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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 26 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Fresno, CA

Outside of Utah/Idaho, I don't think that Democrats are assumed to be inactive members... or on the road to apostasy. The Church doesn't tell us which party to belong to and very rarely speaks out on any particular issues. The only political admonition is to be involved and informed in our communities and to stand up for what we (individually) feel is right.

As far as the whole "Mormons aren't Christian thing," I can't tell you how many times I heard that growing up. It was always followed by: "you believe _________ (fill in the blank with something outrageously absurd and insulting). YOU don't know, but my pastor does. He's studied it!" I always wondered what crazy seminar these couple of pastors went to and just what religion they were studying!

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

As one who recently spent three years on a mission in the South, I am certain Evangelicals will never vote for Romney. Mitt: Save your money and your time. Forget about running for President. Besides, conservatives want a true conservative - not a Republican elitist who endorsed McCain for the Senate.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

Mr. Miller is inaccurate. This is Mrs. Angle's former pastor who attacked Reid. She and her husband changed to a different congregation about six months ago, and it was only a few weeks ago her former pastor went on the attack on Mormonism as a cult.

Some have tried to compare this to Obama being in a Church where the pastor denounced America. While i would say the comparison fails on a lot of levels even in context, the main failure is that Obama was a parishoner of Wright when he denounced America and so he could have left the congregation in protest. I am not saying he should have done so, just that it was a possibility.

Since Mrs. Angle left this man's congregation several months ago, she can not exactly leave it again.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Again this all begs the question, why do Mormons want to align themselves with a party that has so many of it that hold them in disdain. Mormon Republicans will never be welcomed into the mainstream of a party ran by evangelicals.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

Romney campaigning against the Mormon candidate for governor in Idaho shows that in political matters his first loyalty is not the advancement of his fellow religionists.

I would say this is probably a good thing. Even more importantly it undermines the arguments that largely begin with writers at the "New Republic" that Romney would sacrifice the good of the nation to advance the interests of the Mormon Church.

Romney's open campaigning for a non-Mormon Republican in Idaho faced by a Mormon Democrat is probably the best actions Romney could be doing right now to build credibility with Republicans who are of other faiths than Romney is.

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

John Pack:

Whatever Romney does will not endear him to those whose religion actively teaches against the "Mormon cult". Sorry....but they won't.

Mesa, AZ

I'm a practicingLDS who isn't a conservative Republican, and I am extremely dismayed-evendisgusted by most of these anti-Reid posts. Am I unworthy of your fellowshipbecause I'm Democrat? You judge me, but there're many who stand with me, wondering how anyone can be a Beck-loving Republican, more interestedin cutting taxes, justifying class divisions the B.of.M. reminds us are bad--than helping poor, living upto K.Benjamin and redistributing wealth if necessary. Icould give you a few B.Young quotes on redistributingwealth, or a GeoQ.Cannon quoteonwhytheUnitedOrders of the 1870s didn't work, because of too much emphasis on a capitalist, selfcentered mindset (The OrderofEnoch notworking, so they dropped down to something lower that they could handle-sound historically familiar?)--you'd counter with EzraTaft Benson quotes, I'd counter back with a HughB.Brown quote-onandon. We refer to "big tents"-the biggest tent is the Gospel-it's a worldwide Church. Your political positions make sense in an American context, but Canadians,Asians,Swazis and Social-Democrat German converts may have different views on things. Get off your rhetorical "I'm better than you" wagon and jump onto Christ's.

Kingsland, Georgia

There is a lot about people in every church, religion or other that is both good and bad. When did that stop the founding fathers from banding together to declare their independence from a repressive, state-mandated, environment.

Regardless of religious affiliation, a good person who upholds the majority of the american agenda "...by the people, for the people..." has the right to represent the majority. The minority can cast a voice but their views don't necessarily have to overtake the american people's choice for liberty and freedom.

Above someone made a comment about the Tea Party and mormons steering away from them. The Republican party at the time of Abraham Lincoln was trying to ban mormons from supporting their causes. Before the turn of the 20th century, nearly all of the Mormon population were Democrats because they had been persecuted and driven out by the Republicans of Illinois.

History is funny that way. Party lines have flip flopped so often that the views they support are clearly poluted. Even Georgia, a traditionally Blue-Dog Democrat State is now a majority republican because of conservativism and family values, all strong in GA.

Remember power to the people!

Manti, UT

Gee, Dr Hall, you have spoken as a true follower of the Democratic party. That is the propaganda they would have everyone believe. President Bush was the one who spent billions of dollars on completely useless bailouts which are not working, right? He is the one who increased the national debt to over 13 trillion dollars by just giving money away. Oh, excuse me, that was Obama, wasn't it? During the Bush administration, we were working, our economy was prospering and anyone who wanted a job could have one. Now, unemployment is looming around 10 percent. Because of the current administration we have had not increases in Social Security for the past two years, yet the cost of medicine as well as Medicare went sky high. They actually cut our retirement but did it in a very, sneaky manner by raising Medicare. Then they had the nerve to say that we are lucky not to have a cut in Social Security. But even there they told a lie. They simply raised Medicare and took more of our meager retirement. Shame on this administration for not accepting responsibility for its own actions.

Henderson, NV

Jmason —Not shocked by your words, just saddened. As the Deseret News reported recently (re voter apathy in UT), in 1962 1/3 of the state of UT identified as Republican, 1/3 as Democrat, and 1/3 as Independent. I believe that your Democrat affiliation today, like other LDS I know, is due to tradition and, as yet, an unwillingness to embrace what Ronald Reagan stated so well that same year (’62), “I didn’t leave the Democrat party; the party left ME.” The history of political parties is that they shift, while the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ remain constant.

Please read Zell Miller’s “A National Party No More: The Conscience of a Conservative Democrat” (2003) by the former Georgia Governor/Senator, in which he argues that the Democratic Party lost its majority because it does not stand for the same ideals that it did in the era of John F. Kennedy. He argued that the Democrat Party, as it now stands, is a far left-wing party that is out of touch with the America of today (can you say Barack Obama?)

Layton, UT

'Vote for people with INTEGRITY, INTELEGENCE and HONOR! Regardless of their religion or party!"

Well if this is definition of who I should vote for then I guess there is no one to vote for.

Lets see Integrity, Intelligence, Honor and Politician? Nope those words just don't belong together. In todays political climate its the "lesser of two evils" Please don't give me the argument that Lee, Philpot, Matheson, Bishop, Chaffetz have these qualities. Certainly Orrin Hatch does not! They are politicians, there are NO politicians who have these characteristics. I plan on plugging my nose and just vote

Claremore, OK

to donn-

I was amazed by your first statement, having never heard it before, so I looked it up.

"When the ward teaching message was published, concerns were raised regarding how this statement would be interpreted. President George Albert Smith(the current prophet at the time) responded to a concern expressed by Dr. Raymond A. Cope of the First Unitarian Society:

The leaflet to which you refer, and from which you quote in your letter, was not "prepared" by "one of our leaders."

However, one or more of them inadvertently permitted the paragraph to pass uncensored.

By their so doing, not a few members of the Church have been upset in their feelings, and General Authorities have been embarrassed."
[Please see the rest of his response in the next comment posted by Mayfair.]

Claremore, OK

[Rest of the response by George Albert Smith]

"I am pleased to assure you that you are right in your attitude that the passage quoted does not express the true position of the Church.

Even to imply that members of the Church are not to do their own thinking is grossly to misrepresent the true ideal of the Church, which is that every individual must obtain for himself a testimony of the truth of the Gospel, must, through the redemption of Jesus Christ, work out his own salvation, and is personally responsible to His Maker for his individual acts.

The Lord Himself does not attempt coercion in His desire and effort to give peace and salvation to His children. He gives the principles of life and true progress, but leaves every person free to choose or to reject His teachings. This plan the Authorities of the Church try to follow." President George Albert Smith, Dec. 7, 1945

Miami Area, Fl

"There are major differences between the LDS church and other churches that have fallen/broken off from the church."

There may be "major differences" but the LDS Doctrine looks vastly more similar to the RLDS or other Splinter groups than it does with other Christian Churches.

To deny that is just wishful thinking.


"Why did the senate and congress exempt themselves from all of the requirements that the rest of us would have to follow?"

Just another INCORRECT excerpt from false emails that the right sends out daily.

Totally false statement.
The right would rather win with lies than tell the truth.

There is certainly enough TRUE information with which you can beat up the Dems. Why the constant lies?

Glendora, CA

This reeks of Acorn-like tactics.
It's called "divide and conquer".
If the Dems can stoke the flames of resentment, within this country, between the Mormons and the Evangelicals, they will get their candidate in again.
Let us not forget the Huckabee endorsements in 2008.
I think he was a Clinton plant.
Mitt will see another Huckabee-type plant again, in 2012.
Trust me.

Allen, TX

Vote out all incumbents until they start representing their constituencies!!! I have never held political office, but have degrees in Economics, Spanish, International Studies. I am an LDS independent transplanted from Oregon to Texas, so I am familiar with both political poles and everywhere in-between.

Who wants to vote for me for President of the USA? Do you think I could possibly do as poor a job as either GWB or BO? Neither represented well the American sheeple who elected them.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

So, we who are members of the church are not supposed to be promoting (as members or within church) a particular party or political agenda.

Further, we reject the notion that people should judge us as politically unfit for office due to our membership in the church which, we maintain, will inform but not control our political decisions.

We have politicians (such as Mr. Reid) who don’t fit the conservative mold that is somewhat common among us but are more left of center.

When someone attacks a left of center Mormon politician, our defense is not that he should be judged as a politician and not as a member of the church, but that he is not a “good” member of the church (per our definition — his bishop may disagree).

Does that not then bring us back to the concept that Mormon politicians are beholden to a particular political standard and should be accepted or rejected based on their membership?

We can’t have it both ways.

Salt Lake City, UT

Do yourselves a favor and DO NOT vote Mormon.

Our state is a mess with them in control.

Salt Lake City, ut

Why do we care who is democrat or republican what matters is if we live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and do our best to follow Christ's example. Harry Reid obviously has his flaws but so does Romney or any other politician. Check that any other human being, we all are imperfect and have our own opinions. Why do so many of us judge those who have different views in politics? Who cares in what the majority thinks you should be, we all have freedom of choice to choose our own thoughts and what we want to believe in. We dont have the right to judge, we need leave that up to our Supreme Creator.
As a members of the church we have the sacred duty to love one another. Even though I disagree with some things Harry Reid may support doesnt mean I have the right to judge him.
As to the remarks the we are not christian that comes from people who let their pastors tell them what to believe. I was told that countless times to my face for two years. My statement back a smile and my testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Ogden, UT

Re: Madden
Yes, Romney got 90% of the vote in Utah, last I checked Utah is only about 50% LDS, so somewhere along the way those not of the LDS faith were voting for him too.
It is like all of the African-Americans that voted for Obama solely on his race. Forget his record (or serious lack thereof) and vote by the color of his skin...
Looking at all of the presidential candidates from 2 years ago Mitt Romney was HANDS DOWN the most qualified person to lead our country at this time. He is a business leader and has had great success in turning companies around. Too bad the American people are too closed minded to make a decision based on qualifications rather than what others say and what their religion or racial background might be.

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