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Published: Saturday, Oct. 30 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

The sabbath is saturday.

Pullman, WA

I love it. And so far, no one has had to fill their posts with lines and lines of scriptures. It's just a great story of someone who has been successful while setting an example and living their religion.

Reasonable Person
Layton, UT

Does King have Jewish employees? Or Seventh Day Adventists?

Maybe the policy should be "you shall never have to work on your Sabbath"?

Henderson, NV

Sorry Charlie 91342 - I live in Las Vegas where the retail business R.C. Willey Home Furnishings also chooses to close on Sundays so that honoring the Sabbath Day may occur.

FYI, owner Bill Child built a company that went from $250,000 in sales in 1954 but in serious debt, to $250 million in sales in 1994 and no debt. Bill sold R.C. Willey to Warren Buffett in 1995 for $175 million in stock.

Doesn’t appear that the closed-on-Sunday practice created a disservice to anyone. Rather this is what we Latter-Day-Saints refer to as blessings from God for keeping His commandments.

Santa Clara, UT

When I worked in Saudi Arabia we had Fridays off as our day of rest. It was nice to get a break from the 115+ heat. No complaints from those who usually had Sundays off, we just adapted.

Taylorsville, 00

Chick-Fil-A has a similar policy. I can see an issue with 'which Sabbath', but unless the employer is going to only work 4 days a week, only one of them will be able to be the 'official' day off. I understand that giving the organization a day of rest has resulted in positives in the work environment of those that practice it. That's a vague claim, however, as of this writing I haven't looked more deeply into that claim.


How refreshing to read about an employer who actually has standards, and doesn't make the all mighty dollar the bottom line!

@Hobbyist -- since only about 2% of his employees are LDS, I don't see how he is forcing his religion on them!

Bountiful, UT

This isn't too surprising that a builder not willing to work on Sunday still has success. People and organizations need to rest and re-charge their batteries.


I really liked this story. I started a catering business two years ago and do not work on Sundays. I have had to turn some people down put for the most part my phone does not ring on Sundays. My business is growning even in a tough economy. Your are blessed when you keep the Sabath holy.

Saint George, UT

And he's probably rich and no one should mind that, he does a lot of good because of his wealth, his drive, his desire to do good. Wealth can be a blessing to many even though one man may be the one you think is making it all happen. He gets there with the help of many and many are helped along the way. They are able to work and make a good living. This is a wonderful story.

Phoenix, AZ

As a BYU Civil Engineering graduate, I have always heard the great stories of King Hussein. I have benefitted from his generosity toward the Civil Engineering Department.

A great men, with great business ethics and acumen. We need more men like him in the world too.

Ivins, UT

Truly one of the most outstanding men I have ever met or known.

Waianae, HI

I love this Story. When I had my business I had a sign that said Proudly Closed on Sunday. I did it that way because I was not in the least bit sorry that I was closed on Sunday.

That said he builds stuff for people who are Open on Sunday and force there people to work on Sunday. Sunday in Hawaii is one of the biggest Retail Days of the week. It has not been thought in the Churches that it is not Okay to Shop On Sunday. There is no reason to due anything Retail on Sunday.

It is not forcing your Religious Beliefs on someone to Not Have Work On Sunday. If anything its the other way around. If Saturday is your Faith Groups Sabbath then you need that off also. now if I was in a Mall and had to be Open on Sunday then I would hire people for the Sunday Work who's Sabbath was on Saturday. Or I would close and let them sue me. I would get in the most trouble for Not Hiring people who where not active in a Religion. As I consider that a Moral and Trust Issue.

Waianae, HI

Some Employees do not ask for Sunday Off or Honor the Sabbath because they are scared of either not being hired or promoted or both or just plain intimidated by Management even if the main company's policy allows them to have Sunday or their Faith Groups Sabbath Day Off.

For others "having to work on Sunday" is the built in excuse needed to Not Go To Church even if they are off. For me it would not be so much saying you need to go to Church and then Not going as it would be the lying about it, thats where the trust issue comes in.

In the early 70's I worked for several months in a Warehouse that had Church on Monday Morning to ensure everyone got off to a good start. I would have stayed there forever is the pay had not been min wage with Ten Hour Days that prevented me from studying the G.I. Bill as a 2nd job.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Hobbyist Sandy, UT
"This is why people don't like a particular view of religion forced on them."

No one is forcing a particular view of religion here in America on anyone. An employer has every right to set the hours of his/her business and prospective employees have every right in the world to chose those terms. That even applies to people with exceptionally thin skin. Good grief!!

Waianae, HI

Rifleman. The view that you can force people of faith to work on their Sabbath because you need to sell something or build something is what is sick and wrong. Not the other way around. In America you have both Freedom of and Freedom from Religion and a person should be entitled by Law to obey their Sabbath without being hassled.

It is proven that is the Parents don't go to Church on Sunday because of Work then most likely the kids won't go either, and will be lost to the process. Mormons do not Run The Jesus Bus and kids need parents supervision anyway even if there is a jr. church geared at the youth. Church programs such as this are very expensive and the Insurance Liability is huge.

Nothing worse then a half drunk parent rushing around looking for their missing kid.

In America we have for the most part decided that Sunday is a Retail Day and that forces Christians to work on their Sabbath or not have jobs.. I am not talking essential services here such as Police, Fire, Hospital, Care Home, and some parts of a Prison. Just Retail and Construction.

Iowa City, IA

re:hobbyist. You so miss what makes America great. It allows people to do things their own way. We can be creative rather than controlled, we can choose and not be forced, and best of all we can life our lives and pursue happiness according to the dictates of our own conscience, not yours.

Americans call that Freedom.

Altamont, UT

Call it Sabbath or not. Celebrate it on Sunday, Saturday or Wednesday...whatever. I truly believe we all need a day to recharge; worship, or not, as we want to; spend quality time with our families.

I admire this gentleman's ethics. Wish there were more people like him.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Gosh there are a lot of blessings right there.

Spanish Fork, UT

@Hutterite Although it is widely believed that our Saturday is the former Sabbath for Ancient Israel, you have to remember that the ancient Israelites had 8 day weeks. This meant that each week the Sabbath fell on a different day. Saturday is no more the original Sabbath than Tuesday is. True, the Ten Commandments say to honor the Sabbath, and God rested on the 7th day, and made it holy. I have yet to see them specifically say "Saturday". Also, the term "Sabbath" means "Holy day" or "Sanctified day". Truly, if you worship and partake of sacraments on Sunday, that can be your "Sabbath".

Don't even get me started on "The Day of The Lord".

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