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Published: Saturday, Oct. 30 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

Updated: Sunday, May 29 2016 10:24 a.m. MDT

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Kearns, UT

Hobbyist, he's the boss and can force his views on anyone he likes that works for him. My boss does the same to me. If I want a job, I have to conform. Duh.


BH Photo is one of the biggest dealers of Photo Equipment in America. They close every Friday at sunset and do not open until Saturday at sunset. This is their internet web site. It shuts down and you cannot buy anything on it during the Jewish Sabbath.

It is not a Sunday thing but rather a commitment thing. These are people that stand by their beliefs. Be it Sunday or Saturday - they do what they think is right. Good for them.

In the end does anyone on their death bed say "I wish I had not done the right thing?" I don't think so.

Pendleton, OR

Since I really had little control over working on Sunday, I always told my employers I was willing in emergencies but it would cost them quadruple overtime. Those who needed me to work on Sunday had thought about how important the tasks were and my Sunday work was rare. Other employees also were required less on Sunday because of the consideration to me; my employers were more thoughtful in general about work scheduling. When working in an environment of union contracts I was unable to make this position work.

I also try hard not to purchase on Sunday, or do anything else that requires anyone to be working. I even try to avoid Sunday travel so I don't have to buy gas, food, or hotels on Sunday. I think it is remarkable that the Sunday work is a leading idea for this story, but it is just part of the success of this man and his company.


I give props to this guy to sticking to his guns. Everyone should stick to their guns. Truth is companies like his will be outshined by those willing to work 7 days a week in the long run. I wonder how many of his men are willing to work on Sundays and would gladly take the overtime pay?

Regardless to each his own and I give the guy respect.

I believe companies not willing to serve on Sundays will, in the long run, be out competed by those who will. But once again you have to respect others beliefs and that they stand their ground, in spite of what they may miss out on.

Salt Lake City, Utah

"I believe companies not willing to serve on Sundays will, in the long run, be out competed by those who will"

This story is about a man who chose to be obedient to a higher power. Mr. Husein would tell you that he was blessed for it, and his workers would tell you they appreciate their employment in his company.

People who place material wealth ahead of principles are seldom happy. If only the leaders of our country would follow his example we'd be better for it.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Wow, a newspaper owned by the LDS Church heralding a guy who adheres to their strict Sunday/Sabbath policy! It makes one wonder why the Deseret News and KSL television work on Sundays. Interesting.

bountiful, ut

To those that say stop pushing your religion down my throat I respond very peacefully, quit shoving your lack of one down mine! :) Great story Lee!


Why do some people think it is ok to control others' personal lives? Random drug tests? Imposing your values on your employees? Where does Firoz get the idea that this sort of thing is ok in America? Aren't we supposed to be about freedom? This is what atheists don't like about religion, especially the invasive religions; they foster a mind set that leads to abusive control, even beyond the church doors.

Salt Lake City, UT

This is an old story. Why is it posted here again like it's a new one?

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