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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 3 2010 1:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

One term for mountain meadows mike. I miss Bob Bennett already.

Salt Lake City, UT

one term wonder

Syracuse, UT

Go Mike and do what you said you would do. Don't be like Obama and promise the world and then renig on everything, or you will not last. Show us that you mean what you say and you will be in the Senate for a long time. With two-thirds of the votes, the people showed they want change. The people have spoken.

Somewhere in Utah, UT

I am deeply ashamed that this person is now going to be a senator from my state. Of all the candidates (in all parties) running for the Senate, he was the least qualified and least worthy of the office. He is nothing more or less than an Energy Solutions shill, and has shown no indication that he would work for the benefit of the people of Utah against Energy Solutions' interests.

We deserve better.

Layton, UT

Mike Lee will be a fantastic Senator. We have got to get federal spending under control. It will not always be easy on us. He will need to make tough and at times unpopular decisions but we must look beyond our own selfishness and understand that to have a free and strong America we muss be a debt free people. We can't have it all unless we earn it. The welfare state must be replaced with private charities and holding peoples feet tot the fire

I applaud Mike Lee. He will make us proud.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington DC, MD

This guy is not on the same level as Rand paul. To hear that he actually wants to form an alliance with him is laughable. He will abandon Rand when he continues the fight his dad started, whic is to end the fed.

A vote for lee is a vote for a liberal democrat. We would be in much better hands with a libertarian governo and a constituionalist senator. But I guess people lik tyranny too much.

Provo, UT

Hooray, yet another lawyer in Washington! Is it just me of did his campaign "promises" sound a little bit like "one call thats all" assurances?

slc, ut

What a blow out! The gap was one of the largest in the nation. Truely amazing. I didn't expect Granato to lose that badly. I feel sorry for him a little. It's like watching a boy with one leg try out for the football team.

Toquerville, UT

Not until states begin refusing federal "bribe" money, will the states ever be free of federal control. Only by bribing (or threatening) the states with federal money, is the federal government able to wield control over such things as education. At some point, states and school districts, must refuse the federal money. Somebody must stand up and say, "no, we value our freedom and independence more than money. We value control over what our children are taught more than we value "free" money from the Dept of Education."

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

At least the guy is going to Washington to try and change things. We all know that he will fail at first. The question is will he continue his fight over the next 4 years or just become like the rest of them after a year?

The Government is out of control. Someone needs to step up and start making changes.

common twit
Vernal, UT

@tron527...I could not have said it better myself. He is all we need in washington...another lawyer.

I feel kind of bad for Granato too. He got caught in the backlash to Washington. Had it been a normal year, he might have been able to win. He certainly had the better message. Plus, he seeemed like a genuinely good person. The victor seemed a little too slick.

Logan, UT

Mike Lee will stick to his principles. He will be a great senator. He is a fantastic person.

I'm glad Utah finally has a senator who understands the dangerous financial trouble this country is in. What amazes me is how many people still don't get it. We are on the verge of bankruptcy, yet people still want federal dollars to keep coming for their favorite or worthy programs. Our national debt is at 93% of our GDP, if you include local debt we are over 100%. That's insane.

As I see it, our way of life will change one way or another. Either we bite the bullet and live within our means (cut up our Chinese Credit Card) or we will face the consequences of national bankruptcy.

We need more elected officials like Mike Lee who have the guts to tackle these difficult issues.

Huntsville, UT

You might very well be looking at a future president.

Mike won with votes to spare. Now, I saw all kinds of signs yesterday that read "Love your neighbor, vote democrat." Are going to love your neighbor or hate those you can't defeat? Remember spewing nasties isn't love.

Lux et Veritas
Draper, UT

Yesterday, Utahns were presented with two options for U.S. Senate:

A successful, main street-oriented local small business owner


A highly-paid Washington, DC-based corporate attorney/lobbyist.

In their one-party ignorance, Utahn's chose the latter.

Provo, UT

That was exactly my earlier point, we are so blind that we will choose color over substance. We choose to put an over represented profession (lawyer) instead of an under represented one (small business owner). How can we expect anything to change if we keep putting the same type of people in office?

Spanish Fork, UT

I have had numerous conversations with Mike Lee along the campaign trail, and must say, that I am disappointed with him. I am concerned that he has won, however, he is now my senator and I will support him. He had better have integrity and hold up to his principles, as people want individuals who have standards in office. DO WHAT YOU HAVE PROMISED US YOU WOULD DO, AND BE HONEST!!!

Orem, Utah

This is almost comical. Did anyone, for one second, ever think someone with a "D" next to their name would win a statewide offfice? Really? There is a story here? This man was elected to office months ago by a very small group of insiders. This public election for him was just for show.

If Republicans really want to have any credibiity in Utah, they need to open up their process so there is transparency and actual citizen participation. Until then, a select few will choose who you get to vote for, and nothing will change.

slc, ut

What a blow out! Not even close. Holy cow. I wonder what went wrong for Granato? Could it be he is Sam Granato? Boy this is really hard to figure out.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

I will wait and see if this new congress will finally listen to the will of the people. I hope the president got the message! It's time to get this country under control and back to being number one in the world. There is nothing wrong with being number one.

Saint George, UT

Lee's win is nothing more than a "tour de force" for the dogmatic fanaticism of the Utah Republican party. Clearly, they are the singular dominant force in this election. Its a sad day for all when we let party lines dictate our future.

Utah wanted a party stooge and they got one. Apparently all one needs to get elected in Utah is to rattle the sabers of conservative ideology. All hail the new religion of Utah it is no longer the LDS faith it is "hard core republican/conservative dogma" that rules the land.

"As we all proceed to make our individual "declarations of independence," I hope we can distinguish between liberty and license, that we can realize that freedom is only a blessing if it is accompanied by wisdom and intelligence. At the same time, we all need to resist the down-drag of mental laziness which sometimes leads to the premature hardening of the intellectual arteries." Wise Counsel from Hugh B. Brown

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