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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 2 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Logan, UT

Absolutely the biggest disappointment of the night.

Moderate Thinking
Fairfax, VA

A nail biter, but I am happy that you came out ahead in the end Harry! Since the Democrats retain control of the Senate, there is nobody I would rather see than you at the helm.

Congrats to the Republicans with their wins in the House! I think it's always best for the President and the House majority to be from different parties. Separation of powers, checks and balances, and all that good stuff.

North Ogden, UT

To bad for the country. I wonder about the people of Nevada voting for this particular person who has been so instrumental in providing the leadership which has prolonged the ills of the country. Sad!!

Provo, UT

Congrats Harry ! :)

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

This is one of the more depressing stories. The only one that is worse than this is that California voters elected the arrogant Brown as governor.

Harry Reid has sold out on too many issues. What did it for me was his vote against first admendment protections in the hate crimes act.

I also think that his campaign's attempt to malign his opponant based on something her ex-pastor said months after she left his church was one of the dirtiest actions of any politician.

Reid has now become responsible for the ugly injection of religion into politicis. To try to hold Mrs. Angle in any way accountable for his ex-pastors outburst was the stupidest thing of the entire campaign anywhere in the US.

South Jordan, UT

Dumbest voters in the US.

Government Man
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Good Job Harry. It is good to have a strong Mormon in charge of the Senate. Keep up the good work and our prayers go with you. Keep up the good fight.

Florissant, MO

I would rather he stay in office then Polosi. The Senate is going to be much more equal in numbers and so there will not be the overbearing that there was before. But the people have made a statement and it is to both parties, they are on notice.

Santa Monica, CA

What a relief! It was difficult for me to envision reasonable Nevadans voting Reid out of office, but it has been a close call until tonight. He is a good person, with solid political values, and an effective leader.

Ogden, UT

I don't care all that much for Reid. But seeing comments like those from wer makes me happy just out of spite that Reid won. This has been an ugly election, with a lot of hot heads spouting off whatever first comes to mind.

Alpine, UT

What Reid stands for is a disgrace to our nation. Big government is the people's problems, not their solutions to anything.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington DC, MD

The only thing Democrats and Republicans provide is the illusion of change.

Cedar Hills, UT

Nevadans are crazy! This is the guy that has given them the worst unemployement rate in the country. Were it not for the communtiy organizing unions, he would be down the road. Way to go dems for making a religion out of politics.

Springville, UT

Nevada and California voters... status quo you can believe in.

Brigham City, UT

Obama and Reid have cut taxes. This is true and we in Utah are behind Senator Reid all the way. Government can't create jobs so I don't know what any tea party person newly elected plans on doing in Washington D.C. The role of the corporation is not to create jobs, but to maximize profit, and guess what...... corporations right now are making record profits and sitting on a ton of cash. There is a lot of good in America right now.

Sandy, UT

KM : The worst unemployment rate came primarily (though not entirely) from the housing crisis. That was caused by :

Lack of regulation
People forgetting history (anyone remember the 80's housing market crash?? Unemployment exploded, gold prices went up astronomically and it took time to recover)

Stop blaming just one party or person. It is a complex inssue and only simple minds think there is a simpleton answer.

Roy, UT

I can not believe Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid won? What planet are those in Nevada and California living on? I just don't get it??? I don't live there, and I didn't vote there, so I guess they want Obamacare and they want high unemployment? They like the free pay checks I guess? I collect Social Security Disability, believe me I am grateful for it, but I wish I could do anything to collect it a different way. A better system.

Miami Area, Fl

Some of you voted for Sharon Angle and are calling out the Reid voters for being ignorant?

Let me guess. You also prefer Christine and Sarah?

Yes, this election is about status quo.

You watch. Nothing will really change

Brigham City, UT

Those of you out there interested in budgets (both national and familial) should already know that with Obamacare (which is Romneycare) fewer Americans will be declaring bankruptcy after a trip to the hospital.

Spanish Fork, UT

@ Government Man,

By "good Mormon" do you choose someone who criticizes the church and its leaders. Not setting your bar very high are you?

Harry Reid is a drone. Highest unemployment rates in the nation and all the support in the world from corrupt unions. Good job Nevada. You deserve your unemployment.

California, same thing. Lived there, worked for the carpenter's union in the regional council office. Watched ol' Jerry Brown get his check from them as a "charity" write off. Worked with the books. These guys are corrupt. Members loosing their houses and pensions and more...yet they have pocket change to give to a pathetic arrogant politician. They made us all come take a picture with him, he could careless about any of us, he just wanted the money so he could leave.

Oh well, the unions don't breathe without government (our tax) money so I can see where they might consider this an investment. Try to get some more bailouts to give them work.

I've had my eyes opened from the interior of the union and I will not support them or their corrupt leaders.

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