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Published: Monday, Nov. 1 2010 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Layton, UT

As a BYU Cougar fan, I am excited for Utah and I will be wearing red that day! 2 great teams playing a great game! Go Utes!

San Diego, CA

No question about the spotlight will be on Utes this Saturday.

A win will gain much respect for Utah which it lacks even though Utah is ranked #5 in BCS.

This game is the most important game in Utah history. Period.

Play tough & smart football. Keep your composure.
And win.

West Jordan, Utah

I personally cannot stand Ute fans. I believe they are the most arrogant, uninformed, hypocritical fan base there is.

However, I respect what the Utah football team has done over the past decade or more. They have excellent players, great coaches (heck, half of them were BYU players) and most importantly, they find a way to win the big games - something my team has struggled mightily at. There is no question in my mind that they have now achieved the title of "most dominant football team in the State of Utah". They have earned it and they deserve it.

So, although I believe TCU is the better team, and believe me this hurts, my prediction for the game on Saturday is Utah 27 TCU 24.

At least we have BYU basketball to look forward to! Go Cougars!

Cedar Hills, UT


Right back at ya!

I think your quote "arragant, uninformed, hypocritical fan base" was taken directly from bronco talking about byu's fan base. Right? lol

That said, I agree with you on the score.

Las Vegas, NV

This is the biggest game ever at RES! Coach Whitt will keep the team grounded and focused.

Keep to the game plan and don't make the mistakes and we have a great shot at 9-0! Can't wait for Game Day and for the game!! Got my tickets!

Go Utes! Beat the toads!!

Balan: thanks for your well wishes for the team. I won't take your opinion about us Ute fans to heart! Many of us have the same opinion of Y fans, so we'll just call this one a draw!

Tarheel Ute
Colorado Springs, CO

After watching the game at the AFA stadium, and later at dinner with the AFA cadet we sponsor I was asked to justify why I thought Utah was not over-rated - certainly considering the Utah's uneven performance earlier that day.

Trying not to be overly arrogant, uninformed or hypocritical, I responded simply that by next Saturday we should certainly know - whether Utah or TCU, another team considered over-rated by the BCS mafia and others should be considered elite proportionate to their current ranking.

It’s only we fans and sports talking heads, who have these conversations. Utah’s players the coaches can only play their scheduled opponents, albeit scheduled years in advance. We would hope that Pittsburg, Iowa State, Wyoming, AFA, stronger programs in past years, prove competitive to suppress the Utah’s naysayers. But naysayers and their arguments, just like those used to downgrade BYU’s past hypothetical championship and spectacular teams, can only be proven or disproven on the field. And at least on Saturday, Utah or TCU will win, and hopefully be given the due respect.

But even then, I am not holding my breath.

  • 6:00 p.m. Nov. 1, 2010
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st george, utah

nicely put ...Tarheel!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Balan - big generalization, but I understand...BYU fans can be equally hard for some of us Utes to handle. However, thanks for the prediction - probably better than mine.

With that said, I got Utah by 10 (although the vegas money has TCU by 4.5 to 5.0). It will be intersting to see if Utah opens it up on offense...defense should keep us close.

Fun time to be a Utah fan...GO UTES!

Clovis, CA

I'm a huge Ute fan and was a member of the MUSS for 4 years starting in '04 after a mission. I don't think this is the biggest game in the teams history. Winning this game doesn't even guarantee a spot in a BCS bowl. We've still got BS ahead of us.

This is a big game, and it would be great to win. It would be nice to go to a BCS game. It would be nice to go the national championship game too. Can the Utes win this Sat? Sure, they can beat anybody, and usually do in big games. However, I am preparing myself for some disappointment. I want to remember that not everything rides on this.

We have many years ahead of us to get to an NC game the way everyone else does. If not this year, why not next year when our starters have more experience? If the Utes are as good as we think, they don't have to play Cinderella anymore and depend on the kindness of strangers. Still, a little excitement for old times' sake is a lot of fun. GO Utes!

Providence, UT

Balan writes:

"I personally cannot stand Ute fans. I believe they are the most arrogant, uninformed, hypocritical fan base there is."

That's quite a strong, prejudiced opinion, hardly in keeping with the teachings of Christianity. ;)

CA. reader
Rocklin, CA

I think history will play itself out this Saturday. TCU, Andy Dalton, et al, have a history of coming up small in games like this. I wonder if Coach Patterson will take note. If he doesn't, Utah should win.

If the rest of the season were to go perfectly however, TCU beats Utah, BYU wins out going to 7-5 and maybe goes to a bowl game that they win for momentum going into next season.

As a BYU fan I would like to point out that TCU has a tackle dummny with a Y on it, so they recognize that traditionally the MWC championship, like the WAC championship before it, goes through BYU, not the U. That is not to take anything away from Utah's great season to this point. I think they have an advantage on TCU because they have played a few tight games. If this game is close, Utah will win.

Oh, who to root against this week! What a dilemma!

Las Vegas, NV

Nice "College Gameday Live" today on ESPN. Mostly on Utah - TCU. Good interview with coach Whitt.

Go Utes!!

Not So Common Sense
Lehi, UT

Interesting about the Vegas line being at 4.5.

I looked this morning at it was TCU by 6.
Tells me people are betting Utah so far.

At any rate, this IS the biggest game ever played in the state of Utah.
Utah can certainly win this game.
I'll be there in BLACK.
Go UTES!!!!

Iowa City, IA

I'm gonna guess Corso puts on the Horned Frog.

But he's been wrong plenty of times.

Go Utes!

taylorsville, utah

Although I used to be a Y fan, I am now a true-blooded U fan. I think Utah pulls off this win as time expires, or in overtime. Utah 27-24.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

This game certainly can't be the biggest game in the history of a state whose sport history contains the 1997 and 1998 Utah Jazz teams. It can be argued that it is the biggest football game, but not biggest game ever. Besides, did you know that multiple times these past few years, a no.1 and no.2 ranked football team have played for the national title in SLC? Well, Snow College isn't doing as well as usual this year so they may not be challengers, but they are usually pretty good. ;)

Anyway, as for the game on Saturday, I believe the Utes can win. The Ute's side has been demonstrated many times already (ex. "Utah will win if they played like they did against ISU, etc.), but have you thought about TCU? What if they bring their A+ game? How will they treat the game? I expect them to come ready to play, and they have more at stake than the U does (they already beat BYU, and BYU could still beat Utah-- it's a rivalry, so don't count on automatic wins there). I think TCU will play with heart and win.

Springville, UT

Back in Missouri in the good ol' days, if you were "in the spotlight" you were a deer and got often got poached!

We shall see if the Utes can stand the heat of the spotlight on Saturday. It will be a great day for football in Utah no doubt but I fear for my dear Ute pals.

I'll be here waiting for you with Kleenex, some hot chocolate, scones and a shoulder for you to cry on! ;>D

Tooele, UT

Tarheel Ute...

Great points. Hey I was at the game Saturday as well. I was very impressed with Air Force and the game plan Troy Calhoun put together for Utah. He had a plan to win Saturday whereas I felt KWhitt changed everything Utah does. That said, it'll be tough for Air Force to hold onto Calhoun. The guys a great coach.

As for Saturday, I think Utah will be fine. TCU is a great team and Utah will have to play one heck of a game to win. But, they are capable of winning and winning big.

Go Ute's..... Take it to the Toads

Utah 27 TCU 17

Ivins, UT

Is CBS C the spotlight. Who even has it. What happened that one of the best games of the season missed regular programing. BYU TV should air it in high def. with commentaries!!!. they have the capability. This is sad.

NC UTES 2010
Salt Lake City, UT

Well on our way to the 2010 national championship, as I predicted 2 months ago.

TCU is good, but we all know Utah gets up for and almost ALWAYS wins the close games(with the ocassional blip against byu as we painfully know).

0% chance tcu leaves salt lake with a win.

It's happening - MARK IT DOWN - Utah is the 2010 national champ.

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