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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 27 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Bountiful, UT

Wow. First to comment on this pitiful game. First off the Jazz came out as flat as I have ever seen them. No emotion from the start. Ak looked absolutely terrible, as did miles. I would like to see how the CJ lover on here reacts to this. Big Al didnt impress one bit.

This wasnt completely unexpected, though. The Jazz are very young with lots of players still learning the Sloan system. It will take a couple weeks for them to get fully adjusted. Here is to a hopeful big win against Phoenix tmrw night..

Captain L
Provo, UT

Ugly game, looked terrrible, didn't even resemble the team that played in the preseason. CJ stunk, Big Al looked lost, no energy or fire.
The only positive to take from this game was the play of the two rookies.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

The starters came out as though they had already won the nortwestern division. That pretty much sums this game up.

Viva Los Jazz
Garland, UT

Kirlenko and Jefferson both underperformed and yes they did come out flat. After doing so well in preseason I thought they'd have no problem with Denver. It may have been that the Nuggets had a big emotional lift with George Carl coaching again so I'm hoping this is a fluke. The Jazz will regroup tommorow night against Phoenix at home. They did well against them in preseason so at least they know what to expect and how they match up.

Citizen Jim
Boise, ID

Amidst all the turnovers, miscues, and sluggish pace of the game, there were glimpses of hope. Jeremy Evans continued to impress, and Hayward showed some toughness and huslte once the glare from Melo's luminescence faded from his doey eyes.

I hate to admit it, but I just took a step of the AK bandwagon - perhaps permanently. He may have a plethora of talent dispersed about the court, but his play tonight was simply weak. His break away dish to the front row seats instead of making a poster out of some hapless Nugs shows me that he is more suited for sitting in some Euro cafe sipping cappuccino while discussing classical literature with his hair stylist.

The time may soon come when he needs to take his talents and penchant for timid - er - unselfish play back to Europe.

Sorry AK, but I think the patience of your fan-base is shrinking, at least by one, at least for a night.

Santa Ana, CA

Little to add that has not been said. This was a team loss in every sense of the word, DWIL included.

Sloan tried 12 players in the first half which stunned me, but was trying I guess to find combos. Jefferson looked awful, Denver defense had a lot to do with it early setting the tone. However, it looked like the rims are tighter this year in Denver. Neither team shot great, and I do not think Denver it was they were great, as much as we stunk.

If you are down by 20 at half, and get little from Melo and JR, that means others stepped up.

Candace Parker's hubby Sheldon Williams looked like all world tonight. Yes he had fouls but playing volleyball off glass and played good defense. A journeyman folks with a career night...

Nene bothered AJ.

What shows you do not believe preseason. I will not overreact one game, hope tomorrow on TV we get back the mojo.

However are concerns, the Jazz did not get back on defense after misses.

AJ was struggling vs NENE defense or anyone else/

Sloan and Jefferson need to continue to make adjustments because we need his impact

Santa Ana, CA

Kirilenko lovers:

Looked like the recent last few years mostly Kirilenko to me...

The 18 million dollar albatross

Cannot hit a shot seemingly or make a pass, he was short as often as someone sooting a 77 in a round of golf..

The guy "you all love"

Longmont, CO

I was at the game, talk about a disappointment. The only bright spot was watching Evans and Hayward both play with fire. Hayward got posterized by Melo the first matchup, but he kept fighting and showed a lot of hustle. I was not at all impressed by Raja Bell, AK, AJ, or Miles ... none of them showed up.

Tokyo, Japan

well i knew this would happen...since there are a lot of new players...i think we will have a very rough first part of the season...but at least there are positives...i got Hayward on my fantasy team 16 teams h2h league....got 9 pts 5 rebs out of him....nice....hope he gets more minutes...and probably finish the season with averages of 10pts 5 rebs 4 ast....

Fort Worth, Texas

Inwas expecting a better team this year but I got the same ol' Jazz. We looked horriable. No defense or inside game. So another 50ish season?? Hopefully we can win at home and .500 on the road.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT


The starters were a joke.



I wonder if Booz will come back?

The veterans ought to be pretty ashamed after an effort like that.

Roberts Ranch, UT

Where is the CJ Miles bro?? whats your excuse for him CJ now?? he played like he has alwayysss played. not good.

Burley, ID

Whoa ... was that an ugly game! I almost stopped watching it. Only two semi-bright points, Hayward and Evans.


Don't worry Toddfromsantaana, if AK keeps playing like that he'll be gone by the trade deadline.


As for CJ ...
What can I say?
It was just another ...

shoot ... clank!
shoot ... clank!
shoot ... clank!


I still have hope though, that the Jazz will put it all together in a few weeks.

the Mailman
Melbourne, Victoria

Let me guess Sloany baby.

They lacked enthusiasm and you dont know why. Its not your job to motivate them and if they cant do it themselves they shouldn't be in the league.

Boring! Another mediocre season awaits.

Holladay, UT

I would be a jazz fan even if we lost most all the games. We are lucky to have a major team in little ole utah, which i think is the best state. cheer up guys we will win a championship someday as lakers are getting old and fisher the boss of kobe is about shot and about to be a has been.

Harwich, MA

That was a BYU headline. "so much for a perfect season".
All's lost now, I guess if you don't win them all it isn't worth playing.

Riverton, UT

Are you kidding me? So what the heck happened from the pre-season to now? Come on Jazz.

Santa Monica, CA

If I were CJ, Raja Bell, Dwill, Ak, and Milsap or Big Al--I would donate last nights pay to some worthy charity. They simply did not come to play. PS-The next time I hear anyone talk about how great the Jazz are in the preseason, I'm going to puke on their shoes.

Salt Lake City, UT

Get used to the losing Spazz fans, what a game last night,I loved all the way to the end!!

Roosevelt, UT

Boozer beat Birdman and Kenyon Martin as well as the rest of the Nuggets in the playoffs last year. He may not be as polite as Al Jefferson but man he could take it to Denver.

I was disappointed in many but Fesenko had some good moments against Denver in the playoffs but last night was void of ability to help the team.

Hayward was open to cut many times on the weakside last night but no cut and no pass to him. That should get cleared up in the game review by the coaches.

AK and CJ were the go to men last night and so when they didn't show the wheels came off. CJ was out of breath last night and maybe came back too soon from his injury.

When AK shaves each morning he has to stare at a weird hairdo and now his game is reflecting that.

Good thing was, it was nice to have Harpring as an announcer, finally a semblance of knowledge from the television booth.

Jazz can only improve, otherwise suit up Jerry and he can show those guys what needs to be done.

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