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Published: Thursday, Oct. 14 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Captain L
Provo, UT

All of you BYU haters that are criticising, complaining and finding fault are imbeciles. None of the true facts are out and everything being said is just speculation. Until the facts are out, everyone needs to back off, cool their jets and quit being so negative.

Sandy, UT

Once again, many Ute fans doing what they do best, being so obessed with BYU and not their own team. Unbelieveable. Wait, no. BELIEVEABLE! Even BYU in a down year gets more attention than an undefeated, Utah team. Why is that?

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

At least with these accusations the team down south season has become more interesting. Before it was a snooze fest.

Seattle, WA

This nonsense happens every year. It's not too far removed when one team was given 5 downs on a drive that won the game. Nothing was done there.

I think this situation, while unfortunate, would not have an impact on the outcome of the game. Either way, the game is over and next year, BYU won't have to deal with the MWC or their replay booth officials.

Since we'll be indy, we can hire Todd Christensen, he's about as anti-BYU as you can get.

Ragnar Danneskjold
Bountiful, UT

First of all, to those of you pointing out the facemask; as someone already mentioned, this is not a ruling that can be reviewed with instant replay. For a suspension later, maybe, but not on the field.
Next, I agree with those of you saying that it doesn't really matter, because the record books will always show that BYU won, no matter how good or bad the call was (CU 5th down ring a bell?).

To 'tawillin' and the countless other people that bring this up, it is sad that you are so proud to know so little about other teams. Reading articles about other teams does not make you obsessed or a "hater". I am a sports fan, and try to know about the entire landscape of the sports I like to watch. Reading an article about a team in your conference, your rival, and a team that has many alumni as coworkers is not shameful, especially when it is in the same paper you are already reading about your team. The real question is, why wouldn't you know more about other teams? If you are in fact a fan, you will know about many teams.

Sandy, UT

Did anyone hear the San Diego sports radio commentator's on air freak out? That was hilarious!!! A little bit over the top, but I couldn't help but laugh when I heard Hans Olsen of 1280 the Zone describe what this guy said as very Max Hall-ish. If you haven't heard it, look it up at xtra1360.com

Pocatello, ID

"I am a Utah grad.

How many cougar fans would like me to be the video tech or 1 of the 2 review officials for the next Utah-BYU game?"

As long as you aren't the head offical, who makes the decision I wouldn't care. But, I would be surprised that you would be able to leave your mom's basement long enough to take the job.

Belvidere, IL

WestCoast1 | 8:06 a.m. Oct. 15, 2010
Escondido, CA
"...Let's review: BYU is down by 4 points..."

When you can't even be factual why should we continue reading anything you write?

BYU never trailed in the game.

I believe the most clear reason on why the officials may have not considered it a turn over is because the whistle blew before the ball was possessed by anyone. Which means the ball goes to the last person that possessed it before the whistle blew (like a fumble going out of bounds). I believe they did show that it did not blow before the fumble as some have claimed and the fumble did occur before JJ was down.

Inadvertant whistles are the hardest thing in the game to over come as there really isn't a recourse once it has occurred.

Provo, UT

Just overturn the call and replay the game with SDSU having the ball trailing 21-14 with whatever time was left on the clock. Do it on the first Saturday in December, I believe both teams don't have a game. Then BYU won't have this issue hanging over them and they can win the game "fair and square" or whatever. SDSU can have its chance to prove that this play would have made a difference. Fans of both schools get extra football. It's a win-win-win situation and perhaps the only fair thing to do and the only thing that might legitimize the win for BYU, even among some of its own faithful.

Provo, UT


The whistle (or when it is blown) is a non-issue. That isn't reviewable. If the whistle was blown before the fumble than the officials would have told the SDSU coaches that. It would have stunk but nothing one can do.

But they were reviewing whether there was an actual fumble, which to my eyes it was. Not only did SDSU lose the challenge but by losing the challenge they lost a timeout by rule. That's why the whistle is a non-issue because if the whistle was blown, perhaps even inadvertently, then there would be no challenge, no review and no timeout taken away from SDSU.

I hope that makes sense...

Again, I go back to my suggestion. Replay the end of the game from this point forward with SDSU in possession of the football. It is the fair thing to do and actually happens in sport once in a while when an official protest is upheld. Since the replay officials didn't receive valuable information (intentional or not), the game result is in doubt. Reverse the initial wrong decision and play the game from there and let the chips fall where they may.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's been almost a week and still no decision from the MWC.

If three officials were suspended, why didn't the MWC make an official announcement?

If the MWC is still investigating, why didn't the MWC at least announce that they were investigating a replay review complaint from SDSU, instead of us having to learn about it from an anonmymous SDSU source?


How long does it take in interview maybe a half dozen people, total, review three or four 30-second replays, determine who did what, and then render a decision as to what happened, who if anybody, was at fault, what the punishment is going to be, and what policy changes that MWC is going to implement (if any) to prevent this same thing from happening again?

The MWC is going to look even more foolish if another replay incident happens tomorrow and the MWC has sat on their its for a week doing nothing.

Belvidere, IL

eagle I don't agree.

When the whistle blew is truly part of the debate (but perhaps not where you think). And the officials will let a play go under review if they are uncertain of the whistles timing compared to the event (I believe in those situations they are allowed to waive off the loss of a time out per the rule that a blown whistle negates the ability to review - something that may need to be addressed with the officials).

From what I understand in this case it wasn't really about the whistle stopping play before the fumble (I haven't seen one credible source state that the whistle blew before the fumble). It was about whether anyone else possessed the ball before the whistle blew.

Suggesting a replaying of the games end is ridiculous this just doesn't happen in football in college/pros. You should know that.

Sloppy J
St. Louis, MO

I see a number of hysterical comments bordering on conspiracy theory (" . . this appears to be the tip of the iceberg"; "how long has this been going on?" etc etc) from BYU haters. Note, I don't say "Ute fans," because real Ute fans (whom I believe exist) focus on their team rather than delighting in any problems and waxing philosophic on every minor "controversy" that pop up in the BYU world.

How many controversial replay decisions have affected games in Provo since replay started? I don't recall any, but if I'm forgetting one or two it doesn't approach epidemic status by any objective view. Does anyone honestly believe that BYU officials are trying to gain an advantage by rigging the replay process? Seriously? I'd appreciate an honest response from any BYU anti-fan who can possibly string together a coherent argument without making multiple assumptions, shrieking about BYU's fictional all-consuming arrogance, or employing specious reasoning.

You're seeing things that aren't there. Doesn't it get old getting all worked up over stuff like this? Wah! Wah!

Salt Lake City, UT


I admire your sense of fairness, but you're proposing a completely unrealistic solution.

Just the cost of bringing SDSU back to Provo, bringing in officials, and preparing the stadium for the game would be cost prohibitive.

Fans can't be asked to purchase a 2nd ticket for the game and broadcasters can't be asked to pay a 2nd broadcast fee.

The conference would have to pick up the entire cost of replaying one quarter of football. There's no way either BYU or SDSU could be forced to pay a dime to help correct a mistake made by MWC officials.

That's why games are NEVER replayed, no matter how egregious the mistake made by the officials.

The only thing the MWC will ever do is issue an apology, reprimand the officials, and possibly change the policy regarding who can work in the replay booth.

The results of the game will not be changed unless it can be proven that BYU deliberately conspired to influence the decision made by the replay official.

Despite the conspiracy theories of a few disgruntled fans, there's not one shred of evidence that that happened.

Beverly Hills, CA

If three officials were suspended, why didn't the MWC make an official announcement?

Brady Hoke has said three MWC officials have been suspended. The MWC has not.

So... What is the problem.

I know of none, except Ute fans getting excited.

Give it a rest. beat WYO, or you will take in a load of crap...

Provo, UT

@ hedgehog

Your comments are flat out idiotic, Why don't you go do something good in the world for once in your life.

Captain L
Provo, UT

To Eagle and BYUFam1 : Eagle first, I agree with your explanation of the rules but I also agree with BYUFam1. The reason is, I watched the game and when the fumble occurred, I too thought the official blew the whistle too soon when no one had possession. Whether or not the officials admit it or not, I think the official blew the play dead at the same time as the fumble was occurring and before either team had possession. The way it was handled was poor and errors weren't admitted that occurred. The official that blew the whistle too soon didn't admit it, the play shouldn't have been reviewed in the first place because the whistle was blown inavertantly (too soon). The problem was the official didn't admit to the inavertant whistle.

Beverly Hills, CA

I know that there are no Utah fans on this story... Why would they care...???

But just go Utes!!!

Beat Wyoming. They will be tough. My suggestion... On side kick. Let's keep it our secret...

Salt Lake City, UT

for what it's worth, one of the booth workers at Rice Eccles is a Utah grad.

Neither here nor there, but for any Utah fans giving BYU grief on this....better back off on that real quick.

Jay Drew just tweeted it.

Idaho Falls, ID

I am concerned by the fact that MWC was wiling to "spill the beans" to the SDSU coach but is mum to anybody else. That, to me , is the real "conspiracy." If they are going to disclose information about the blown call to one coach, then the BYU coach has the same right to that information. , , , Unless, of course, the MWC has an interest in embarrassing BYU or tainting their win. The media should be demanding an answer to why the double standard. . .

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