, the answer to all three questions will be the same.

Heaps will be an All American by the time he finishes his career at BYU.

Wynn will finish as another above average quarterback at the U.

Mark it down!

Mcallen, TX

Reality will set in. There has been just two decent teams on the schedule and the utes were lucky to win those. It's unbelieveable how fans see a national championship after victories over teams like San Jose State, UNLV, and New Mexico. TCU is better than decent. I'd hold my applause and predictions till Saturday.

TCU 38
utes 13

st george, utah

snoops......looking at these posts I wonder if Byu fans will ever stop bringing up the same worn out comments....yes, we all know your team won the NC in '84....and for the 1000th time....congrats!
so ....Maybe its time to stop dredging up what the cougars did a quarter century ago ....and talk about what they have done lately...like this year, which unfortunately isn't much.My hunch is you should brace yourself for a lack luster ending to they're season....No they probably won't go to a bowl game....And no they won't beat Utah at RES...you would have to be the village idiot to think otherwise....as for heaps...he better hurry up ....cuz his performance is gonna find him a seat on the bench...according to AP article...released today....sorry to burst your bubble !!.....GO UTES!!!!

meet me in the MUSS
Sandy, Utah

Everyone hating on the Utes: This IS a scary game. BUT the Utes have surprised me in so many situations, that I can't help but be optimistic. I am moving up band practice from Sunday to Friday because I will for sure lose my voice on Saturday night in the MUSS. Go Utes!! I know you can do it, show everyone how good you can be!

Otis Spurlock
Ogden, UT

Congrats, Jordan Wynn. Do use proud on Saturday. ESPN and Rivals both have you ranked as one of the top ten quarterbacks in the nation. Great job this season! Go Utes!

Olympus Cove, Utah


"looking at these posts I wonder if BYU fans will ever stop bringing up the same worn out comments...."

Obviously you didn't look at the very first post or you would have noticed that it was a Utah fan who started the conversation by taking the same kind of backhanded slap at BYU's national championship that we've heard from Utah fans a million times.

As long as Utah fans continue trying to minimize BYU's significant accomplishments, BYU fans will continue showing just how weak those arguements are.

Concord, CA

Lets get things straight, the biggest win in history was vs Alabama.. this game is huge though

Cottonwood Heights, UT

No....Ybu did not WIN a National Championship in 1984, they were VOTED the National Champion...there is a big difference. The mediocre 1984 team barely beats a 6-6 Michigan team...under the currant BCS regulations neither team would have played for the National Championship. It was a fluke that the leading contenders all lost and the Y-ners won by default.

Their National Championship is mythical at best and really a pathetic commentary on the state of D1 football in 1984. My bet is that either the 2004 or 2008 Ute teams would CRUSH that 1984 team.

That said...GOOOOOOOOOO, UTES!!!

Springville, UT

NC UTES 2010. I would not be suprised to find 2 one loss teams ahead of Utah at the end of the season. They have done it before and will do it again. They actually put a 1 loss and a 2 loss team in the national championship game ahead of an undefeated non aq team. Don't be suprised. I do not think and non aq team will ever win the BCS championship and that is because why would the BCS give the BCS championship to a non BCS school? They wouldn't. I am cheering for the Utes all the way and I am stoked for this game but I am not expecting a national championship until Utah is a BCS school

Sloppy J
St. Louis, MO

Real National Championships:

BYU - 0
Utah - 0
Alabama - 0
Florida - 0
Notre Dame - 0
USC - 0

Can't have a "real" national champion without a playoff. As a Y fan, I enjoyed '84, but even then I knew it was akin to a figure-skating competition where the other competitors all bit it trying a triple-axle and BYU stayed vertical.

There exists no logical reason the Utes weren't as worthy as USC in '04 or Florida in '08, but it doesn't matter, does it? If I was an athletic director and my team finished undefeated, I'd be printing up "National Champ" t-shirts and banners, ordering rings and trophies, and holding a parade. It's all illusory anyway. It's a pageant. BCS doublespeak and fatally-flawed "surveys" supporting its unsupportable position are an unfunny joke.

I hope our feisty little brother up narth takes out TCU, but even if they run the table they won't be a "real" national champion any more than Colorado State will be. Begging for votes just shouldn't be part of an championship equation . . or at least should be a very minor part.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's payback time for Jordan and the Utes. Just pick up where you left off last year after the first half last year and you'll be fine. Go Utes....Go hard and embarass them.

Kearns, UT

Don't worry Cougar fans. After Utah beats TCU and is set to play in the Rose Bowl, we'll once again accept BYU fans putting on Utah gear and traveling to another Utah BCS game.

We didn't hold that against you in 2004 or 2008, and will not in 2010. We all know this is the only way BYU fans will ever experience a BCS bowl game.

MoTown, CA

Can't wait for the game Saturday...it will be tough, but the Ute's will prevail and will show the nation how deep and serious this Ute organization really is; the win on Saturday will have an colossal effect on NCAA football for years to come...Utah is that good. There will be no more talk about respect because Our Ute's will have earned it...like all great leaders.

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