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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 27 2010 9:00 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

While the Utes deserve their rankings, let's not get over the top and the upcoming game with the Falcons. Since their fullback, Wayne Tew went out with a broken leg, their team hasn't been the same.

In spite of what is issued from Salt Lake, this game won't be close.

Utesville, CA

After 1Q: Utah 14 AFA 7

Halftime score: Utah 28 AFA 10

After 3Q: Utah 42 AFA 13

Final: Utah 49 AFA 13

Go Utes!!!

Fort Worth, Texas

Does Tew play defense? Then it wouldn't have made a difference since with or without him TCU would have put up the points. Yes they could have pulled out a win in SDSU but not In Ft Worth. Good teams have multiple playmakers.

Air Force is a tough team but TCU and Utah are better teams. But it's up to Utah to prove that they deserve a top 10 ranking.

I think Utah is capable of beating AFA by 3 TDs.

Payson, UT

Its the utes farewell tour. Expect them to leave Air Force with something to remember them by, - a 30 point beat down.

GO Utes!

BTW< my prediction is Utah 49, AFA 19

Oh, please!
Southern, UT

Go AFA and TCU. Some in "Utah" are prayin' fer ya.

Ted H
Sandy, UT

As much as I dont like them, I think the utes are definitely deserving of the ranking they have.

I think they'll steamroll Air Force

Murray, UT

Great Read

Vernal, UT

Lets get real. The true test comes when Utah plays TCU.

Utah Fan2
Anaheim, CA

The Utes won't have any trouble with Air Force.

Las Vegas, NV

It takes more than one man to make a team. While Tew was an important member of the team, he was not the only person who got them ranked. Remember last year we lost Asiata before the AF game and Wide was injured during the game, yet we still won.
The Utah haters are already trying to make AF look like an easy target because they know that Utah is going to beat this good, solid team - with or without Tew!

Go Utes! Go Crimson!

Game For Any Fuss
Draper, UT

Oh, please!,

I see you're another Cougar fan who is more interested in cheering against the Utes than for your own team.

I can't blame you for being so obsessed with the Utes.

Ann Arbor, MI

Go Utes!

We all know the tds trolls are just waiting to crawl out of there holes the moment Utah doesn’t dominate a team. Crush the AF! and keep the tds in perpetual misery.

I Will Be Till I Die
Holladay, UT

I hope Utah can pull off what they did 2 years ago in Colo Springs, where their D totally shut down the vaunted option, allowing only 53 yards on the ground. With this year's D-line, I think that's a strong possibility. Go Utes!!

Utah Alum
Orem, UT

there /= their

Air Force has struggled that last couple of games and the Utes shouldn't have any trouble handling the Falcons if they can avoid a rash of turnovers and don't get overconfident.

Most Utah fans are waiting to see if Utah is for real, or if the Utes have just been the beneficiaries of playing a soft schedule so far.

It's hard for haters to understand, but true fans get far more enjoyment out of the successes of their own team, than in the failures of their opponents.

Of course, when you spend your life constantly hating, you develop a paranoia that everyone is out to get you at your first misstep.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Utah is playing extremely well in all phases, and the focus on this team seems to be singular right now, without any looking ahead."

That is Kyle Whittingham in a nutshell. It is why, though Ute trolls are easy to hate (trolls being distinct from fans), Whit and his Utes are easy to like.

A kid who plays for Whitt is a lucky player.

Las Vegas, NV

Read the article on ESPN this week about Utah. Nice article!

Go Utes! Go Crimson!

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Tew has been a stud runner for several years.

That being said, Uteology is right that in a running game, the holes should still be there. The backup many not be Tew, but is still an AFA running back.

With or without Tew, this should be a game that really gives the Utes a chance to show who they are.

Looking forward to watching the game.

meet me in the MUSS
Sandy, Utah

My gut instinct tells me the Utes give up a bit more than their average on the run, but they still win easily. They will easily cover the 7 point spread and roll into next week at RES where my MUSS brothers and I will be dressed in black and ready to get crazy. We are in the midst of a great season, keep it going Utes!! TCU: we have your number this year. Lets improve out turnover margin at AFA and get the win.


meet me in the MUSS
Sandy, Utah

I meant MUSS brothers AND sisters, sorry to all the MUSS women I left out on that last comment.


Jefferson City, MO

Utes by 30.


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