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Groundhog Day here again for Utes, Horned Frogs

Published: Tuesday, Nov. 2 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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San Mateo, CA

What I never understood is, why there is no respect for Utah even though they are 2-0 in BCS bowls, beating a strong Alabama team badly in 2008. I hope this year also whoever is the winner of Utah and TCU (of course I hope it will be Utah), will go on to thrash one of the BCS schools unless the pinheads play it safe by pitting them against Boise St! :)

Eagle Mountain, UT

It would be great to see any of the 3 in the NC game. Hopefully the winner of the TCU - Utah game will win out and get there. I think if that happens that team should jump ahead of Boise in the BCS. I also look forward to having two of the 3 in BCS games against BCS teams unless the gutless BCS pits them against each other again. A lot of good football coming up in the next few weeks.

Springville, UT

So the movie as I remember is Bill Murray pursuing Andy McDowell, repeating the same day over and over again, improving his character, until finally he gets the girl.

I think the Utes are at about midway through the movie.

TCU by 14.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT

Can't stand the utes, but I think they'll pull it off on Saturday by 2 touchdowns.

Even though I don't like them, tough to argue they have an impressive team.

Irvine, CA

With so many ESPN analysts complaining about Utah's weak schedule, including the weak win over Pitt, have you heard any complaints about unranked Pitt being projected for the Fiesta Bowl by ESPN's Mark Schlabach and Andrea Adelson? Of course not! The projected winner of the Big East can't be counted as a quality win, but they're good enough to go to a BCS bowl without any question of their quality or qualifications.

Gifford VanBuren
Holladay, UT

Big 3!?! What happened to BYU? I know we're having a down year but let's not forget who got this whole thing started back in 1984. I don't think one season is enough to bump BYU out of what should be called the Big 4 of the Non-AQ schools.

Herriman, UT

Giff, please....be serious about BYU. They are not in the same league as the other 3 because they have not been able to run the table, not even ONCE! As to 1984....26 years ago! PLEASE....let it go.

West Valley city, Utah

In the amount of time Doug is refering too BYU has not even come close to the rankings of the 3 teams he is talking about that is why they are not included! Thankfully Utah will not have to be in this situation after this year!

Ann Arbor, MI

"I don't think one season is enough to bump BYU out of what should be called the Big 4"


You silly kewg. You need to get to a BCS game to be relevent. A big issue with the tds - they think they deserve things they haven't earned.

SLC, Utah

I do not even wanna talk about the team down south this week... They are irrelevant right now to me as a Ute Fan and I could care less about there program that is going down the toilet fast...

Bring on TCU... This is going to be a game to remember and I am glad that I will be there standing with my fellow MUSS making the stadium rock Saturday afternoon!!

Spanish Fork, UT


"Big Three of the non-BCS crowd just won't go away, sort of like Cher."

Love it.

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