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Published: Thursday, Oct. 14 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Mcallen, TX

Where was the facemask call on DiLuigi?

BluCoug--don't let hedgehog get to you. He was kicked out BYU for HC violations and has been bitter since. He has a justified inferiority complex.

Mt Rushmore
Arlington, VA

"for what it's worth, one of the booth workers at Rice Eccles is a Utah grad..."

So, is the MWC now going to go back a review every video review decision made by a crew that had someone with connections to either participating team working in the video replay booth?

You know, other close calls that may not have been quite as clearcut as this one could have been influenced by someone with ties to the team that benefitted from a close call.

This whole fiasco is becoming more ridiculous by the second, and yet the MWC remains mum.

the expert
Provo, UT

Eagle might be on to something:

There is a precedent for games to replayed at the point of protest, at the professional level.

Some may remember when George Brett of the KC Royals hit a homerun that put the Royals out in front. It came with two outs in the top of the 9th. Yanks manager Billy Martin protested that Brett used too much pine tar on his bat. The umps agreed, he was called out, game over as the Yanks prevailed. Brett went ballistic in one of the classic rants of all time.

Royals protested call and MLB baseball ruled that the umpires ruled incorrectly. Some weeks later the game was replayed. It was resumed after Brett's homerun and the Yanks ended up losing. Billy Martin didn't even really try to win the game.

But bottom line, even at the professional level, if the officials made an error it can be corrected.

And on the cost, shouldn't be up to SDSU whether they want to replay the game? BYU would have no say on it as they were the beneficiary of blown call.

P.S. Not sure if Yank fans had to pay twice...

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah

the expert

It's sounds reasonable until you look a the logistical differences between professional baseball and football.

MLB almost certainly replayed a portion of the disputed game as part of a shortened double-header. The fans were already there to watch another game, so they got a bonus. No additional expense to anybody, and probably a little extra money for the home team from concessions.

Football, college or pro, is an entirely different animal. The costs of replaying a portion of a game would be huge.

I doubt the NCAA would even allow it because it would open a Pandora's Box for replaying every single game involving a disputed call by the officials.

What To Do
Salt Lake City, UT

So I guess what it all come down to is BYU is 1-5. Have a great weekend at TCU!

San Diego, CA

I keep hearing the BYU employee and BYU alum don’t make the final call, the Replay Official does. That’s true, but does that mean they cannot influence the decision at all? According to the MWC, they are responsible for providing the video clips to the Replay Official and he reviews. What’s interesting is that when SDSU first questioned to blunder, the Replay Official initially stated that he never saw the angle that was provided on national TV. Later they announced that the same angle was “available” to the replay booth, three suspensions occurred, and they have been told to keep quiet. All SDSU is saying is that something isn’t right and a deeper investigation is in order. If this happened to you, wouldn’t you demand the same? Anyone with common sense knows it is a huge conflict of interest to put a BYU athletic department employee and a BYU alum in the replay booth. It appears the MWC permitted this, there is nothing illegal going on, they didn’t sneak in there. But, for the sake of the oponnent and for these two guys getting thrown under the bus, it should have never happened.

San Diego, CA

So maybe they blew the whistle and the ball was dead before SDSU has possession? The video shows otherwise, but even if that was the case the play would not even be challengeable. They reviewed the play, however, and ultimately charged SDSU a timeout, which proves that was not a reason for the missed call.

So how about a facemask caused the fumble and they saw that in the replay and decided to have the play stand? First off, a penalty cannot be reviewed or used in the Replay Booth. If you look at the play, you could argue there was some slight facemask, since his fingertips did brush up against the upper portion of the mask - the part that mounts to the helmet. But it was clearly incidental at most, there was no grab and yank going on. A few years back, that could possibly be considered a 5 yard penalty, but in 2008, NCAA got rid of the penalty for “incidental facemask.” The only penalty now is 15 yards and automatic first down for blatant yanking of the mask, which was clearly not the case here.

Ogden, UT

I am concerned that the third person in the booth has not been mentioned yet, and their name is being kept out of the media. I am hoping this does not end bad them. This story seems to be gaining some national attention.

Salt Lake City, UT

lol zoobs, only way they can win.

Sun City, CA

Let a 13th game be granted by the NCCA for both SDS and BYU.

Let it be the last game of the season.

Have it shown on ESPN.

Let the winner of this game, show 2 wins and no losses.

Let the loser of this team show 2 losses with no wins.

Erase the score of the first game.

Last game was played at SDS. Let the next game be played at BYU.



Go to youtube, and search byu sdsu fumble. The first site, entitiled "Highlights vs BYU 10/09/10" clearly shows the fumble. Watch the angle from the left of the ball-carrier.

Have you not seen this angle before?

Mesa, AZ

There were two blown call reviews last week at BYU. Remember when Bronco called for a review of the sideline fumble by SDSU and he held his arm outstretched signaling a BYU recovery. The replay officials refused to overturn that call as well.

Last night, Air Force received the payback ripoff at SDSU, after scoring a 2-point conversion. The replay officials mistakenly thought the receiver's handtowel, that was hanging down as he stretched for the goalline, was his knee touching the ground.

Twenty-five minutes prior to Saturday night’s game against Air Force, the San Diego State public-address announcer gave the crowd a warning. He said that the head replay official might make decisions in the game based on video that “may differ from that visible” to the crowd on the Qualcomm Stadium video board.

After last week’s controversy at Brigham Young University, it may have been a disclaimer intended to keep the hometown crowd calm in case something seemed fishy again.

Fallability continues..

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