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Published: Thursday, Oct. 28 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

No, no, a thousand times no!

Huntsman is a nice guy, with good hair, and while a great ambassador, he is not presidential material. He would be great as Secretary of Commerce, or some similar position but not as leader of our nation!

The beltway elites and country club crowd may like Huntsman, but he proved in Utah he is not a conservative, and just another big spending, big government "moderate."

The squishy RINO wing of the Republican party learned nothing from 2008. The Republican base will never again suffer through a Presidential campaign trying to pretend they have any enthusiasm for "moderates."

McCain lost in a landslide and would have fared far worse if the base had not turned out to vote for the conservative part of the ticket, instead of just staying home.

Watch the election results on Tuesday, and then tell us that we "must pick a 'moderate' in order to win elections. That is just not true, except in the minds of the moderates who are complicit in many of the problems we face today!

Nominating Huntsman would ensure the reelection of Obama.

Santaquin, UT

I agree with DN Subscriber's opinion of Huntsman as a presidential candidate, however it should be noted that if Huntsman chooses to run it will be in 2016. Even if nominated he would not face Obama, who will be running for reelection in 2012.

William A
Cottonwood Heights, UT

This is great, awesome, excellent. Because what we really need is a president who shares all the worst, unconservative beliefs of that great GOP success story, George W. Bush (another go at amnesty, anyone?) and who is exactly like Mitt Romney in most respects - Mormon, the son of a prominent businessman, etc. - except for the part about having any real accomplishments of his own.

Go get 'em, Jonny.

Realistically, my guess is that Jon Jr. is trying to set himself up to be the next Secretary of State. Surely he understands he has no shot at the presidency?

HB, Ca

No way!!! I would never support this man and I am a member of his same faith!! No if his father would run that would be a different story!

Springville, UT

William A hit this on the head. He shares the worst possible traits of both "W" Bush and Obama. He supports debt spending, he STRONGLY supports cap and trade, in fact he supported the Kyoto Protocols when 95 Senators voted No, to include the most liberal, "Green" Senators in the country like Boxer, Schumer, Clinton, etc. He is further to the Left than these zany leftists. How can you be further to the left of them???

The good thing, if he does run, it gives me an excuse to take a year off of work and do everything I can to see that he loses. I would rather have Obama in for three terms than Huntsman in for one.

Holy cow does this make me sick! And his sun tan is worse than John Boehner's if that was even possible. What the heck is he doing that he gets a sun tan like that?!

Lehi, UT

He'd have my vote! I thought Governor Huntsman was just excellent. He governed moderately and has good common sense. The nut job extremists in the far right wing don't like him and neither do the crazy extremists in the far left wing. Perfect!!!

Alpine, UT

Never! This guy is just too out of touch with our Founders' principles. I'd never consider voting for him for any political position again. Like Romney, he's too much for big government, which has always been the problem, not the solution to this countries sinking ship. I'd rather die fighting against what these progressive promote than to live under their oppressive agenda.

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

He's not even on the long list. Mitt's resume would win every time, but people can't get past the LDS part. And there is absolutely nothing Romney can do to remedy the situation.
Huntsman is a lesser talent and lesser known.
Plus, he has gone over to the dark side by working for Obama/Clinton.
He might appeal to the young voter with his rock group/dropout resume.
In short, he's got strength in all the wrong places.

Ogden, UT

Put me down in the pro-Huntsman camp as well. I have had enough political extremism, enough of people thinking their political wing is fighting some kind of holy war, enough belligerent devotion to party line.

John McCain was a reasonable conservative before the 2008 election. But as a presidential candidate he became more extreme to appeal to the fringe elements of the right wing. Everything reasonable and appealing about the man disappeared. The addition of Sarah Palin to the ticket pretty much nailed that coffin, and rightly so.

Roosevelt, UT

Obama was brillant by sending this candidate to the far side of the planet. Thus effectively guaranteeing himself another 4 years in 2012.

Our party has no other alternative that will beat Obama. Sarah is busy stirring up mud and being a tea party supporter one day and a GOP the next. Have we ever had a female Dan Quayle before?

Romney is a proven failure and Huckaby is waiting in the wings to again spoil his shot.

Had Huntsman been here he could have been groomed for his shot in 2012 but now he willhave to wait til 2016.

Toquerville, UT

Huntsman is the way wrong kind of person we need as president. He is a liberal, establishment, keep doing things the same way, kind of politician. I would not support him. What is needed is a strong constitutional, anti-establishment, non-career politician who will oppose all the secret combinations who now run this country.

Provo, UT

William A:

Mitt Romney worked his way up to CEO in Bain and Company consulting (a meritocracy if I've ever seen one). He then founded Bain Capital... I think he has accomplished a lot without his father's help.

Somewhere in Utah, UT

Huntsman would certainly be better than any of the other Republicans being considered at this point. Winglish (6:33 a.m.) is absolutely correct in his comments and assessment. Huntsman is the ONLY Republican potential candidate that I could support.

Sandy, UT

The good news is that the ultra conservative base in Utah doesn't impact national politics. The better news is we need people who can govern from the center and poll after poll shows that is what the majority of people want in this country. Obama's problem is he went left, far too left of center and now he and his party are going to pay for it. We'll see how the next group governs as well. Huntsman did a fine job during his time here but part of that is we had record income. He bailed before the truly hard times hit. So in a way, he is unproven. Yet by 2016 this recession will be over and we should be back on an even keel so Hunstman will look even better then. Yes, I could see it happening.

Idaho Coug
Meridian, Idaho

Here is my ideal candidate and I'm not sure one is out there who fits the bill:

1. Balanced budget - even if it includes some strategic short term tax increases along with serious budget cuts. Willing to endure balanced pain to get our financial future back on track for our children.

2. Absolute transparency in political donations of both individuals and organizations. No dollar donated without public identification of the source.

3. Social moderation. Allow states to decide issues like gay rights and legalization of pot without federal intervention regardless of outcome.

4. Moderate, reasonable, thoughtful, collaborative and able to actually solve problems without extremist rhetoric and behavior - a little like both Reagan and Clinton were able to do.

Is there any politician out there that fits this profile?

Magna, UT

The fact (simultaneously sad and hopeful) is this:

"The Government that is ahead of the peple will inevitably be dragged down to their level as the Government that is behind them will in the long run be dragged up.... The noble people will be nobly ruled, and the ignorant and corrupt ignobly."

Samuel Smiles: Self Help: 1859 (Chapter One)

Of course a struggle is always involved between the corrupt and the noble. The solution for now is, I think, States' rights over federal intervention. If we could only accomplish that, the feds would be greatly restricted in the harm they can thrust upon individual states.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Jon Hunstman Jr. would be the first Republican I could vote for since Ronald Reagan - which would be 32 years ago.

He would be running for the President of the United States of AMERICA -- not the President of the LDS church .... for crying out loud, get over it!!!

You ultra-puritan Conservatives need to wake up and deal with reality and the rest of America,
ALL of America.

Ambassador Huntsman is moderate RIGHT - just where he needs to be to BEST represent all 307 million of us.

I'm sorry if he doesn't reflect your little imaginary bubble world of quilting and Home Teaching, were drinking a Diet Coke or having 2 piercings per ear are considered a criminal offense.

That is called extremeism, and the Prophets have warned over and over again that extremeism is the worst possible offense in society.

Sandy, UT

Jr. is just another Harry Reid without the beady eyes, pinched face, and D after his name. Jr. is not a Conservative, he is a Progressive!!! This PAC could ONLY be supported by Washington beltway elites. They are totally out of touch with the vast majority of the American people! We need to start developing a strong and organized oposition to Jr.'s future candidacy!!!

Lehi, UT

@Emajor - McCain was never a strong conservative. He tried to leave his own party!

I think Huntsman would do an adequate job as Secretary of State, possibly Commerce. But, I think Romney is slightly more qualified at playing the politics game. He was a republican governor in the most liberal state in the country, so he obviously knows how to work both sides.

Frankly though, I'm not impressed with either one of them. I always thought Mike Leavitt would have made a good president.

Roy, UT

I agree with those who essentially are saying they feel this Huntsman is not the one we would vote for...though I suspect non-LDS moderates, even some conservatives would see him as more electable than Mitt...this Jon is just too ambitious, claiming the right motives, but at core, just wanting to be President.

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