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Published: Friday, Oct. 29 2010 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Cris B.
Sandy, UT

Tough choice ahead

Top 10 program in the nation
Proven winners that get up for big games and big SEASONS,
Best coach in the state
No worthless rules
Coach that knows football is #1

Bottom 50 program in the nation
Coach that thinks football is #6 priority
Students who part time as players
Team who's fastest guy runs a 4.9 with the wind behind his back

Tough Choice!

Can't wait to see ya in red Harvey!

South Jordan, UT

ouch... Thats gonna leave a mark. Harvey should not have been there. He did the wrong thing. There is no excuse for it. He will be punished like any kid on that tteam sould be. No special treatment.

...That being said...

...Bingham is still going to win the championship and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. Bingham is the best Utah High School football team ever! That is the way history will remember them. No amount of whining is going to stop it. Bingham will be #1. Bingham works harder, has better coaches and a better group of good kids than anyone else. 2010 5A State champs. It does not matter what you say. so get use to it detractors and whiners...

Salt Lake City, UT

Clearly just a kid who's learning about life.

Best of luck to Harvey whether he goes to Utah, BYU, or wherever. I'm sure he'll be fine and continue to be a great football player.

Muss Man
Draper, UT

Harvey deserves credit for testing clean, admitting his mistake, and submitting a very sincere apology.

Who among us never trespassed, in one way or another, while in high school?

Best of luck in the post season, Harvey! We'd love to see you in red!

LP Fan!
Alpine, UT

wow. That's good that he's clean. But I know ur gunna get scared when the cops show up. But saying something so bold like that? I just wonder why the cops said it smelled like it? But tests are very accruite. Good for him.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Wise up Harvey, make better choices - especially your friends and perhaps we can look forward to seeing you play up on the hill in red with the potential to play on Sundays.

West Jordan, Utah

A very bad choice made by a good kid. I think sufficient consequences.

.Bingham will win the championship.

South Jordan, UT

Hey Moog I thought your name was Robert Craig. At least thats what it says on the other newspapers blogs. Your not a Bingham fan, your just another trouble maker. That being said I find it truly sad that all of these youth just don't get it. They have all this talent and oppotunity and they just toss it away. The other thing is I have a hard time believing that it only happens hear in South Jordan. Makes you wonder how prevalent the problems are statewide.

South Jordan, UT

Idiot Harvi!
Really???? you got 4 weeks to go in a season that all you and your TEAMATES have worked so hard for, I have hung out with harvi before, good good kid, but agree he has some people in his life who shouldnt be, and that is a bad influence on him, he is clean according to the test, but common dont be hanging out with kids who happen to be smoking the stuff. Dont make the mistake any athelete, charish these times, anderson from bingham got kicked off lastyears baseball team, good thing coach sato was not in charge or he would not care.
Bingham kids need to figure it out, and stop hanging out with kids on the west side hood area. But sadly that is where all the talent in utah is! ha GO MINERS

Will not affect them other then not being able to dominate someone, there running backs are all good and you still have a MOBILE QB who oh ya can throw!

Go miners!

Info Man
South Jordan, UT

10 days later and whole lot of water will help clean out the THC . Should have gotten a hair sample.

Maybe he didn't smoke it but it sure sounds fishy.

Not the smartest decision. Hope he learns a valuable lesson.

I played ball with a kid who would have had a great carrier in baseball....he never made it to college. Started out smoking pot and drinking- ended up in prison.

Be smart Harvey and choose better friends. You have way to much to loose.

Ogden, UT

I do not remember the specifics, but as I understand it, 10 days later the urine test would be negative unless he were a regular user of the drug. So..he could still have smoked that night and expect to have a negative result.

johnny pigskin
Sandy, UT

As good as he is, Bingham wins the whole thing easy with out him! He will look good in Red?!?!

Particulars of no Consequence
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Highly unlikely that anyone will beat Bingham this year, but I would have much more respect for Bingham's coach, principal, and football team if they would do it without Langi and Fauonuku.

Saint George, UT

Cris B.--
This has nothing to do with byu vs. utah. But since you brought it up, there is a huge difference between a team and a program. Look at the top 10--TCU, Mich St, Mizzou, Utah and Wisconsin are NOT top ten programs. Compare the program, not the team, with Florida, Texas, Ohio St, USC, LSU, etc. Utah is not a top ten program. And as for BYU-- Go ahead, right on here, name me 70 programs that are better than BYU. By about 35 you'll be looking pretty foolish, because BYU is AT LEAST a top 25 program. You utes crack me up...

Me, Myself and I
Blanding, UT

Harvey is luck he doesn't play for San Juan he'd be done if he did. Last year a San Juan basketball player came clean on his own about smoking marijuana, wanting help and to take care of the problem. For his straight forwardness and courage to get help he ended up losing his senior year of basketball. If I'm not mistaken every USHAA athlete signs a contract saying they'll abstain from alcohol, drugs, and tabacco. It also says if they break that contract they will lose their eligibility for the remainder of that season.

Good kids make bad choices but still should have to take responsibility for their actions.

South Jordan, UT

Usually peer pressure would have him not admit to using the drug.

The Truth Serum
Bluffdale, UT

So he had a week to go in and test. hmmmmm

weber state12
Kaysville, Utah

Thats two players this year that has got off easy. Quality program they're running down there....

Draper, UT

So the kid admits to using pot for peer pressure.... I'm sorry, this just doesn't pass the giggle test. Incredible stuff out there at Bingham where winning is certainly #1 at all costs. Wowser.

South Jordan, UT

weber state12 -> bone up on your knowledge. UHSAA and district involved and would not have suspended them at all. Never missed a single game. Bingham coaching staff has higher ideals and expectations from these young men, doesn't mean they hold their hands, just hold them accountable. Seni missed his two games that he wouldn't have missed at most high schools in state. Harvey, if I know Coach Peck, will miss his two now. Know the facts, before you attack the program.

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