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Published: Saturday, Oct. 30 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

Updated: Sunday, May 29 2016 10:24 a.m. MDT

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Draper, UT

The world needs more businessmen like Firoz!! I've never met Firoz but would be honored to do such one day. Keep up the hard work, and remember...never on Sundays!!

Provo, UT

What a great example to so many - Mormons and non-Mormons alike. We are all pushed to the brink being busy with life's demands but he set a standard for himself and his workers that allows for a day of rest. Now if Costco and other stores would close on Sunday, those workers would get a rest too.

C. Darwin
Sandy, UT

What a sucess story of immigration and assimilation in a new country. WELL DONE King.

Centralia, WA

"One stubborn Indian" huh. We avoid shopping on Sunday like a plague. Costco's hours are sufficient for us, and in both retail stores where I was emloyed we NEVER worked on Sunday. Its a day for your children, eachother and the rest of the human race to slow down to soak in the out doors.

Poppa Al
Fruit Heights, UT

What a wonderful story. Kudos to Lee and the Dnews for a story of success and self worth. Very uplifting. Thank you for a great story!

Ogden, UT

King is an example that we could all do well to emulate. In this world where acquiring the most amount money and profits possible has been deemed the most the uppermost focus and goal, it is wonderfully refreshing to hear that self-respect, charity, and pursuit of spiritual values is what truly merits our time and efforts.

Without a doubt, "the love of money is the root of all evil" (1 Timothy 6: 10), and "though I have ... all faith, ... and have not charity, I am nothing.

Thank you, Firoz "King" Husein, for providing us the model we should all follow, including business executives and especially politicians.

  • 12:03 p.m. Oct. 31, 2010
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Buckeye, AZ

Yay for Firoz, showing us that we CAN adhere to our principles, and be blessed for it. Thanks for a nice news story!

Sandy, UT

Why is this a good story? Why doesn't he keep his employees from working on Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath? Or, why doesn't he give them Wednesday's off or let his employees choose? This is why people don't like a particular view of religion forced on them. Honor the diversity of people, don't force your opinions on them.

Southern California
Redondo Beach, CA

What a great story. Loved it.
And to "Hobbyist": the boss gets to make the rules. Never heard of that?

Ogden, UT

@ Hobbyist

As if religion is forced on his employees. He let's them know how he runs his company. No one is forced to work for him. And I have yet to see anyone in any part of the world (and I've been all around this world a number of times) who ever complains about having Sunday off. It's not like he's requiring they go to church. For those who hold Saturday as their Sabbath, he'd no doubt let them have that day off along with Sunday. How silly can we become while claiming we're to "honor diversity?"

  • 3:27 p.m. Oct. 31, 2010
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Fountain Valley, CA

I agree with Southern California, Hobbyist doesn't have to work for anybody and can go on welfare. It's Husein's business, and how he runs it, as long as he does it ethically and morally, is up to him. He is the boss and makes the rules.

Like Husein, I had my own business and if somebody didn't like my rules, they could leave. Better yet, if they didn't follow all my rules, they were asked to leave. And we didn't work on Sunday, no smoking (even when it was acceptable) no drinking and no profanity.

St. George, Utah

Hobbyis if you dont agree with his ethics then dont work for him. I dont work on Saturdays or Sundays or Holidays no one that works for me complains. some employees have paticular religous programs and I make sure that they all get their time off for their activities. I have people of many religeons that work for me and they all get what time they need to be active in their beliefs and I do beleive in - we dont work on Sundays - this mentality that not working sundays is shoving ones religeous views down someones throat is idiotic ! and by the way Im not a member of any religeon so what would be your opinion of me not working my company on sunday's ?

Woods Cross, UT

Great. Someone who understands what the Sabbath is.
Hobbyist, not so much.

Sylmar, CA

this "not on Sunday" thing isn't such a big deal. Most employees get a couple of days off a week, unless overtime is needed to get caught up. Whether those days include Sunday or not is irrelevant. Making Sunday off as mandatory is just another way for religion to try to control our lives.

and Dorothy | 8:56 a.m - those people working on Sunday have other days off. If the store was closed on Sunday, there would be less jobs for people. You understand that, right?

I can understand construction firms being closed on Sunday, but all retail businesses should be open on Sundays - it is the day when the other weekday workers can shop! you all do a disservice if you are closed on Sunday. if you are closed on Sunday, where will those construction workers shop?

Orem, Utah

I am amazed and grateful for those who are able to stand against corporate disruptions of any kind but especially standing up for the Sabbath because breaking it has become necessity for many just to survive.

Some occupations cannot stop for the Sabbath such as caring for sick people, feeding animals or watering plants but whenever possible, industry should stop and allow time and space to think, breathe,feel and especially to worship. The world would be a better place with more inspiration and a little less noise and speed.

Monterey, CA

Firoz Husein is my Bishop, and I can attest to the fact that this article only reveals the tip of the iceberg that is his great character and integrity. He is a wonderful example to all who come in contact with him and he is a truly humble person.

St. George, utah

Thanks Lee Benson for sharing another article about a remarkable human being. I appreciate the stories that you uncover about people, who are usually behind the scenes, making a difference. King is truly a fine example of integrity, in a world that doesn't see a whole lot of that any more.

Buena Park, CA

I enjoyed this article very much and admire people like "King" Firoz and Eli Herring for their no-work-on-Sunday adherence.

Is it too much to hope that the Deseret News itself would return to this principle after dropping it not so long ago?

Layton, UT

Take a breath CHarlie in Sylmar, no one and I mean no one is forcing their religion on you. There are plenty of other places that are open on Sundays, go ahead and shop there, its going to be ok....the only group of people who are forcing any belief on someone else is the "no religion" crowd. The beliefs of the athiests and agnostics are much more powerful than those who believe in religious tenets and want to adhere to them. It is quite scary how secular this nation is becoming, and once it does, the country as we know it is finished.


I do hope that more businesses and places of employment would recognize the sabbath, whether it be Saturday or Sunday for those who honor it. Those who don't can maybe spend those days doing other things to strengthen their family, rest and regroup for the new week. There just might be happier employees as a result and maybe, just maybe, the economy could turn around. Sometimes it's ok to slow down a little so as to be able to enjoy life a little rather than the constant fast paced life with little time to appreciate some of the things life has to offer.

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