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Published: Friday, Oct. 29 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Speaks The Truth
Murray, UT

Not buying it. Just look around you and follow the crimes. We're not blind SI!!! Illegal latin immigrants are involved in much of the crime we see.

Redding, CA

Good article, DN. Ajax, raybies, you are absolutely right on.
But other posters, you are too full of hate against our neighbors to be included in my view of what America is about. I'm appalled there are so many posting above, who are so intolerant, so blind, and so immovable on this issue. These immigrants are mostly just poor people, and neighbors, seeking to better their lives. We need to allow them a practical and prompt path to legal immigration, i.e. we need to replace the existing bad law before we trumpet "rule of law" again. We need to open our opportunities to our good neighbors, and try to rise together. I implore those "neighbors" above posting their unbridled hate and intolerance, to change your hearts to include value for "inalienable human rights". We Americans, and Utahns, are wealthy in comparison with many of our neighbors from Mexico. We value education, let's make it available to our neighbors. We value our land of opportunity, let's be unselfish. I think we cannot afford this selfishness expressed in above posts, we can only afford to be helpful and generous.
Good article, DN

Murray, UT

Elder Russell M. Ballard prophesied in 2005 (a meeting that kicked off the LDS Church Hispanic Initiative in the tabernacle) that within 20 years Salt Lake City would have Hispanic stakes with Anglo wards attached to them. All stake presidencies and bishoprics in the Salt Lake Valley were present in this meeting and they will attest to it.

There must be a solution coming that will make it easier for Latinos to come and stay in Utah legally.

Sandy, utah

Well said BJackson. So if illegals commit 5 times as many crimes as a legal citizen, and their kids commit even more crimes, just what percentage of the correctional system could we free up by keeping illegals out and not allowing them to drop anchor babies here?

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