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Published: Thursday, Oct. 14 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Y's Guy
Harrisburg, PA

Here it is, bottom line:

Replay official blew the call. Write/scream all you want, it won't change a thing. Long after the haters are tired of posting, the record will still show--BYU won.

Alpine, UT

According to the SLTrib, a source that has intimate knowledge of what goes on in replay booths at MWC stadiums says head replay official Mike Angelis from Reno, Nevada, is entirely responsible for botching the DiLuigi fumble review.

Chad Bunn wasn't even working as the "video coordinator" in the replay booth, as reported by the SD Union-Trib, but was working instead as the "replay communicator."

The source also said that at least five or six other MWC schools use employees and/or graduates in the replay booth. The University of Utah does not use employees, but it does use locals who may be Utah graduates.

It looks like using employees, graduates, and other locals with ties or loyalties to the host school is very common in video replay booths in the MWC.

The MWC needs to be open and honest in announcing all results from its investigation and give a full explanation of any actions it takes or has taken against the officials involved and what the MWC is doing to prevent such an unfortunate situation from occurring again.

Syracuse, ut

Fox Mulder and Skulley are all over this one, I think a massive conspiracy theory is afoot.

Get a life, the guy was doing his job and provided the video, if proved otherwise, then a suspension is warranted, otherwise leave it alone. The Mtn West hasn't made any official statements Ute trolls, so stop attackig this guy's integrity until the investigation is complete.

It's the officials job to overturn the call, not Chads.

It was a fumble, no arguement here, but how about the missed facemask call as JJ was going down?

Providence, UT

My neighbors ran a 300ft length of coaxial cable to the church from a nearby home so that they could project the BYU/Utah game in the church gym. One of my neighbors invited me, the lone Utah fan/heathen in the neighborhood, to watch the game with them. I accepted the invitation so there I sat amongst 30-40 BYU fans. What I learned from that experience is that there isn’t anything that sets a BYU fan apart from fans in general. I don’t know why I expected anything different (they are just people like anyone else) but nonetheless I was a surprised at the lack of integrity they displayed over calls that were obviously bad, but that went BYU’s way. Not once would anyone in that room acknowledge that their team “got away with one”, but they would whine, whine, and whine some more when their team was “wronged”. So please, BYU fan, cut San Diego some slack. You would act no better if the tables were turned.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

"Bunn, who is employed by the Mountain West Conference as a video-replay expert during the league's basketball tournament and is the full-time video coordinator for BYU's athletic department"

Employed by the MWC as the full-time video coordinator for BYU's athletic department? Not a BYU employee?

If he is just "their" local guy (MWC), working full time for the MWC, as the story suggests, then Utah Fans should direct their comments to the MWC.

We all aware that this injustice was directed at the Utes, because they were the ones injured (because we know that everytime a Cougar scores, a Ute angel dies), so I understand their outrage.

We have always coached that you win in spite of the bad calls, because... get this... in sports... There are bad call. Every game. A bad spot, a dropped ball, a bad flag (Michigan, 2008).

So let the MWC suspend, and if needs be fire them, and get their video crews straightened out, because the MWC will affect BYU and Utah for years to come.

And if it reads different at the Trib, post over there.

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm sure somehow at some point of the game Dick can tell us how we were cheated.

Claremont, CA

Forget it!!!It is in the record book and cannot and will not be changed. Things happen that are missed and not called it is part of life.

Tooele, UT


As everyone else watching the game, saw all the angles of the San Diego State fumble. I listen to all the sports talk shows here along the Wasatch Front. Former BYU players Hans Olsen and Jan Jorgenson have the same opinion as me. I know they probably have one of the four problems that I have as well.

Maybe you could possibly explain to me how it was a definate fumble and the evidence you saw to make you feel that way. Was it Bronco running down the sideline doing his big first down signal for BYU? Just curious because it wasn't conclusive at all. It wouldn't have mattered who fumbled whether SDSU or BYU, it still would have been inconclusive.

Could the BYU fumble have been a make-up call? Possibly. Make-up for what is not known since the suspected fumble will never be known.

Salt Lake City, UT

It is obvious that the MWC conspired with BYU this season to win games by placing Y employees in the replay booth to fix the replay tapes in the Y's favor during Y games. They did this because they are so excited to have the Y leave the conference, and they want to send them off with a winning last season, and success in their new independent experience. Thanks MWC!!!!

Denver, CO

Hmm, now a 2nd BYU person said to be in the booth.... yes, BYU won the game, but BYU alumni have NO business being in that booth...

But of course, it's college athletics.. there's nothing every shady, underhanded or just plain illegal going on here...

And enough about "exposure"... I think everyone knows that BYU is a Mormon University in Utah... streaming water polo highlights to "internet cafes" isn't going to help.

Mid-Major Cougars
San Diego, CA

I am a Utah grad.

How many cougar fans would like me to be the video tech or 1 of the 2 review officials for the next Utah-BYU game?

Murray, UT

RE: Archie
Spot on. How many of you BYU fans would pass judgement if you saw a friend or fellow classmate come walking out of a bar? Would your thoughts be Hmmm I bet he's just picking up a friend. Or what if you heard your roommate spent the night at a hotel with a member of the opposite sex?? So now you want everyone else to suspend their judgement because they really don't know what went on?? You don't know either but I'm guessing that there have been a ton of innocent students turned into the standards police so far this year! Avoid the appearance of evil or wrongdoing!!! BYU kept quiet over students who spewed hate and my guess is they and the leader of the band of brothers will be quiet as mice now. Don't speak it unless you can live it!! Honor-Spirit-Tradition. Give us all a break!!!!

Go Utes, CA

I haven't seen any evidence that Bunn could have influenced the replay official's call. I'm interested to know whether Bunn had the ability to choose which angles to show the replay official. It sounds to me like he is a technician who would simply follow the replay official's instruction.

Mc Kinney, TX

I had an interest thought today. Even though Utah is having a great year, congrats to all Ute fans, I have never once read an article, all the way through, about the Utes football team. I've tried but half way through I just don't care. I wonder what causes Ute fans, or BYU fans, to actually take time out of their day to read articles about their rivals? Any ideas?

Murray, UT

Re: tawillin

Perhaps the real reason that you can't finish reading an article about the UTES is that you can't handle greatness.

I can see how reading week after week about BYU's lack of execution and how they need to execute better would bore me to death too.

Fayetteville, NC

I am surprised anyone in San Diego is even talking about San Diego State on the radio. I see their home attendance on the TV and I am convinced they have maybe 23 fans!

Beverly Hills, CA

As much as I would LOVE to believe that there was a conspiracy that resulted in the BooHoo's winning the game, there is just no way that this is possible. As stated in other posts, the guy would have to be able to decide which angles to show the replay official and which ones to withhold in a matter of seconds.

Fruit Heights, UT

Hey Drama Queen

Spot on. How many of you BYU fans would pass judgement if you saw a friend or fellow classmate come walking out of a bar? Would your thoughts be Hmmm I bet he's just picking up a friend. Or what if you heard your roommate spent the night at a hotel with a member of the opposite sex??

So now you want everyone else to suspend their judgement because they really don't know what went on??

I'll bet this sounded really cool in your head, didn't it.

What does this have to do with anything?

Why does someone with Ute in their screen name even care?

How would you feel if you saw someone you knew went to the Y coming out of the video booth wearing MWC credentials. Would you tell their Bishop?

Your parinoia is totally laughable.

It's a MWC issue. They have not even said they have suspended anyone, only Brady Hoke said that. And you Utah fans are impuning a mans reputation.

Has hate of zoobs taken over your conscience.

Give it a rest, and fax Kyle some onside kickoff plays.

Bloomington, IN

Re: FlyingUte,

Nope, I'm with tawillin on this one. It's about the same with the Ute basketball team, and we all know how awesome they are. I might click on an interesting headline, but usually don't care a paragraph or two in. I definitely don't care enough to post multiple times on every single article that comes out about Utah.

Re: tawillin, you're pointing out what many of us have always suspected, and this season in particular is demonstrating: most Ute fans really only live through BYU. I haven't taken the time to check recently, but many of these same "fans" can't resist mentioning BYU in their posts on Ute articles.

Interesting phenomena, isn't it?

Desert Coug
Las Vegas, NV

I appreciate the comments of Hellooo. love the sarcasim. Good observation.

I am sure the MWC commisioner is loving having to deal with the Y over yet another issue.

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