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Published: Friday, Oct. 29 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Viva la Migra
American Fork, UT

The majority of undocumented immigrants in Utah jails are being detained solely for border-crossing violations, Morgan said.

"They have not committed a crime other than they don't have papers," he said. "Technically, coming across the border is a civil offense – something you can't be put in jail for."
Anyone else catch this contradiction? How could they be in jail for border-crossing violations if it's something you can't be put in jail for? Actually, the law states that a first time crossing without inspection can be subject to a fine an 6 months in jail. The penalties go up from there for repeat offenders.

I'm getting tired of the slanted studies and misrepresented facts put forth by the Sutherland Institute. Their researches aren't nearly as sharp as they esteem themselves to be.

Kearns, UT

The DN is at it again, giving illegal support and harbor to criminal illegal aliens and once again skewing the data about illegal alien. ALL crimes count, civil and criminal. Crimes against the people are just as devastating and destructive as killing. Theft, lies, deceit, criminal intents to deceive and steal is a crime.

What school of law did the DN attend and what give them the right to falsify data that consider some crimes not worth mentioning. What gives the DN the right to be judge and jury and decide what crimes illegals are allowed to commit and not call it a crime? Disgusting role that the news media is playing in defending millions of criminals. Shattering and destroying American lives is no justification to tolerate the acts of criminals illegal aliens.

Sure, American are mostly immigrants, but we were all legal immigrants who got documented, identified, and a medical examination to keep out or treat diseases. There is a major difference in legal immigration and criminal occupation of a country with one intent, loot and pilfer America.

Syracuse, UT

This article fails to point out the percentage of the population in Utah that are illegals. Without those data, the rest of the article is meaningless. If 12 percent of all murderers are illegals, does that mean that more than 12 percent of the people in Utah are illegals? I doubt it, but if not, then that means that the title of the article is misleading, and that illegals ARE responsible for a disproportionate amount of violent crime.

Either way, when illegals are contacted by the police, they should be arrested and deported.

Willard, UT

I can see the rules for these undocumented people are not very fair and end up in for life. The State will get theirs when these people get old and need attention of medical services. This problem has and is already a concern of the State, Let them swallow it.

Murray, UT

What a bunch of DN ordered baloney this is. They don't cause unemployment? Ask people who used to work in the construction industry if they do or don't cause unemployment. This is nothing more than another attempt by the DN to push their amnesty agenda. As far as crime goes, ANY crime they commit is far too much, they have no right to be here in the first place and their very presence IS A CRIME. More DN illegal alien propaganda!

Provo, Utah

It's so easy to cloud the issue by talking about "immigrants" without making the distinction as to their legal status. I believe that the vast majority of American citizens welcome legal immigrants to this great land of ours, whether those legal immigrants be from Asia, Africa, Europe, or even Latin America or elsewhere. The problem arises when a specific group of people determine that their need to come to this country justifies doing so without proper paperwork or approval, effectively flaunting our immigration system. Like those who cut in line or drive on the shoulder of the road to bypass the legal drivers stuck in the same traffic jam, this selfish activity of putting their interest first over the millions who have to wait until they can immigrate legally should NOT be rewarded or encouraged.

There are billions of people on this planet who live in similar circumstances--or worse--than our Hispanic neighbors who flow across our border from the south. I'd like to see those bleeding hearts out there who defend the predominantly Hispanic "illegal aliens" start campaigning and/or assisting more African or Asian immigrants with their arrival and assimilation into America.

Lindon, UT

You know, it does not matter what the percentages say or do not say. ANY percent is too much, period. Any crimes committed by undocumented workers is too many/much. No, I am not a racist. My ancestors came to this country legally, that is my only reason for being so opinionated. Do it right to begin with and stay for the same, otherwise is is nothing short of hypocrisy.

Just the results of these crimes is enough to crusade for tighter laws to prosecute these kinds of criminals/crimes.

Ronald Mortensen
Bountiful, UT

According to the Social Security Administration, 75% of illegal aliens use a fraudulently obtained Social Security number which is a felony. So, 75% of illegal aliens are committing felonies.

In addition, identity theft and illegal immigration go hand-in-hand because illegal aliens use the Social Security numbers that belong to American men, women and children to get jobs.

In Utah, it is estimated that 50,000 kids have their Social Security numbers being used by illegal aliens for employment purposes. This is identity fraud under Utah law and a major felony. In Arizona, an estimated one million children are victims of illegal alien driven identity theft.

The kids who have their Social Security numbers used by illegal aliens suffer real harm - damaged credit, arrest records assigned to their names, denied medical benefits and corrupted medical records that can have life threatening consequences.

Sutherland and others who study illegal alien criminal activity would do well to present the entire story and stop trying to protect the vast majority of illegal aliens who are committing felonies that harm millions of American kids.

Provo, UT

"Twelve percent of convicted murderers and 8 percent of sex offenders at the state prison are undocumented immigrants."

Do illegal immigrants make up 12% of our total population? No. Do they make up 8% of our 2,784,572 population? I hope not.

Candidate Jackson
Sandy, UT

In fairness to immigrants, perhaps we should also deport our politicians. As I was looking for places to place my campaign signs yesterday, I found most candidate signs are posted where their are absentee landowners -- vacant corner commercial lots, chain-link fences along canals, etc. It seems candidates are posting not where it is legal (they need the property owner's permission), but where they can get away with not doing it legally. Absentee landowners are not going to be checking those sites regularly.
So, what is the difference? The immigrant sneaks onto our property without permission. The politician sneaks his signs onto someone else's property without permission. We could as well ask the politician, "What part of the word illegal don't you understand?"
Well, I suppose the punishment needs to fit the crime, so rather than deport them out of our country, we should just deport them off the ballot. I warn you, though, if we don't give advance warning, there are not going to be many left on Tuesday's ballot -- and precious few will be left to fill our offices.
-- John Jackson, candidate Utah House District 41 (stretching from Sandy up through Bluffdale)

Provo, UT

"Data indicate, however, that immigrants contribute to the productivity of the nation. Because immigrants tend to work for less, they have lowered the cost of production, Perlich said. That, in turn, has raised the standard of living for the middle class."

Most jobs taken by illegal immigrants are not agriculture, they are middle class jobs. How can they make the middle class better off, if they lower our wages?

Any group that's lumps legal and illegal immigrants together are doing a disservice to honest legal immigrants.

Taylorsville, UT

This article is another piece of politically correct garbage!

Park City, UT

The author failed to prove his point--that undocumented workers do not commit a disproportionate amount of crime--because he failed to cite the proportion of illegal immigrants to the total population. Do illegal immigrants make up 8 percent (sex offenders) or 12 percent (murderers) of the total population? If not, then the public's perception that they commit a disproportionate amount of crime is valid.

However, the author did point out that it is the kids and grandkids--even though they are legal, because they were born here--that are more likely to commit crime than their illegal parents. Unlike their parents or grandparents, some children of illegals do not appreciate the freedoms and opportunties offered here and are more likely to grow-up feeling disadvantaged. (Is that what they mean by failing to assimilate?) They don't want the hard physical labor jobs their parents had, and they become frustrated and then susceptible to gang influence. Once they get into a gang, crime is just around the corner.

Crimes of the children of illegals should be factored into the equasion, because after all, our society wouldn't be dealing with them if their parents hadn't come here.

Colorado Springs, CO

The data's flawed, the data's flawed, said the little boy who cried wolf. LOL!!

very concerned
Sandy, UT

I do not believe in a blanket amnesty, but there has got to be a practical way we can assimilate immigrants. This country was historically built - to a large degree - on the industry of it's immigrants.

However, as it is now, we are ignoring our own immigration laws, which is a BAD idea. We need to either obey our own laws, or change them, period.

Farmington, UT

Bryan has an excellent point. I decided to read comments for someone making that point. I will add to it: Utah has a population of ~2.7 million. According to statemaster.com, the number of illegals in Utah is ~65,000. Do some quick math and you discover that 2.3% of the population of Utah are here illegally. These people commit 12% of murders. Ack! That means the illegals commit murder at a rate 5.1 times that of a legal citizen. This bears out my belief that illegals commit a disproportionate amount of crime, not a greater NUMBER of crimes.
As far as employment goes - when we lived in Phoenix a few years ago, my daughter could not get a job at the local water park. Months later, INS raided that park and found that dozens working there were illegals. These people are paid less than minimum wage. Is that fair?
I am all for legal immigration - I respect those that come here legally. Those that come illegally are more likely to cause more problems than their cheap labor is worth.

Sandy, UT

I don't believe in a blanket amnesty, but might there be a better way to assimilate immigrants. Historically, this country has been built on the industry of immigrants.

But, we can't continue as it is. We are ignoring our own laws. That is a BAD idea, whether it's immigration laws or others. Either respect them, or change them. Don't wink at them.

Lindon, UT

Just being ILLEGAL is a crime. So all those who are should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Even if they are contributing like the Argentine family. Yes, they had an extenuating circumstance, but still the immigration law is for everyone.

Salt Lake City, UT

5%? So if 5% of the criminals are in jail...how many of these illegal criminals are there that belong in jail? And when do we start enforcing the laws.....I can not wait for the Sandstrom law to be enforced.......I am sick of people who have no respect for the rule of LAW!

Another Perspective
Bountiful, UT

To those who say these people should leave, how many of you are willing to do the work they do? How many of you tell your children to aspire to jobs of picking crops, cleaning toilets, working in a slaughter house?

Don't clamor to get rid of these people unless you are willing to man up and take their place and encourage your children to do the same.

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