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Published: Friday, Oct. 29 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Y'shua friend.
Hurricane, UT

Each and every one of them are criminal trespassers by being in this Country unlawfully to begin with. I guess that was just an inconvenient truth, so it got left out of the count.

Ogden, UT

As Col. Potter would say "Horse Hockey".

The Sensible Middle
Bountiful, UT

Before we get all teary eyed about the importance of others obeying the law, let us obey it first. Lets pay Utah use tax on purchases bought online and lets obey speed limits.

Then and only then can we point the finger at others for not obeying laws of similar gravity.

A famous Indian saying goes something like this, "Your actions are speaking so loud, I can't hear what you are saying". Or was it ... "White man speak with fork-ked tongue".

Midland, MI

To all those busting the DN chops over statistics According to the latest Census Bureau estimates, Hispanics make up 12% of the Utah population. If ANY of the Hispanics counted by the the Census Bureau of citizens or legal aliens, then Hispanics make up a disproportionately SMALL percentage of the prisoners in jail for murder, and an even smaller percentage of sex offenders. So please stop posting all this dribble without checking facts and doing some homework.

Orem, UT

We need more articles like this. I want to know the facts before making up my mind. Prejudice and fear take you nowhere good.

Beaverton, OR

What really is the drive for crime is one's economic situation, not the illegal aliens. That point was not made clearly enough.

People are sick and tired of having their hard earned money given for welfare and social taxes given to those who are undocumented workers, who have anchor babies and stay. That is the root cause of this touchy situation. If you work in this country, legally obtain the Green card, Visa, or become a citizen.

The drug lords are also literally causing the influx of people, because people are trying to get away from them. We get that life in America is better than Mexico. The government needs to find the solution to make living here with legal qualifications. America AND Mexico need to work together on this.

Magna, UT

Carman is mistaken. The article states that it is illegals that make up 12% of convicted murderers in prison. If that statistic was representative of the illegal population in Utah, then there would be roughly 320,000 illegals in Utah. I think all agree that there are not 320,000 illegals in Utah, therefore, murders by illegals exceed their percentage of the population. But the real point is: all those murdered by illegals would be alive if the illegals weren't here at all! Whose life are you putting on the line because you do not want to believe that illegals are any type of problem?

Cedar Hills, UT

I was over at the jail this past summer and I noticed that virtually everyone inside and outside the jail were hispanic. So it begs the quesiton...where did the data come from? If most of the people I saw at the jail were hispanic, then how could they only make up 5% of the jail population.

Colorado Springs, CO

Headlines after we protect our borders..."murder down 12%".

Glendale, AZ

As a retired law enforcement officer, I continued to be appalled at the misinformation that is provided to garner support for those who are here illegally! Let the facts speak for themselves:
1. The most recent data shows 2.6% of Utah's population are illegal immigrants.
2. 12% of those convicted of murder are illegal immigrants.
3. In this very same paper, it is reported that the man who killed the Millard county police officer was an Illegal immigrant in possession of a AK 44.
4. His friend, who hid him from law enforcement was an illegal immigrant.
5. This nation was built by immigrants - LEGAL immigrants.

Murray, UT

Sutherland is a political group that represents some Salt Lake City business interests (including members of the chamber of commerce) on illegal immigration.

Their opinion carries no more weight than the man on the street to me.

Illegal immigration is a crime, that's why they are in jail. Also 12% of the jail population for just murder would equal 330,000 people illegally in our state.

Is Sutherland trying to convince us, or stir things up?

Using legal immigration, to convince us illegal immigration is good, is a failed attempt to convince. I think we are all smarter than that.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

One out of every eight murder victims would be alive today if our borders were enforced.

Assuming other violent crimes are committed at the same ratio, that means one out of eight assault victims treated at hospitals would not need treatment if our borders were enforced. That would reduce medical costs for all of us.

One out of eight burglaries or car thefts would not occur if our borders were enforced. That would cut insurance costs for everyone.

And, Deputy Josie Fox would still be alive patrolling our streets, if our borders were enforced.

There is no excuse, none at all, for allowing people to violate our borders. Send every one of them back where they came from immediately.

Legal immigrants are welcome, but criminals are not, even if their first criminal act is only entering our country illegally.

Provo, UT

WE must vote any elected officials who support illegals,. or who aren't willing to put some teeth in our Immigration laws out of office

Fayetteville, NC

OH! Only 12% of murderers and 8% of the rapists in the prisons are illegals. That should make the families of these victims sleep better at night. Heck it could be higher right!?

New Philadelphia, OH

Calling an ILLEGAL by another name does NOTHING to help the cause of keeping them out of our country. I have nothing against ANY ONE coming here, LEGALLY!!!! Get off of the Liberal Agenda of changing words to soothe the TRUTH!!

Plano, TX

Enforce the law. Period. Deportment is appropriate.

Mr. Bean
Chicago, Ill

Ronald Mortensen 7:11 a.m.

"In Utah, it is estimated that 50,000 kids have their Social Security numbers being used by illegal aliens for employment purposes."

I wish they'd start using mine... I need more quarters to qualify for SS benefits.

All kidding aside, identity theft is a serious problem. It might be wise for parents to check with SS Administration to see if their kids' SS number is being used illegally.

The Utah Attorney General's office advised that they are seriously investigating into this issue. I plan to contact them again in the near future and ask for statistics on how many cases they have prosecuted to date.

Brian H.
Provo, UT

@ utahmtnman | 8:08 a.m. Oct. 30, 2010
"Unlike their parents or grandparents, some children of illegals do not appreciate the freedoms and opportunties offered here and are more likely to grow-up feeling disadvantaged."

Let's put it another way. What did you do to "earn" your freedom besides being born here? I know I didn't do anything special. I just got lucky. They feel disadvantaged because there really are real barriers to their success in this country, and the children of illegal immigrants haven't done anything wrong to deserve that. Punish the parents, not the children.

Saying "our society wouldn't be dealing with them if their parents hadn't come here" is like saying "they didn't technically break any laws but it's ok to treat them as if they had because it's more convenient for us that way."

Murray, UT

I'm sure some of the children that grow up here do feel disadvantaged because of their parents decision. But that is between them and their parents. It's not societies job to try to compensate children for their parents bad decision.

We don't give the children of bank robbers the money.

I had friends that were born into money. That does not give me the right to steal from them.

What about the children who's parents are dealing with identity theft? What about the children of poor legal immigrants who lost their job to someone here illegally, because they work for less? And what about the children waiting in line in other countries to come here?

It all boils down to lawbreaking and entering a country illegally to work. It should not be tolerated or accepted. And all the studies by Sutherland does not make it right.

Taft, CA

Does Utah really want to become California? If that happens, you'll know what the true cost is.

I know of one privately-run federal prison nearby, where more than 2000 of 2300 inmates are illegals.

Not that long ago, if an immigrant legally came to America, took any kind of public assistance, they were sent home.

I know there are humanitarian arguments, but again, Utah, it is your choice to remain what your are, or become something else.

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