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Published: Monday, Oct. 25 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

Keep cryin Dick, we're still not invited.

Irving, TX

Could someone explain to me why DICK is so worried about the BCS? The only time his team ever even went to the BCS was to go root against their rivals.

Go Utes!!!

Taylor Morgan
Draper, UT

Excellent article, Mr. Harmon. "Death to the BCS" is well-written, thoroughly-researched, and a fun read.

As their program is pursuing independence outside of a BCS conference and without special terms from the BCS, BYU fans should pay special attention to the arguments presented by Mr. Wetzel et al.

I wonder if your readers are familiar with the work of Playoff PAC, a group actually founded by BYU and Utah fans. They're doing some exciting things to fight the BCS.

Thanks, Dick, for an outstanding article.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

mwc, wac and many others already knows - FLAWS. Beware of LEAPFROGGERS. Oh, don't forget - how many times we saw USC (Reggie Bush and Pete Caroll) played in the NC games? They really didn't deserve it. Same with "THE Ohio State" which I can't stand them. And one more, I can see the tunnel is coming to an end when bcs going to Poof (vanished soon). You think soon that Texas, Tx A&M, Ohio State, Mich. and many others will leave their conferance and go Ind? Why not, like BYU said, we will keep all the revenue when comes to tv and bowl game? Or am I wrong? Like I said before, I don't care about the bcs poll and full of FLAWS!!!

Owasso, OK


Please no generalizations - I know a lot of BYU fans who cheer for the Utes in post season play including myself. I was thrilled to see them take down the Tide two years ago.

Why don't you appreciate someone trying to help the cause of fighting against the BCS? "The only time his team ever even went to the BCS was to root against their rivals." Not true.

Ann Arbor, MI

I have no problem with the BCS, in fact I love it!!

Go Utes
Official PAC12 member.

Springville, UT

My favorite when talking about the BCS is Urben Meyer. He was against it at Utah but they asked him about it when he got to Florida and he said it works fine. He Thinks it does what it is designed to do and that is help the big schools and big conferences. He likes it because he benefits at Florida.

Springville, UT

Reggie Bush and USC deserved to be in the NC game. They were the best those years. The BCS system works perfectly for what it was designed for. there is no flaw in the function only in the set up and design of it. I think people make was to much of this.

Centralia, WA

The BCS is a machine with a heart but no brain. This goes back to its incepetion long before the Utes got the short end of the stick.

Provo, UT

I purchased and read this book, because I've always been curious as to exactly what the "BCS" is and who is running it. This book opened my eyes to some highly disturbing information, not only about the BCS, but all bowl games in general. There are people getting rich off these things, and it's not the Universities that play in them...many universities actually lose money going to bowl games, and this book exposes why and how. There is plenty of lies, corruption, and misinformation in the BCS. This is a must read for any college football fan.

Bo Jangles
Meridian, ID

Have to hand it to Harmon, As a BYU guy it probably wasn't easy for him to write an article so glowing about the Utes

Old Cougar
Cottonwood Heights, UT

In my mind there were (are) many valid reasons why Utah was invited to join the "elite" conference of champions.
Allow me to suggest another possibility -- Could another reason for the invitation be to get the United States Senate off the BCS's back?
Where does Utah's Senior Senator now stand on his anti-trust argument? Also, where does Utah's AG now fit with other states in fighting this supposedly unfair system? Have they become "Mayered" in accepting the status quo?
I would love to see Utah become the NC and it would be even more fun to watch them demolish several of football's storied teams in the process -- I still vote for a playoff system!!!

Provo, UT

Next year will be an important year with Utah joining a BCS league. It will be closely watched as questions whether Utah will be able to hang with the big boys each week. If they fail than it will legitimize the BCS that mid-majors don't have the SOS to be considered in the NC talk. But Utah do have the BCS level personnel to hang with them. We will see if the success of the undefeated Utah's 04, 08, 10 teams will hold any weight.

Fresno, CA

It is too bad that Utah has gotten the shaft in this unfair game of Monopoly. Most likely, it'll happen again this year. Because, (sorry Hedgehog) they're not in the PAC 10 yet. Utes won't get a fair shake until next year. It sounds like, from the article, the MWC TV deal has not exactly been helpful to them in getting the votes they need. Few will vote #1 for a team they haven't (and can't) watch.

It will be nice to see a strong Utah team get the chances it deserves.

Salt Lake city, UT

i'm a big fan of a playoff system. even though the utes will make a lot more money in the pac i still think a playoff makes more sense. byu got lucky with the independent draw when it comes to revenue. kind of hard for them to get in without a spotless record though and that's too bad.

if the bcs is really all about money, i don't understand why there can't be a playoff system where the individual games are still sponsored by big name companies.

for example:

lets say there's a 16-team playoff. citi, who normally sponsors the rose bowl, could get a playoff game and sponsor it like they would the rose bowl. the loser takes the money for making it that far, the winner moves on and plays another day.

i know that's a bit clouded but it's just an idea. you'd figure with all the different bowls they have ever year (i swear viagra has a bowl game this year) major companies would be cool with a playoff system as long as they got some deal like they do with the bowl system

Just Truth
Saratoga Springs, UT

And yet Utes tout BCS wins, when they should have been national champions. Pathetic!

Seattle, WA

Anyone from the U that claims the BCS is working is like Tide fans claiming that Alabama had nothing to play for in 08.

Kinda takes the savor outta your win huh?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Since the school down south is not in a BCS qualifying conference, nor has a schedule that will give it enough respect to rise to the #2 position, which is the only spot in the rankings from which they can qualify to play in a BCS bowl, Dick's article seems to be intended for audiences other than his usual crew in Blue.

I, for one, can not figure out why he would not write about how the school down south might never qualify for a BCS bowl considering the folly of their decision to go independent and it resulting consequences. 1984 willnever happen for them again...not by 2084, nor 2184 nor even 2284. I guess national exposure trumped all other rational considerations.

Owasso, OK


"Reggie Bush and USC deserved to be in the NC game. They were the best those years"

Are you talking about his last year at USC? They weren't the national champs - did you forget that Texas beat them thanks to Vince Young who took down Reggie, Matt Leinert and Wendell White. Now USC is on probation for illegal recruiting and abuses by the alumni, proving that if you cheat to win, you will have to pay the price.

Springville, UT

Wow, a nice article in defense of the Utes, non-AQ conferences and yet many fans can't take the complement.

I thought the Utes were very deserving in 2008. Too bad being undefeated doesn't mean much without the NC title.

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