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Published: Saturday, Oct. 23 2010 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Otis Spurlock
Ogden, UT

Utes looked impressive today. Wynn should be pushing being ranked in the the top ten quarterback rankings on Monday. He was 13th before the game. Not too bad for a sophomore.

The rest of the team looked like National Champs!! Keep it up and we are bound to go BCS bowling for our third time!! Sweet!

Boise, ID

That was a fun game to watch. Jordan Wynn will be the MWC Offensive Player of the Week for sure, again. I get excited thinking of a possible Utah vs. Boise BCS game. That would be fun to watch. Go Utes, until they play Boise.

Woods Cross, UT

Another good day to be a Ute!!!

AyeAye Captain
Aurora, CO

Wow!!!! 649 yds total offense!!!! Wow. Way to go Utes. see ya next week at Air Force. Go UTES.

Utesville, CA

Total domination.
And a few style points too.
I think 59-6 is a very nice score.
ISU won. Pitt won. Utah's computer ranking should improve.

Looking forward to next week's game at AFA.
Will be a tough game but Utah should be able to win it.

Go Utes!!!

Just my opinion
Salt Lake City, UT

The BCS was able to play Boise vs TCU last year in a BCS game. But each time they try and get away with something like that they are then forced to not do it again. So the BCS will not have to non BCS teams against each other in a BCS game. So Boise and Utah will not play each other in a BCS game. If two non BCS teams get into BCS game this year they will play BCS team. It will then give them two chances to be BCS team and make the BCS look even worse then they already do. It just take one step at a time to slowly take the BCS down.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Good job Utes another beat down (save one for the end of November). That said, I think CSU will beat the Y as they didn't seem like a horrible team; just way overmatched. Go Utes.

Tooele, UT

Wow they looked good tonight. It was really fun watching the game. Its especially interesting watching a team who's able to pass and run. I thought this might be the case after a below average performance at Wyoming last week.

Can't wait for Air Force. This AF game will be an all out dog fight as AFA will be coming off a two game losing streak after they lose to TCU. I think Whitt will have them ready.

I'm making Utah's last trip to Colorado Springs with them to cheer them on. AFA is a cool experience.

Go Utes...

My prediction for next week is
Utah 41
Air Force 24

Ann Arbor, MI

Glad to see Shack have a big game. We'll need him next year.

Las Vegas, NV

Thirteen different receivers! When was the last time you heard that? We are so deep.

On to AF!

Go Utes!

BTW: Even Cain threw for more yards than Heaps!

Aurora, CO

Excellent play by the UTES. Will be a great game next week and I will be there wearing RED.

NC UTES 2010
Salt Lake City, UT

I've said it since week 1 and I'll say it again.

Utah WILL win the 2010 national championship!

When you beat bad teams week after week by 50 or 60, you'll beat the good teams by 20 or 30.

TCU will be the only minor threat - but with the MUSS 0% chance TCU leaves with a win.

Both ESPN and Sports Illustrated have stated in recent weeks that Utah is a legit title contender.

The power conferences beat each other up every week(with another #1 about to lose tonight). We'll jump boise after the tcu game.

Mark it down. #1 in Final Poll.

And unless you play on the team - stop the nonsense of "let's focus on one week at a time." It doesn't matter if I sit and think 24/7 about next week's opponent it won't change a thing.

Well done today boys!

Fort Worth, Texas

What can I say... lookn' good baby lookn' good. I have been waiting for this offense since 2004.

Go Utes!!!

South Jordan, UT

Cold and wet! Perfect football weather. Lame student section as nearly 1500 seats were not in attendance. Great practice game ad we tune up for tougher competition.

South Jordan, UT

I Enjoyed watching the young guys get some playing time today, but it would have been nice to see Wynn throw for over 500 yards tonight. Had he played more than one series in the second half, he would have easily hit the mark.

No cpmplaints on 645 yards of offense when the second and 3rd string gets the majority of the second half minutes.

Big props to the second string defense as well creating the turnover against CSU's first string in the 4th quarter.

Sunnyvale, CA

After watching the TCU/AF game I don't think AF is going to be as tough as we've been conditioned ourselves to believe. TCU made it look easy and if we are as good as we think we are, and better than TCU, then this game next Saturday had better be easy too. But I know that AF always plays us hard.

O\'Fallon, MO

NC UTES 2010

"And unless you play on the team - stop the nonsense of "let's focus on one week at a time." It doesn't matter..."

It DOES matter. You are talking about Utah in the NC and completely discount very, very good teams in AF, TCU, and upset minded teams like ND, and SDSU which will be played on the road. This entire board knows that if Utah loses in the next two weeks, YOU will be the first in line criticizing the coaches asking how that could have happened because they were supposed to go to the NC.

The program says..."one game at a time" and YOU would be well advised to support the Utes and Coach Witt in that focus. Join the program, my friend and support your team and your coach.

Look at it this way...every July tds fans allow Dick Harmon to convince them BYU is an NC contender. Expectations soar to unrealistic levels and crash down to earth by the second week of September.

That is NOT the Utah way. Please change your screen name and be a UTAH fan and support the program.

O\'Fallon, MO

Oh, and great game today UTES!!! Stay focused and take it one game at a time...

GO UTAH!!!!!!!!!!

Woods Cross, UT

Ute's beat up on another very weak opponent! They have yet to play a team with a WINNING RECORD! YES, that is correct not one team they have played has had a winning record, (LAST I HEARD THEY HAVE THE 118TH WEAKEST SCHEDULE IN THE NATION). You cannot tell how good/or bad they are playing nothing but weaklings! TCU on the other hand has played some very good opponents and has beat them soundly, including Oregon St./BYU. Utes don't have a chance against them, I hate to say it. Also, I predict a upset with Air Force next week, they have not LOST at home this year!

Albuquerque, NM

Ripandstrip: And Iowa St who beat Texas in Austin today never had someone put 68 points on them in their own stadium. There is always a first! Go UTES!!! Good night!

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