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Published: Thursday, Oct. 28 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

As a BYU and Jazz fan, I'd happily see BYU forfeit the herein mentioned game between BYU and SDSU if they can talk the Bulls into forfeiting Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals because Michael Jordan pushed off.

Kaysville, UT

SDSU is such a tacky institution. No wonder the PAC10 won't touch them. I'm so glad they won't be on the schedule anymore. Yes it was an exceptionally bad call, but most games have a couple of bad calls that may or may not affect the final outcome. But to start making insinuations about another school and individuals without knowing all the facts is far worse than a blown call.

  • 12:13 a.m. Oct. 29, 2010
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It was a bad call on the field, and maybe the worst replay ruling I have seen. It's hard for me to believe that the replay official was fed the clip that shows the obvious fumble.

Once again (we've seen it several times over the last few months), the BYU athletic department's handling of controversy doesn't sit well with many who are interested in MWC sports. Saying nothing is sometimes the right response, but sometimes it just fuels the fire.

That being said, as best as I can tell, BYU had nothing to do with the replay fiasco. For disappointed SDSU fans to demand a forfeit based on a bad call that occured when there was more than a quarter to play is silly.

Unfortunately, bad calls are a part of the game. I feel for SDSU, but they had numerous opportunities to win the game and didn't do it.

True Blue Champions (1984)
Provo, Utah

This is just human nature going into affect. When you have a special football program others will find any reason to tear you down.

We as Cougar Nation will support and have faith in Bronco and the mighty Cougars. While I am realist and we do not have the wins we are accustomed to, I will always look at the many positives everyone seems to ignore. The offensive linemen are big and nasty; the defensive line has put a complete stop to teams with dynamic running games (wyoming, tcu, san diego state). I welcome smash mouth football to Cougar Town. In the skill positions, while young and inexperienced, they have the speed and athleticism provided by top recruiting. Heaps will continue to improve and the full might of the mantle of "BYU Great" will be placed upon him.

We have been down but we are continually marching onward and the summit of the mountain is in sight. This will go down as one of the most memorable years as our Cougs battle it out one last time in the Las Vegas Bowl.

Go Bronco and Go Cougars!!!

"Dogs bark, but the caravan goes on".

Fort Worth, Texas

SDSU lost because they couldn't stop one of the worst offenses in the nation from controlling the time of possession: 45 to 15 mins. Unless they have evidence that BYU was involved, the game was won fairly by BYU. End of discussion, move on.

Mr. Obvious
Sandy, Utah

There are those that justify the means. “Bad calls are part of the game” yes they are but not in the replay situation such as this. “But you can see a face mask in the replay” yes you can , right about the time his knee was a foot off the ground when he fumbled the ball but that is not a violation you can replay. The replay was brought into the game to help questionable plays, not to bring to light questionable replays.
With the MTWC rules on discretion. The fact’s are; we will never know exactly what took place in the booth. If Chad Bunn did nothing wrong then the MTWC threw him under the bus.
On the other hand, if he intentionally withheld tape. Miracle of Forgiveness is a good book that EVERYONE involved should read.
SDSU needs to get over it / BYU needs to move onto their Independence.

Chad S
Derby, KS

What a bunch of poor losers. The MWC and SDSU are in the wrong for 1) not protecting it's officials' privacy and 2) leaking the names of the officials to the public in a smear campaign. Good riddance, MWC.

Sloppy J
St. Louis, MO

Conspiracy theorists of SoCal unite! BYU has been placing moles in the replay booth for years, just waiting for the prime opportunity to spring their dastardly trap! And now, our cunning has felled the mighty Aztecs of San Diego State! BWAHAHAHAHA!! Bronco would twirl his mustache at you, if BYU allowed mustaches.

Really? If we're going to cheat, we're going to cheat to beat a mediocre SDSU team in an already lost season? Yep; that makes perfect sense. Face it, desperate SDSU boosters . . you can't even beat the worst BYU team in decades in one of your better seasons. I understand why that would get you worked up.

As for the "Yners" comment, I'm confused. When another school whines about something the Y supposedly did, the Y is guilty of whining? What am I missing?

Orem, UT

The accusation and subsequent letters by SDSU is unthinkable. Again, if SDSU wants to go to that call, BYU will go to the facemask on the same play. Or BYU can say what about the SDSU fumble that was incorrectly ruled down by contact, a rule not in the NCAA rule-book.

Goodbye SDSU and good riddance MWC....both of whom accuse BYU of that which they themselves are so unwilling to do.

Omaha, NE

As I understand it, BYU will forfeit a game if it is played on sunday but will hide behind the MTWC in this case. USC forfeited the games Bush played in and he gave back the Heisman he won. Intersting view on integrity.

Salt Lake City, UT

It is laughable SDSU is still pursuing this. I love how they conveniently gloss over the fact that two SDSU defenders had were pulling down DiLuigi by his facemask on the play too.

Of course it was a fumble, of course it was a blown call. But to infer there were some sort of scandal or controversy by a MWC employee who has nothing to do with actually showing the feed to the officials is laughable.

The MWC is so incredibly bitter about BYU leaving, they're throwing truth out the window and sit contently watching the speculation grow.

I'm glad to see Bunns file a letter with his attorney for the MWC to set the record straight. It's gotten to the point now where the MWC has some explaining to do.

Otis Spurlock
Ogden, UT

As a byu graduate, I can honestly say this article is completely wrong.

meet me in the MUSS
Sandy, Utah

We should blame this on the MTN. I'm always screaming at the TV watching Ute games because they don't show replays of the best plays!! I wish BYU luck in the rest of their remaining games except the last where of course no replay will be needed to see that the Utes won. Hehe just poking some fun, I keed I keed. But seriously.

Ann Arbor, MI

This is just another example in of string of burnt bridges. Look up and down the list of MWC programs, find any that don’t despise the tds? BYU is simply running away from their dysfunctional problems by going independent…. And it might just be the elixir.

Hit and run barnstorming at locations unaware of the callus misdeeds of the tds might work — present your shiny, happy people mask and then get out of dodge before anyone looks under the hood.

St. George, UT

BYU did nothing wrong. To say that that is the play that lost SDSU the game is insane. NOTHING says that even if the Aztecs got the ball on the fumble that they would have scored or that BYU would not have scored again. You cannot pull one play after a game is over and say what the outcome would have/should have been. If everyone could ask for a forfeit because of a blown call or a "biased" ref or official then we would have the battle after the game as part of who wins or losses. Look at how many times SDSU has said they have lost a game because of a bad call this year.

Utesville, CA

SDSU officials have moved past this issue.
The boosters sent the letter--lots of difference between being a 6-1 and 5-2 team to boosters.

On the other hand, lots of difference between 2-6 and 3-5 as well.

Now, it's too late for BYU to make that statement which by the way did not add anything that we all have known/heard/read.

Move on, indeed, people.
Fans from both teams should just relax, sit back and watch MWC ood college football game this weekend between AFA and Utah.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Seeking clarity Otis...
"As a byu graduate, I can honestly say this article is completely wrong.

"SDSU boosters Leon Parma, Bob Payne and Jack Goodall sent the letter to Samuelson via express mail on Monday. In it, they also ask him to "declare the game forfeited" to SDSU if he finds evidence of gross negligence or foul play committed by the BYU alumni who were working for the Mountain West Conference video replay booth that day.

"There are too many open questions for you not to act on this matter," said the letter, a copy of which was obtained by The San Diego Union-Tribune."

Completely wrong?

Are these two statements inaccurate?

Which part is wrong?

Boise, Id

San Diego St beat Utah St in a total smack down. Utah State beat BYU in a total smack down. San Diego St can't justify how they got beat by one of the worst BYU teams in 40 years. Blame it on a bad call, rather than the team not being prepared and not showing up. How do you get dominated by time of possession that bad? Even if the call was ruled a fumble to suggest that San Diego would have gone on to win a game they where already losing at the time is comical. To miss two face masks on the same play and cry about the officials missing the fumble is laughable, to send a letter to BYU demanding a forfeit is priceless.

Frisco, TX

Can't believe SDSU is calling us Yners. Who's whining about this? SDSU not BYU. Get over it. Every game has blown calls. There were several penalties against SDSU in the game that were missed. There was no foul play. There was human error, which there is in every game.

Face it Aztecs, you'll never beat BYU - not even it a down year. Don't go looking for us to forfeit so you can get a win. Try earning it on the field.

Orem, UT

flatlander... a couple of things. Thoe only reason USC forfeited those games was to appease the NCAA. It's common for institutions to provide disciplinary action so that the NCAA doesn't come down harder on them. Simply put, they didn't want a SMU-like death sentence. It had nothing to do about intergrity.
My second point is there's absolutely NO precedence for what the SDSU alumni are asking for. How about the poor officiating and replay in the 2006 Oregon v. Oklahoma game? Never has a school forfeited a game in such a manner. Moreover the consequences of the fumble wouldn't have guaranteed a SDSU victory.
Anybody can see that, even a Ute fan like myself.

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