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Published: Friday, Oct. 29 2010 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Me, Myself and I
Blanding, UT


You're right about one thing and one thing only this blog really doesn't have anything to do with Utah or BYU. If you still think you're correct check the record and history books.

South Jordan, UT

Get some new friends. These are not good friends. You embarass yourself, your family, your team and the best high school in Utah. Grow up! Everything must have come too easy. It can be taken away just as easy. Use this mistake to make a positive change.

Spanish Fork, UT

We all make mistakes, everyone reading this has made mistakes.

The important thing is you learn from them. Don't make the same mistake again. Walk away from ANY negative influences, and make no mistake Weed-Dope or any elicit drug will take you the wrong direction.

Select the school that will give you the best future, don't worry about any local schools, do what's best for you!

South Jordan, Utah

Hey, info man, I'm no expert on drug testing, but I did spend 4 years in the service, and we were randomly tested for all recreational drugs, my understanding was they all show up for at least 30 days no matter what you do to try and purge them from you system. That was in the 80's, I'm sure the tests they have now are even better. Just FYI for all the Bingham bashers looking for what ever excuse you can find to slam the school and coach's. I have a kid on the team who came home at the beginning of the week with the news from coach Peck that Harvey was done for the year. It was only after he passed the drug test that he reduced it to a 1 game suspension. Peck is as honorable as they come, and worries more about the kids in his charge (even the ones that do dumb teenager stuff) than what any of us think about him.

South Jordan, UT

He took the test the day after coach peck found out,and I deal with drug tests daily at my work and if he smoked 10 days prior it would show up in the test he took for sure. Some of you people have no clue.

Layton, UT

It would not show up in a test if he took it 11 days after it happened. It stays in your system for a week tops, especially if you are trying to flush it out of your system by drinking liquids. And how legit was this drug test? Was it just bought and he went home and took it or did he go in and take it at this place? And even if he didn't smoke he was still trespassing which is a misdemeanor if you are 18, Is there no consequence for that? And honestly when the cops show up who panics and says yeah I was smoking if you werent? Sounds really fishy to me, twice in one season there has been legal issues with Bingham, I know Peck is a classy guy and runs a great program but how bout some discipline? They could probably win it without him and the D-Tackle anyways.

Salt Lake City, UT

Wow, it is amazing all the Bingham haters. Next thing they will be saying is that it was not his urine.

I hope that Langi figures it out before it is too late. Dude, look no further than your older brother. You only get one shot at this, if you blow it, you will have a lifetime of regrets.

Good luck to the teams that play the Miners with or without Langi, they will need it.

Old Hapa
Warm Utah, UT

Victory at what cost? As a Polynesian, I am ashamed that yet another has disgraced his culture, let alone his team and most importantly, family. I don't care what was in the test. If your not doing something shifty, why do you have to trespass in a home under construction?
To Chris B., as a BYU fan, albeit very frustrated this year, you can have all the discipline problems. Are you proud that they fit better at the U? Says a lot. College football is not the test. Football at any level for that matter is still just a game you play for awhile, then it ends. I have a handful of friends who have played through the highest level then have to figure out what the heck to do when it's over and they're in their early to mid 30's. That's the test.
I hope these coaches start thinking more about the future man and less about what the current boy means in their win column. Armed robbery=2 game suspension, trespassing=1 game suspension, all = relative free pass? Lesson learned...but not a good one.

South Jordan, UT

See below the facts on THC/Marijuana detection times.

Marijuana Detection Times
Frequent users blood drug test (defined as someone who smokes several times per week)
THC: 4-8 hours after smoking
THC by-product: 2 or more weeks after smoking

Frequent users urine drug test
THC by-product: 2 weeks to a month after smoking (3 months for extremely heavy users)

Infrequent users blood drug test
THC: 3-4 hours after smoking
THC by-product: 2-3 days after smoking

Infrequent users urine drug test
THC by-product: up to 10 days after smoking

I would guess Harvey was an Infrequent user and also has a fairly high metabolism. Along with drinking a lot of water since getting busted. I'm sure that 10 days after smoking, Harvey would test clean. The test was worthless.

South Jordan, UT

Old Hapa
What would you do? How would you handle this?

West Jordan, UT

Let's try to be honest about our own intentions in commenting on this story.
Bingham fans want to believe that the test was accurate.
Fans of any other school, especially those who are still in the playoffs, want to believe that Harvey Langi is guilty and shouldn't be playing.
Fans of other schools would prefer to see the Bingham football team disbanded, but that's another discussion altogether.
Coach Peck has made his decision, it's his team and the administration at Bingham supports him.
The rest of us can applaud or decry his decision but we can't change it.

Old Hapa
Warm Utah, UT

I have no stake in Bingham vs. anyone. I have three boys who I have tried to raise to be honest, hard working, law abiding men. I have assumed the responsibility to be clear on what is legal, honest and ethical with them. One of my boys broke the law and sat in jail. As much as it broke my heart, I did not bail him out. He said it was the worst experience of his life and that he'd learned his lesson because he didn't belong there. Truth is, he broke the law and he did belong there, at that moment.

It's simple, actually. Every season you let parents know that NO violation of the law will be tolerated or excused just because your kid plays football. Life lessons matter, football ultimately does not. FOOTBALL IS A PRIVILEGE! It will always be my favorite game but will never be an excuse to be or act beyond the rules of society at any level.

Establish, clarify, teach, enforce the rules. There are too many boys in men bodies at the pro level who never learned the lessons from that process in their youth. Shame


BT1984, that was perfect. well said. Punishment has been laid down and its a done deal.I on other hand am a pure football fan and want to see the best players play. So serve the punishment and move on. I'm sure Northridge is looking forward to playing the best. Assuming Bingham gets past Hunter today. Hey, I had to say that. Good luck to all!!

Old ball coach
Sandy, UT

Well what ever people tell you, this is not news to people in the south valley. Bingham is a win at all costs type of program, and it starts at the top!

Salt Lake City, UT

As a senior, 3-year starter, and a national blue chip recruit with a bright future and so much to lose, Harvey used terrible judgement and showed serious immaturity with this incident, especially after his teammate was suspended earlier in the season for robbery. I doubt Stanford will be interested anymore. Grow up Harvey and learn from this mistake so you can realize your bright future. Be grateful you're getting a second chance.

South Jordan, UT

Old Hapa, I take my hat off to your comments. They are the best on this entire board. I feel bad for the example set here by the coach, the principal, and the entire administration. The Inoke player is as tough as nails and the Miners can still win with him.

C-wood Rocks
Taylorsville, Utah

I find it interesting because the actual rule found on page 43 of the UHSAA Handbook says that an athlete in posession, use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco will be suspended for 2 games for the first offense and 6 weeks for the 2nd offense. Ifeel that the administration at bingham should be repremanded for not following the rules of the UHSAA.

I bet if it was any other school in the state the student would have been suspended for the remainder of the season. But because it's Bingham they will not do anything.
I think it is time for the UHSAA enforce their rules they make or get rid of the UHSAA.

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