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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 2 2010 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

I don't understand... I thought Matheson was a Republican.

Orem, UT

Today is a good day.

Negative politics and mudslinging by Philpot didn't work. Maybe he'll actually try and win our vote next time instead of trying to make us NOT vote for Matheson.

Layton, UT

Jim, you don't deserve this after supporting Plastic Pelosi for so long but you have a chance now to keep your word and work for Utah and not the Democratic Party

Utah Observer
West Jordan, Utah

It was Philpot's own Republican Party that abandoned him early without the necessary funding. Also, three other third party candidates took away about two percent of the conservative vote which could have made a difference. Matheson now begins a two year farewell tour in his 16 county GOP gerrymandered district. The Republicans in the Legislature will try a different approach next time to try to overcome this Democrat who continues to win with sufficient moderate Republican support who like his common sense, bi-partisan approach.

Government Man
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Way to go Matheson. A reasonable voice in a sea of Republican Insanity!!

fair park
Salt Lake City, UT

With the Dems loosing the house, Matheson will fade into the woodwork and in two years he will again tell us how he defends and works for Utahans..when in reality, he is and always will be in the pocket of his corporate donors. Now he can claim his votes with the Republics are a form of "compromise".

Lehi, UT

Re: Tenn12

What's negative about comparing Matheson to the House Speaker? When you vote with Pelosi ninety-seven percent of the time, I have zero problem equating Jim with the Democratic leadership in Congress.

Good job Morgan rallying...

Perhaps if he had ANY money from the Republican Party he could have countered the negative adds Matheson threw out there the last week of the campaign.

West Jordan, UT

He had to have stolen this elelction.

ACORN helped hijm steal it!!! Oh wait, they went out of business in April.

The New Black Panther Party stole it!!! Oh wait, there is no new black panther party in Utah.

It must've been that those Democrat liberal elitists around the U voted 3 times each because we know that a democrat couldn't have won this election fair and square.

Then again, maybe his reelection is due to the fact that people like him and that he represents their views well enough for them to choose him for a 6th time!.

Alpine, UT

Shame on you Utahns for giving this guy another two years of supporting the most radical group we've had in Washington in many years.

Saint George, UT

Glad to have at least one representative that isn't in the pocket of Energy Solutions!

Somewhere in Utah, UT

To peter | 6:34 a.m. Nov. 3, 2010

You said: "Shame on you Utahns for giving this guy another two years of supporting the most radical group we've had in Washington in many years."

Actually the "most radical group we've had in Washington in many years" is the far-right authoritarian extremist Republicans. Thankfully, Representative Matheson has too much class and smarts to support them.

I'm sure that the Republicans will again try to gerrymander Matheson out of office. Hopefully that will have as little success this time around as it did last time around. Matheson is the only halfway-decent representative we've got, in either the House or the Senate.

Toquerville, UT

It's bizarre that this Pelosi lapdog continues to win in Utah. I can only say that Matheson better start representing Utah and forget being a Pelosi clone, start supporting the values Utah wants him to support, instead of the values that belong in the bay area of California, or he will have no political future. His ads were grossly dishonest, portraying himself as an independent and a fiscal conservative. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Murray, UT

In watching the news last night I was embarassed for Utah. In the sea of RED throughout middle America there was the Matheson Blue from a heavily Republican district in Utah. What will it take to wake up Utah voters?

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Thankfully the rest of the nation threw out enough damocrats to make Matheson's victory meaningless. A vote for any democrat in this election was a vote for the continued destruction of this nation, our constitution and our freedoms. Now lets finish the job in two years by giving the Senate and the White House back to the good people of this nation. It will take a few generations to undo all the damage that has been done during the past two years but I believe it can be done.

Kearns, UT

Yeah, but it's going to be his last.

Salt Lake City, UT

Jim, you escaped because you didn't vote for socialized health care. But the margin is getting razor thin. Make no mistake about it. If you don't support fiscal responsibility and cooperate with the conservatives in reducing the size and intrusiveness of government, the people will throw you out in two years.

Orem, UT

What an embarrassment for Utah. On a night when Republicans took over the House of Representatives, we weren't able to vote out Matheson. I saw the map of House Districts nationwide on Fox News and could see our blue 2nd District in a sea of red. My hope is that the State Legislature will take the task of redistricting seriously so that they eliminate any chance for Jim Matheson to ever win again.

Lux et Veritas
Draper, UT


Wow, you're actually brash enough to call for gerrymandering because you can't defeat Matheson honestly in a legitimate election?

The 2nd District is already the "50th most Republican" district in the nation. The only way to gerrymander it further would be to eliminate SL County entirely.

William A
Cottonwood Heights, UT

*** "What an embarrassment for Utah. On a night when Republicans took over the House of Representatives, we weren't able to vote out Matheson" ***

Read Morgan Philpot's positions on the issues and you'll understand (I think) why he failed to generate much Republican enthusiasm, and why he lost. The Issues page on his website could've been written by the Chamber of Commerce. He avoided cultural issues. His statements on illegal immigraton were all doubletalk.

I think there are a fair number of Republicans who are finished with Republicans who represent business interests and not conservative voters. I won't support a Republican who is just another George W Bush. We've tried that brand of so-called conservatism, and it failed.

Salt Lake City, UT

Most of his votes "with" the speaker were resolutions honoring the Crawdad Catcher of the Year or some such that were unanimous consent. And where did Philpot get all that cash at the end? He was broke not that long ago.

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