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Published: Thursday, Oct. 28 2010 2:00 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

Its nice to have Carter around to remind me of the worst days for America--his time in office.

Salt Lake City, UT

Embarassment? That is Carter calling the kettle black!

In Sunday School a couple of weeks back the teacher asked for some inspirational people...someone said "the Savior", another "Pres. Hinckley", then another quipped "Jimmy Carter", To which I added, "Dick Cheney"....the brother still hasn't spoken to me!

Salt Lake City, UT

And that is coming from the worst President in our Nation's history! That's sayin' somethin'!

Payson, UT

However you could get 19% interest on a 1 year CD while he was in office. Now you get 1%. I'd vote for Carter if he'd run just to get rates up. I respected him as our President but thought he blew it overall.

Henderson, NV

I agree with Jimmy Carter on this 100%. I have to wonder though if he would include all of the names that Sharron Angle in Nevada has been called in his assessment.

Providence, UT

"Americans don't realize how dramatically our political atmosphere has gone downhill," Carter said.

Actually, we do.

Salt Lake City, UT

Take a hike, Jimmy.

Salt Lake City, UT

Carter ought to be feeling pretty good...he didn't die known as the single worst president in history?

He will die known as the 2nd, thanks to Obama!

Tualatin, OR

I can't believe that I actually agree with Jimmy Carter on something.

Murray, UT

It takes an embarrassment to know an embarrassment.

Richfield, UT

uhhhhh! Mr. Carter, YOUR administration was the real embarrassment. By the way, Pres. Obama is currently the president and this is NOT an embarrassment?

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

He's only "embarrassing" because his party is losing.

It probably will cease to be "embarrassing" if/when his party ever starts to win again!

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

He should stick to building houses for the poor. He is pretty good at that.

Other things, not so much.

Congratulations, however, on no longer being America's worst President.

Utah Observer
West Jordan, Utah

I can't believe people still have overriding negative thoughts about President Carter. Though he may not have been a great president, he has done more since then to gain the respect of many in the nation and the world. Thus, the hundreds of people who came to the book signing. Too bad there are still extreme partisan people in Utah who can't give him credit for the good he has done and continually dwell on the negatives. Welcome to Utah, Mr. President. And Dick Cheney, you are most welcome too.

Out There in, WI

The fact that most of these posts focus on Carter's presidency just proves his point, missing his point completely. This country can't fix its problems as long as the condition Carter describes prevails. Its easier to rag on someone that to put forth solutions. And it takes courage not found among many candidates to implement solutions that would really work on our real problems. What a sad state of affairs.

Murray Dad
Murray, UT

Exactly, justaguy - hiding in anonymity behind a username, lobbing judgements is easy.
Offering possible solutions - not so much.

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

Carter says our "current" politics is embarrasing?

Doesnt' he realize that many of us were "embarrassed" when he was in office?

Carter: Nice guy. Horrible president.

Pocatello, ID

Mr. Carter needs to realize that the hate runs on both sides of the isle. I would bet it you asked him what needed to be tuned down. He would say that it only comes from the right. All I have to do is think of some of the hate that was spewed and is still spewed about pres. Bush. "oh but that's okay". Disagree with the current potus and you are a racist. If you disagree with a "certain party" then you are an evil "hate monger" Politics probably aren't much different than 30 years ago. We just have a much better outlet to hear everything that is said. Mr. Carter would rather have me compromise my principles just to get along with the leading party. Sorry, won't happen. Mr. Carter is probably a good man with principles but he was still a lousy president. I don't vote for someone hoping that he will compromise when he gets in to office.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Carter and Ford didn't lob exploding shells at each other in their'76 campaign. He didn't lie, didn't lead us into a useless war, did not generate deficits nearly as large as his successors, helped bring at least SOME peace to the Middle East, and has consistently showed a Christian attitude over a long period of time. He even went against his OWN church to insist that Latter Day Saints are Christians. Yes, his administration had problems, too, but at least his vice president didn't use the office as his own personal neocon Batcave.

Voice of Reason
Layton, UT

I really think Carter was a mediocrer president at best, and what he's said about Israel lately is just inexcusable.

But I have agree with President Carter on this one, but only to an extent. I do agree that sometimes, the negative personal attacks are over the top in modern elections...and both sides are guilty. However, I think he falls too easily for the fallacy that the left loves to accuse we conservatives of, i.e. pining for some mythical "good ole' days" when everything was polite and gentlemanly in politics. In reality, such a time has never really existed in America - our politics have always been pretty rough & tumble, I think partly by design. In the 1800's people were occasionally beaten into hospitals on the floors of Congress! That hasn't happened in awhile...

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