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Published: Monday, Nov. 1 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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NC UTES 2010
Salt Lake City, UT

I've said it since week 1(with both utes and cougars laughling all along the way) and I'll say it again.

Utah WILL WIN the 2010 national championship.

More and more on jumping on my bandwagon each week.

Who's laughing now? I think Auburn and Oregon will each lose 1 before the season is over and I think even Alabama will possibly drop one more.

You can MARK IT DOWN. The 2010 national champ is the University of Utah.

Springville, UT

"And what about these rankings? Are they legitimate?"

They are as relevant and fair as the entity that administers the program. Remember TCU vs. BSU 2009!

Lots of good points in this article but after this weekend it won't make any difference. AND if my prediction is wrong I still say that it won't make any difference if the Utes run the gauntlet.

The good ol' boys BCS club will choose another team.

Ute fans can thank the MWC and bid them farewell in one breath for this mess.

Payson, UT

I noticed that Harmon left out KPMG from his list of auditors, just like he tries to leave out respect for Utah (With a number 5 rating in the bcs, he can no longer disrespect the utes. It sure makes his rant about how BYU wasnt invited to the PAC 10 seem pretty silly now. Sorry Dick, Utah really does have a better and deeper sports history than BYU. (Remember, Utah still owns the football series by a decent margin)).

a bit of reality
Shawnee Mission, KS

The human and computer analysis that goes into these rankings are ways to estimate which teams are the "best." While some rankings might be better than others, that really isn't the point of football.

On any given Saturday, the underdog can beat a team that really is better. Being the champion should be about winning games, not by being voted "the best".

Ann Arbor, MI

I would agree with a previous post. Harmon appears to have humble pie on his face. Just a few months ago he was stumping (embarrassingly I might add) about how BYU was more deserving of a PAC12 bid. Fast-forward to today and the Utes sit at #5 in the Nation and the kewgs have the 118 ranked offenses and a beat down lose to Utah State.

I think the Pac did their homework.

Oklahoma Ute
Oklahoma City, OK

Nice article, thanks.

Ogden, UT

Harmon says: "What all this means is the BCS system is an interesting exercise in guessing."

No, Dick, you're wrong. There's no guessing at all. The BCS poll is indeed statistical, not a guess, having hardly a thing to do with football records, game stats or anything logical. The only statistics that are used today, and always have been, are $$$. That is, count the money each school can potentially attract to a bowl game. The ones with the highest dollar potential appear in the big bowls, period, end of sentence, end of debate.

Salt Lake City, UT

The whole system can be upset if Auburn's quarterback goes down and if Oregon lives up to their MO which is that they usually loose to an underdog team such as Oregon State. I know from having seen 5 games a weekend that Oregon is the best team in the Nation. I also know that If TCU or Utah and Boise State win out none of them will be in the National Championship game. The only way to get the true NC is with an entirely possible 16 team playoff. That will only happen by court order. We need some schools to band together, step up and get it going.

Orem, UT

Fox guarding the chicken coop.

That's what it all boils down to with the BCS "guarding" the BCS championship game from unwelcome guests.

As much as some fans like to pretend that the BCS produces a "legitimate" national champion, the reality is the BCS is simply a sham whose sole purpose is to keep the money in the good ol' boys club.

It won't matter whether BSU and TCU/Utah finish undefeated, the BCS championship game is rigged to pair two teams from one of these four conferences: SEC/BigTen/Big12/PAC10.

No matter what happens on Saturday, TCU, UoU, and BSU have no chance of playing in the BCS championship game.

Even if one or two of those teams climbs their way into the Top 2 next week, magically, a couple of one-loss SEC/BigTen/Big12/PAC10 teams will muscle their way to the top by the end of November.

No matter what TCU, UoU, BSU do the rest of the season, their BCS championship hopes will sink; it's a "mathematical" certainty.

West Valley city, Utah

Lets not forget that a big reason why these rankings now exist is BYU's 1984 national championship. I am not trying to hate here just pointing out a fact!

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

"Lets not forget that a big reason why these rankings now exist is BYU's 1984 national championship. I am not trying to hate here just pointing out a fact!"

Hating is exactly what you're doing. This is a tired, old argument that has no validity.

The AP National Champion (the oldest of the polls) will be determined in EXACTLY the same way this year as it was in 1984.

The BCS wasn't started until 1998, FOURTEEN years AFTER BYU won its first national championship.

The only connection to BYU is an effort to allow the best two teams to be paired in a bowl, regardless of their conference's bowl tie-in.

That wasn't possible in 1984. But, it was also a concern in several seasons after 1984 that finally led to the bowl alliance, bowl coalition, and finally the BCS.

The fundamental flaw of the BCS wasn't the stated goal of matching the two best teams, but the arrogance of the BCS gurus who rigged the system to ensure that the "best two teams" would always come from the "best" conferences.

btw, the "final" coaches poll used to be taken BEFORE the bowls.

Ogden, UT

I believed that the hornfrogs would win the MWC this year and I haven't changed my mind. When the Cougars and Utes play on the 27th, Utah will be coming in with at least the TCU loss. The uTe's offense and Wynn arn't good enough to outscore the hornfrogs.

tru blue
spanish fork, utah

Hi Im an avid Byu Fan,but I hope Utah can win on Sat against TCU. Good Luck Utes. See all Byu fans don't hate Utah.

Washington, UT

Why is this a surprise to anybody? If you want to predict an outcome, basic business rule is to follow the money. A non-BCS school will not play for the championship.

Ann Arbor, MI

Truth Machine,

BYU’s *NC would be the equivalent of having the Utes going undefeated and winning a meaningless bowl game against Toledo. ( although Utah would have beaten better teams — I think you get the point)

If Utah is lucky enough to get into a NC game this year — they most likely would be pitted against the likes of Alabama, Oregon, Nebraska — (I think you get the point.)

Las Vegas, NV

SammyG: "AND if my prediction is wrong I still say that it won't make any difference if the Utes run the gauntlet."

The way that BSu is falling, it wouldn't surprise me to see Utah jump them. If that happens, the BCS HAS to take Utah regardless of their biases. The talking heads on College Gameday Live on ESPN yesterday had TCU in a BCS game and BSu out. If Utah wins this weekend, they should supplant TCU as the non-AQ school to automatically qualify for a BCS bowl. The fact that Utah will be a PAC 12 school next year will be a consideration in many voters minds.

Go Utes!! Destiny is in your hands! On to victory #9 against the toads!

Ogden, UT

Those who believe that Utah, TCU, or Boise State will play for the NC as it is set up to earn as much money as possible, will be sadly disappointed because Santa Claus doesn't come and shower good little boys and girls with Christmas toys.

The BCS is a joke; albeit a very bad one.

Payson, UT

The best thing to happen for those who want to see a playoff system implemented is a ocmbination of two things:

1)for Utah to get up to number 2 in the ap poll and then not play in the championship; while at the same time

2) Utah make it to another BCS bowl (ROSE BOWL, probably) and destroy whoever they play

Utes would possibly come away with the number 1 AP ranking and then the entire reason the BCS was created (to avoid split champions) would be shattered, the BCS would have egg on their face as it is the Utes, for the second time in 3 year, who would have been national champions if they were only given the invite.

It would be the SECOND time the Utes have the best team in the nation and denied the national champion title!

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

bcs poll is flawed. After this Saturday game the winner will get #2 for one week. AFter that, drop to #3 again. Their bcs software for voting is flawed and will continue. No matter what happend, the non qualifier will get pushed on the side - AGAIN. Yes Utah should have won NC when they beat Bama when they were ranked #1 for several weeks and Florida took the nc with one loss to OLE MISS at early season.

scenic view
Baltimore, MD


What you fail to understand in your diatribe, is that until we have a legitimate playoff system, the national championship is decided by a body of work, not by a single game, no matter who the opponent or where the game is played.

BYU's 1984 National Championship was won, not by beating Michigan in the Holiday Bowl, but by a body of work that extended back to 1979 and was enhanced by a 24-game winning streak beginning in 1983 that included road wins against two Top 15 teams, UCLA and Air Force, and culminated in an undefeated season in 1984.

BYU was no fly-by-night outfit that appeared out of nowhere in ESPN's first nationally college football game. BYU finished 1983 #7 in both polls and on an 11-game winning streak.

THAT's what gave BYU the momentum that carried the Cougars to #1 in 1984 and helped them stay there despite the firestorm of controvery that raged across the country for more than a month before the voters finally decided that BYU was still the most deserving team to be voted National Champions for 1984.

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