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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 26 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

Article quote: "His (Reid's) allegiance is to Salt Lake City," Sonrise Church Pastor John Reed told The Associated Press this month. "It should be to the American people.""

Uhhh...., I and any other truly active LDS member can absolutely, positively GUARANTEE you that the agenda Reid is pushing does not, in any way, shape or form coincide with the teachings of the Savior's church. Christ, and His church, do not espouse forced 'wealth redistribution', higher than necessary taxes, massive financial irresponsibility, ignoring the will of the people who elected you to sacred positions of authority and, in the case of Obamacare, complete disregard for the righteous principles of freedom outlined in the U.S. Constitution, ie, forcing someone to pay a fine for doing nothing (choosing to not participate in nationalized health care).

Reid is LDS on paper but he understands Mormonism about as well as I understand nuclear physics.

Conservatives: Remember in November!

Salt Lake City, UT

I find it funny that most "Anti Mormons" have no idea what we believe-just rumors they hear. I think if people keep judging others based on one's beliefs or appearance or gender, then this country is in for hard times.

Danbury, CT

Show me where it is written in the Bible that someone ELSE gets to determine whether I am Christian or not. My faith is between me and God.

On the other hand, there are many scriptures in the NT where people accused Christ and his followers of myriad offenses - being of the Devil, believing false doctrine, leading others astray. Christians were accused in early days of being a cult. So by that comparison, I guess we Mormons fare pretty well.

I would just like to see us all get along. There is so much to be done in the world today to solve problems in our society. It is really disheartening to see that some would rather bicker about who is helping, rather than just shouldering the work together.

West Jordan, UT

"A guy with a brain", you say that " Christ, and His church, do not espouse forced 'wealth redistribution'"

Then please explain to me how it is requirement in the Savior's church to provide 10% of you income to the church?

And then what does the church do with that money? The Bishop in my ward uses some of those funds to aid the people in my ward who are poor and having a hard time financially. That to me fits the concept of forced 'wealth redistribution'.

They also ask for ward budget contributions and the wealthy are asked to pay more than a poor person.

AS for your Obamacare comment, if an uninsured person is in an accident and runs up a million dollar healthcare bill that they can't pay, who gets to pay? You and I do, so they are infringing on me by not getting coverage. I am happy that those deadbeats are going to be fined if they are irresponsible and don't buy insurance.

I guess you like the deadbeat uninsured forcing you to pay for their healthcare!

Also, the majority of debt was createed by Republicans, despite your refusal to accept that reality!!!

Layton, UT

I find it hysterically FUNNY that this Sonrise pastor has convinced himself, that Harry Reid's loyalty is to "Salt Lake City", no sir, Harry Reid's FIRST and ONLY concern is himself. Nothing or no one else. He's just another political pimp.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

I enjoy when people say Mormons aren't Christians. You can ask them what authority they have to determine that. They will tell you that they have no authority.

Just a group of people who say things without thought.

That's the problem with this nation, there's not alot of thinking of which candidate is going to serve this country better. It's who can you belittle and critisize the most.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

I would think that the rest of the world would "get a clue" that Mormons are very diverse in their political opinions if they just consider the diverse views of Harry Reid and Mitt Romney!


It matters not WHICH political party Mormons are involved with, just so they CARE enough to be involved.

Centerville, UT

gwb, show me where you go to jail for not paying the 10% tithing. It's not forced. It is a free will offering. As for money to assist the poor, that comes from fast offerings, another free will offering gathered on the first sunday of the month door to door, both mormons and non mormons that care to contribute. Christ said take care of the poor. He didn't say give me your money and I'll decide.

Also ward budget contributions ended years ago, which shows you really have no concept of what is going on now. Maybe, you should go back and see how things are actually run now days.

Sylmar, CA

first of all, the story states "about a third of Idaho's population is Mormon".... seriously? a third of the entire Idaho population is mormon? I didn't think even Utah was 1/3 mormon. does anyone know if this 1/3rd of Idaho is correct? I just find it hard to believe.

secondly, people do NOT want to elect highly religious people. It is IMPOSSIBLE for religious people, especially zealots (and by zealots I mean people who's religion is all-consuming) to take religion and religious beliefs out of their "equations" and position on issues. And the mormon religion is a zealot religion. No offense meant by that - it simply means that religion is the most important part of your lives.

It terrifies me (and most other reasonable people) that there may be an extremely religious person elected to high office. Not because I think religion is simply hocus-pocus (even though I do think that) - but because biblical morality will reign rather than liberty.

The only reason I feel this way is because major churches (especially LDS) have a habit of forcing their moral views onto everyone already. Imagine if the president was in a zealotous religion...

Herriman, UT

What I find funny (as an active LDS person) is the double standard we have. People who react negatively to a candidate's Mormonism are bigoted. When other people (hello Utah Republicans) react unusually favorably toward a candidate for the same reason (Mitt Romney getting 90%+ in a primary vote???) that is suddenly OK? I am not saying Romney is a bad guy, but to get 90% of the vote here was way off base...his record as Mass. gov and Olympic hero was not enough to earn that kind of support. It was religion.

Saint George, UT

GWB Ward budgets went away - - - many years ago

Lee B
Salt Lake City, UT

GWB - Apparently you are not very active in your "ward" or you would realize that tithing (a 10% voluntary contribution) is different that fast offerings (a different voluntary contribution used to help the poor in times of need). Neither are "forced" redistribution of wealth. Both are voluntary contributions.

In addition, the Church no longer has "ward budget contributions" and hasn't for quite a long time. Maybe it is time you either go back to church and find out what you claim to believe or drop the pretense and admit that you don't know what you are talking about.

There are good, active, members of the LDS church in both parties as well as good, upstanding citizens in other churches. Look at what they stand for as politicians and citizens and not what religion they do or don't claim to belong to.

It's time we quite this patrician bickering and look for common ground. As Jesus Christ said, "...sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof" (Matt 6:34) and as Abraham Lincoln said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

Syracuse, UT

@GWB...You are Way Wrong! Your Bishop does not use the tithing funds to help those in your ward! This shows how ignorant you are of the LDS faith. All tithing funds go to Church Headquarters. The computer program that is used does not allow any tithing funds to stay local.

The Ward budget went away Years ago so I take it that you are not LDS or you have not been active for many years.

Also, it was the this administration that Doubled the debt in just 18 months. That's doubled what GWB did in 8 years.

Please get the facts before you post!

That's A Good One
Meridian, ID

GWB, politics aside - you are so misinformed it's comical and almost not worth commenting on but here goes.

Just a couple facts you don't understand:
1)Tithing money (the 10% you refer to) is not used to "to aid the people in my ward who are poor and having a hard time financially". Fast Offerings are used to aid the poor - and Fast Offerings are 100% voluntary contributions. Besides, the prescribed way for an LDS bishop to aid the poor is so vastly different than the US Government way that you can't even compare the two. True, some bishops dole out handouts without requirement to do anything in return but the underlying premise of the church welfare program is to teach and promote self sufficiency. Administered properly, church welfare funds are usually always temporary and always include accountability and progress towards self sufficiency by the recipient.

2)It must have been a while for you because the church hasn't asked for ward budget contributions for over 20 years, and back when they did ask for them, those were voluntary too.

Trabuco Canyon, CA

@ GWB Ignorance is bliss isn't it? First, if you read the Bible in Malachi you can read all about the Lords tithing plan. Second, No tithing goes to help needy people. That comes from fast offerings. (Both of which are voluntary.
Also: If Obamacare is so good for us, Why did the senate and congress exempt themselves from all of the requirements that the rest of us would have to follow?
As for the debt being mostly from republicans.. Why is that when congress was caught bouncing all those checks, it was BY FAR the majority of the offenders who were Democrats.
Note: Best to keep quiet and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove ALL doubt.

Belgrade, Serbia

I believe that actually the more people bring in the discussion (and sometimes accusations) about whether or not Mormons are Christians then more people will get better explanations. Will there always be the "Polygamy" group and the "cult" group out there who will not quit (yes) but most people will become educated. If not totally educated, then maybe at least a bit more enlightened about basic inaccuracies and fallacies. Maybe??

Eagle Mountain, UT

"Reid is LDS on paper but he understands Mormonism about as well as I understand nuclear physics."

So judgmental? Why don't we let Harry Reid, his judge in Israel, and the Eternal Judge decide what he understands and does not understand about the Church? You are entitled to disagree with his politics, but not entitled to question his faith, understanding, and position within the Church.

The Master taught us to ignore the mote in our brothers eye while we have a beam in ours.


LDS Church authorities have been very clear. Principles of the Jesus' gospel can be found in BOTH parties. Harry Reid is pro-life and supports the definition of marriage between a man and a woman, while Mitt Romney as Gov. of MA signed legislation providing public funding of abortions.

"We" are the govt. We elect people to enact laws. Poverty is a moral issue. I am grateful I live in a country which believes in a basic level of dignity for every individual while encouraging people to be productive. I would not want to live in a country where all the wealth is concentrated in the hands of the ruling elite and the vast majority live in poverty. Every single one of us pay taxes for things we don't like. Why should those without children pay to educate other's children? Why should those who oppose war pay taxes to support war and a large military?

Everybody has choices. But not choices without consequences.

Draper, UT

Of course tithing is forced.

What happens if you don't pay it? Revocation of your temple recommend and the inability to attain the celestial kingdom.... basically eternal punishment. This is no different than forcing someone to buy insurance or pay taxes for threat of paying a fine. It is ultimately your choice to pay, but if you don't you will face consequences.

As for the Mormon/Christian issue, if you want to understand where people are coming from when they don't want to accept you as Christians, then ask yourselves why you get so defensive when people describe members of the 'FLDS' church as Mormons?

Sometimes minor doctrinal differences are enough reason to for people to want to disassociate with each other.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

"His allegiance is to Salt Lake City," Sonrise Church Pastor John Reed told The Associated Press this month. "It should be to the American people."

John Reed is either willfully ignorant about clown prince harry's voting record or willfully deceptive.

GWB, others have already chastised you for your incorrect statements about VOLUNTARY (not forced) donations to the LDS church. Let's talk now about your fallacies concerning federal debt.

When bush had a repub congress, gross federal debt increased by an average of $470 billion per year. When he had a dem congress, gross federal debt increased by $767 billion per year.

Gross federal debt increased from $9.986 trillion at the end of 2008 to $11.876 trillion at the end of 2009 - BO's first year. Government projections show the debt will increase to $13.787 trillion by the end of 2010. Gross federal debt has increased by an average of almost $2 trillion every year BO has been in office with dem majorities in both houses of congress. Who gave us the debt?????

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