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Published: Sunday, Oct. 24 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Payson, UT

Utes should stop pulling their starters midway through the 3rd quarter and only pull them midway through the fourth.
Make a goal of reaching 80 points of offense in every game.
Make a goal of allowing less than 20 points each game.
Cause 4 turnovers per contest.
And someone needs to start talking to the media to get the name out. There are too many people voting in the polls and sports commentators who have yet to watch the utes play besides the Pitt game (The first game of the season).

Utah would demolish ANYBODY in the ACC, Big East, BIG 10 and BIG 12. They would struggle only with Oregon, Aurburn, LSU and maybe Alabama, but those would be pretty even games.

Have you watched the utes play? They are a complete team and have crushed opponents more convincingly than those above them in the rankings (with the lone exception of Oregon).

Remember, the Utes will have played an overall stronger schedule than Boise State, and an equal schedule to that of TCU. So logically, the Utes should be the highest rated non-AQ school if they go undefeated. (Sorry Broncos, the SOS thing hurts, we know!)

Go Utes!


I love the Utes, & I think you are right they would comepte with a lot of the big schools. But nake no mistake, if the Utes don't play a clean game the Falcons will be a tough game & TCU will be near impossible. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. GO UTES!

Jimmy James
Bronx, NY

The Utes are saying all the right things, but I hope it's genuine. Alabama said all the right things too (ie, were not overlooking Utah and will be prepared for them) and see how well that worked out for them.

Now's the time in our schedule where we really find out what we're made of. These should be some tough games coming up.

And wwookie, strength of schedule or not, I'm not so sure that if undefeated we would pass up an undefeated Boise because they have the advantage of already being so much higher in the polls than us.

But either way, go Utes and lets take care of Air Force this Saturday!

Ann Arbor, MI

“Utes should stop pulling their starters midway through the 3rd quarter and only pull them midway through the fourth.”


KWhitt is doing the right thing by pulling the starts when the game(s) are in hand. Unlike the inept coach down south who in 2009, never went to the bench when games were in hand — hence the lack of talent and depth. Slogans can’t compensate for poor planning

KWhitt is on the midst of creating a NATIONAL power and part of the process is developing talent — 3 and 4 deep. Going forward, the Utes may not have the luxury of playing their third unit so kudos go out to the coaching staff. A smart program that’s not only playing it “on game at a time” but also looking at the big picture.

Utah 34
AFA 17

Bo Jangles
Meridian, ID


as a fellow ute, I love your enthusiasm, but we don't know how good Utah is because they really haven't played a top 40 caliber team yet. After the AF, ND and TCU games we will know what kind of team Utah really is.

You're right though, if the Utes win out and their SOS becomes better than Boise State's, the Utes should jump the Broncos. For that to happen, we would need Pitt, Iowa State, Nore Dame and TCU to keep winning.

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

We will know who Utah is after playing Notre Dame? Who is Notre Dame? They are terrible. Navy thumped them big time. The Utes will not get close to jumping over Boise State. Boise State continues to play terrible teams. Air Force is not a good team either. And TCU hasn't played anyone yet, so the jury is still out on them as well. The Utes have no shot at any BCS game that means anything. It will end up being Oregon and whoever in the BCS title game; the only postseason game that has any meaning at all. All this doesn't mean Utah isn't a good team. It's just the scheduling and playing so so teams in a weak MWC.


A Diehard Ute fan.

Chandler, AZ

Way to go uties...way to go "Boise State" and beat up on the weakest of the weak. No one is going to take you seriously when you currently have the 113th ranked schedule, by far the lowest of any ranked team, and your string of blowouts came against:

UNLV -- ranked 143
New Mexico -- ranked 197
San Jose St. -- ranked 138
Iowa St. -- ranked 43
Wyoming -- ranked 90
Colorado St. -- ranked 111

source: Sagarin ratings

Bountiful, UT

I am no expert but I think that if Utah beats TCU handily they should jump BSU. After all Auburn jumped BSU in the BCS rating because Auburn has beaten much better teams.

Statistically Utah is on target to be better than TCU (scoring average, points allowed, etc). The questions I have are

1-Will we see the Shaky-Baky who played UNLV/Iowa State or the one that played CSU/Pitt
2- Will Wynn throw 3 picks? Will he remember the TCU game last year and be intimidated?
3- Is the defense ready to start stunting and running the circus blitzes instead of the straight forward blitzes that they have been running

I am excited that this game is at RES, I think that we have a much better chance of winning, in fact I think that we will.

Trabuco Canyon, CA

@ Anonymous Infinity Do you actually watch any games besides the Utes? "Air Force is not any good"?
They may not be a top 10 team, but to say they are not any good is quite naive on your part. Air Force ia ALWAYS a Quality apponent. Year in and year out.
You obviuosly haven't watched any of their games this year. The Utes will win, but it is NOT becuase AF is abad team. It will be because the Utes are a top 10 quality team.
Utes 35
AF 13

sports fan
Provo, UT

one Ute and two cougs on MWC honors list.

Iowa City, IA

what do you expect when you play the one of the softest schedules in america? (ranked 119th)

Cottonwood Heights, UT

" No one is going to take you seriously when you currently have the 113th ranked schedule"

Are there any BYU fans capable of an original thought? They all seem to grab onto the latest cliche and hold tight until that one loses it's steam.

If it's not 3 out of 4 it's 1984. The flavor of the week remains Utah hasn't played anyone yet.

Come on Coug fan's I know it hurts to be 3 - 5 but one of you should at least try and think outside the box once in awhile.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"what do you expect when you play the one of the softest schedules in america? (ranked 119th"

Why thanks for making my point for me!!!

Pocatello, Id

Ibleedcrimson, I hear what your saying.

The problem is the zoob fans have nothing to cheer for. Their lack of a team has left a void that they try and fill with hate. It's sad really.

I actually recommend that these BYU fans who continually get on here are say the same thing, try something new. I think knitting or gardening might be the solution. If that doesn't work out, try watercolors, the light brown colors can be especially soothing..

Springville, UT

You know Ute fans, a fact is fact whether it is an original thought or not.

A fact is not a cliche, it's not something that is just thrown out there to disturb. It has nothing to do with BYU's rotten season of rebuilding, it also has absolutely nothing to do with feelings or accusations of being "bitter and jealous"... far from it.

If you Ute fans cannot admit that your competition has been a bunch of losing teams, cupcakes, whatever or however you want to classify them then you truly are delusional.

Anytime anyone mentions facts about these losing teams the Utes have played, fans attack and say it isn't so, it doesn't matter, the commentor is "bitter and jealous", you didn't win a real NC in '84, and the list of childish retorts goes on.

'Wake up and smell the coffee' boys and girls. The facts don't lie and you do if you can't acknowledge the truth of the wimpy schedule. It is a valid argument and one that you have to face.

It will be the sole reason that the Ute NC ambition will be just that, a dream.

Kearns, UT

"Utah's schedule will get much tougher starting this Saturday!"

What that really means is that for the first time since opening night, Utah starters on both sides of the ball may actually get to see the field in the 4th quarter.

Looking forward to it. Give this offense 4 whole quarters and lets see what they can produce.

Cedar Hills, UT

I am picking Utah over TCU. I think Utah gets another BSC bowl this year too after the win and an undefeated regular season. Really have to give Whitingham alot of credit for recruiting and player development with his program. The U should do really well in the PAC10 next year too. The only real team to watch for is USC and Oregon. The rest of the Pac10 is so-so.

Ann Arbor, MI


Ute fans aren’t defending the schedule. For the most part it’s been nothing but cupcakes with one still on the menu for the end of the year.


It’s only logical to look at what Utah has done against said cupcakes. The Utes haven’t just beaten the spread — they’ve blown it up. They’ve simple dominated all aspects of the game far beyond what supposed experts had predicted. Even the jealous kewg fan is grappling to find something, anything to discredit the Utes.

As far as NC talk? Well, I think most Ute fans are being honest with themselves in knowing that the chances are slim. But I don’t think I need to remind you that way, way back in the “new wave” days of yore, a team that played a full schedule of cupcakes (and barley winning several games) hit the Lotto when several more deserving teams missed out on the trophy.

Yes it’s a long shot for the Utes to win the NC this year, but if any fan base, the TDS should keep very quite about this topic.

NC UTES 2010
Salt Lake City, UT

The 2010 national championship game will be a rematch of the 2008 sugar bowl, with the same results.

Mark it down.

Way to be playing boys - keep up the good work.

Salt Lake City, UT

We have not denied that the Utes schedule has been against teams we knew we'd beat.

But part of the reason those teams rank so low on the Sagarin ratings is largely due to the Utes shutting them down on D and lighting them up on O.

What all you YBU fans don't seem to understand is... The Utes dominance is what has helped factor in those ratings for our previously played opponents. And part of why YBU's schedule ranks so higher is because of the ineffectiveness on all 3 facets of the game has made their opponents rating go up. Wyoming was your best game so far and they nearly beat you. You dodged a huge bullet in Provo within the last few seconds of the game.

Again Ute fans and players know we have played a light schedule. Although there is nothing we can do about a soft MWC, which includes YBU. Next year we will be playing better competition each week in our new conference.

Until then we'll play the games we have and win.


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