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Published: Friday, Oct. 29 2010 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Saint George, UT

I think I'd sit Hayward for a few games while the veterans try and find their rhythmn. It's hard to introduce so many new parts to the machine when one of the parts is lost and unproven.

Saint George, UT

This is one thing (about the only thing) I will miss about Boozer. He was able to vocally motivate the team without embarrassing them.

Bad move D-Will, you two need to sort this out quick. Meanwhile, who will step up to be the vocal leader. Millsap? Raja?

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

These two are obviously commited to Utah winning, good for them for having a discussion to resolve the problem.

Salt Lake City, UT

I like DW as a player, but it's stuff like this that makes it hard for me to fully embrace him. He seems like one of those bully jocks that's used to getting his way by acting like some puffed up alpha male.

Brawn AND brains, D-Will, it takes brawn AND brains.

Milford, CT

what would stockton have done?

just sayin. someone is becoming a fat head. hope it was just a fluke.

Monroe, UT

Everybody just chill out!! Sloan said it best that they both were sort of wrong. Everyone sometimes over reacts when under stress. I am sure that D-will and Hayward got together laster and worked things out. Kudos for Hayward catching the ball and making it count.
Don't count the Jazz out yet--they will gel into a good team.

Ogden, UT

"You better be nicer to me"
- John Stockton to Karl Malone early in their careers.

Alpine, UT

Deron needs to grow up. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. I saw Hayward defending ALOT better then Deron last night.

I saw Hayward running the floor AND getting back on defense.

Deron? Not so much. In fact go watch the play where he got ticked at Hayward for not running through/crossing down low. Deron had walked/slow-jogged the ball up the court. Great.

Deron was in this funk last year at times and I'm not sure if he knows it but when he does not run the ball up the floor/get early offense we lose.

I can guarantee we lose the majority of our games when Deron goes through these phases when he walks the ball up the floor. Not sure if he was sick, injured, or has personal issues distracting his focus.

DERONs performance the first two games has been ALOT more disappointing than Haywards!

Deron is supposed to be the leader and the motor behind this offense and when you are walking it up the floor and sill jacking up jumpshots (despite being 0-5) then maybe he needs to re evaluate his criticisms.

Fix your own issues Deron.

old dad
South Jordan, UT

Who made DWill the coach? Truth is, AK was responsible for most of the second half points in one way or another. Hayward will come along. He is talented & will find his nitch. DW needs to start looking for someone other than Boozer now. Also, wouldn't it have been nice to have a few 3 pointers from Korver last night? Who is the bozo that traded him?

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I actually thought the play was diagrammed that way. It worked pretty good actually.
We got an easy layup out of it.

Salt Lake City, UT

This incident was only made worse by D-Will's frustrations at himself and the refs. I don't think he should've done so publicly, especially to a rookie. Hayward will be fine, but this should have been addressed after the game and behind closed doors.

As for Korver.......Raja is just as good of a 3pt shooter, he was just off big time last night, as was Williams and Jefferson. Give him time, he'll catch on fire eventually. If D-Will decides to start creating more plays instead of walking around the top of the key, our team will be better off.

Logan, UT

I love DWill as much as anyone, but I was disappointed in his behavior last night. There are 100 ways to better handle the situation.

real #1
Salt Lake City, UT

A team captain must win respect in a different way than DWill.
I wish he apologized to Hayward. That is what a grown up should do.

Holladay, UT

that would be hard to be chewed out, hayward will be fine but i wonder if he will have deep bad feelings for williams and not show it until he is a free agent.

Salt Lake City, UT

Deron's actions were immature. A rookie made a mistake, can you imagine? Deron needs to hold himself accountable before he starts throwing tantrums on the court on national television.

Lehi, UT

Come on D-Will, you would not want a player to embarrass you like that. Point out flaws after the game in the locker room or practice. By the way, this team has a lot of flaws right now. I can understand being frustrated. As a fan I am frustrated watching the soft play. Nobody setting picks and screens. Bad execution on offense and defense. Nobody taking charges and the fouls are weak! This team plays soft! Try and "Debo" someone when they drive the lane. If you are going to foul, make sure you make it count! Start moving with out the ball, and for hell sake, shoot the open shot and quit with the hesitation. Try and get into a rhythm early. Maybe bring AK off the bench and play the 4. Show more hustle and desire to compete on every play.

Mean Mr. Mustard
Salt Lake City, UT

@old dad

Um, no one traded Korver. He was a free agent and he signed with the Bulls.

Rexburg, ID

I agree with the posts here, Deron needs to fix all his rookie mistakes before he calls someone out on theirs. However, being a ball player myself when you are struggling you get frustrated and into the game and he just lost his cool. I haven't seen Deron do this too much but more than I'd like, most superstars do that to their players though.

Kobe has chewed out more than his fair share of players, just comes with the territory. I just say do it on games that you back it up with your play. Deron needs to be the one sparking the team early, cause no one else is. Getting down by that many points early makes it hard to win.

Las Vegas, NM

I never saw the flawless set up of a pick by Jefferson. Williams did not wait for it, or the timing is way off. There was a strange form to
the usual plays that the Jazz run.
During times like last night, these players need
Sloan to motivate them and to be angry. Now he
sits there acting like he is drinking Mathews.
Why did they not play the real hustler in Evans?

Las Vegas, NM

I meant he sits there like he is drinking Kool-Aid at the church social in Illinois.

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