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Published: Friday, Oct. 29 2010 12:00 p.m. MDT

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the world
Woods Cross, UT

Old Dad: "wouldn't it have been nice to have a few 3 pointers from Korver last night? Who is the bozo that traded him?"

Uh, Korver signed a free agent contract with Chicago.

Salt Lake City, UT

The hilarious thing was that it looked like a designed play, and resulted in a bucket. I thought DW was frustrated at either something on the other end, or at someone else not Hayward on the O end.

At first, I thought he had barked at Millsap. Obv he's frustrated and Kobe does this all the time, just like how MJ, Magic, Zeke, & Bird did.

No big deal, this ain't women's soccer, all we need is a couple wins. Glad that Hayward showed some spunk and chirped back.

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

Hayward needs to hit a shot once in a while then no one will scream at him. I particularly liked the one he shot off the side of the backboard.

Lehi, UT

Or D-Wills air ball? the whole team is out of sync.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Dwill should be yelling at him. They are professional players. He should know when to cut and when to stay. Good job Dwill. Now go rip on CJ for being lazy.

Alpine, UT

Just goes to show what kind of leader Deron really is.

He was on his 2nd pathetic game in a row so he publicly goes after a rookie?

Very impressive Torrey Ellis!

Grow up.

Deron looked like he hadn't played ball since he got worked by the Lakers last playoff season.

How about SHOWING the rookie you can to play first then you have some basis to get after people Deron.

Hayward was working hard and trying hard the ENTIRE time he was on the floor.

My guess is that Deron was frustrated my by his own play and acted out immaturely by going after a rookie. Wow Deron/Torrey you are a tough guy alright.

Ivins, UT

Not a bad idea at all....CJ just does not cut it. What did he contribute to the game last night except an embarrasing loss. Hayward is a huge surprise...he steps up and does the job. He will be a huge asset to the Jazz.

South Jordan, UT

The Sun's ran the pick and role better than we did. That's our signature play! How embarrassing! Jefferson looked pretty lame last night too.

Snack Pack
Lehi, UT

bench d will. you've got to be kidding me.

Las Vegas, NV

Wow, I just watched the replay of this on YouTube and can see that everyone on here is taking this way out of hand. How many of you have ever played competitive basketball. I played in both High School and College. Basketball is an emotional game, people show frustration. Yes, it's true Gordon Hayward is a rookie but he still needs to run the plays. You all say how bad Deron has been playing but don't realize he's a Point Guard. Poitn Guard's rely on their teammates to run the offense by screening, being in the right places, and cutting. The Jazz offense has obviously been out of sync because of so many new faces. I guarantee if this team were running their offense smoother and got a flow going you would all see improved stats from D-Will. He is trying to get this team to flow through the offense. D-Will is the Captain, and is an extremely proven player in this league he has the right to get onto another player no matter who he is. If you rewatch the play, you'll see he only showed frustration toware the play,not Hayward!

Ogden, UT

Fans always have a way of making mountains out of mole hills. But then, this is also true of Buckley once in a while. This is a non-story.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

The walking man: It will be a long season if Deron continues to walk the ball up the court.

It's good to see Hayward run the floor and put forth some effort.

Tremonton, UT

Thank you one and all armchair point guards. Part of Sloans pay will be deducted and you all will recieve a little in your envelope..

Ivins, Utah

D-Will is the team captain and was mad that a player didn't run the play properly. Frankly I'm glad to see D-Will cares about the poor performance overall and I want to see him show that fire and emotion on the floor, Hayward's a big boy and I'm sure he's had coaches yell at him before when he didn't do what he was supposed to do. I'm sure they talked it over after the game and when this team gets rolling no one will ever remember this little skiff. If you want less emotion displayed you can always go watch BYU play football and see Bronco on his headphones acting like a little girl scout. Sorry to throw a little gas on BYU's troubles:)

Ogden, UT

I can see a lot of the fans have a man crush on Hayward. The guy scored 6 points and didn't run the right plays on numerous occasions. You think Deron was lashing out because of just one play? Hayward is constantly confused.
Deron is a proven point guard. He knows the playbook back and forth and he just wants guys to get better fast. He wants film sessions so everybody can learn what the problems are. I can't fault Deron for wanting to win and being frustrated with poor play.

Layton, UT

Hayward is leading the team in blocked shots. I love AK but he is even looking like he has no drive to win. The whole team looks out of sync. I agree with some of the other guys Jerry needs to sit out a few of the new guys including Watson. Ronnie should have been playing more since he knows the system. We should not have had more than two new guys on the court at a time.

the Mailman
Melbourne, Victoria

D-Will wants out and who could blame him.

He is too good for this organisation. He actually wants to win a title.

Big 'D'
San Mateo, CA

YOU ARE ALL MISSING THE ESSENCE OF D-WILL'S FRUSTRATION. It's not the fact that Gordon can't remember the plays, or that he doesn't run the floor... IT'S THAT HE'S IN THE GAME AT ALL!! We have plenty of capable 2s, 3s, 4s. Why is Hayward getting time? When D-Will was a rookie he had to sit behind...KEITH MCLEOD?!?! Deron's true frustration is with Sloan, not Hayward. But he doesn't dare huck a basketball at Sloan.

Toquerville, UT

The dishonest thing is that Williams was trying deflect attention from his own pathetic game. Williams is Mr. hot and cold, he can torch you one night, and stink it up the next. Or he can fumble around for three quarters then light it up in one. I don't have much faith in Williams, and he is far from being an all-star.

Roosevelt, UT

If Deron has behavior issues look to his coach for great lessons in yelling.

The public address announcer makes public announcements about no swearing at the games and everyone....except the coach.. is expected to abide by that rule.

And stop crying about Korver. On Chicago highlights I saw Korver lose the ball and chase a guy down the floor who dunked it on him. I saw that and another time when he tried to dribble and irt went off his foot. As Jazz fans we in no way need to have that back again....ever.

The Jazz organization had every chence to re-sign Kyle and it was obvious he was too big a liability and the other 4 on the floor could not overcome his shortcomings. The team is better off where they are now and that is without him. When it came to crunch time agsinst the Lakers and Nuggets in the playoffs he was utterly transparent and did not help a bit.

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