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Published: Thursday, Oct. 14 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Milford, CT

i don't see how this chad guy could have tweeked the video replay in favor of byu. first he would need enough time to run through each video feed/angle which is probably three or four? then run through each feed and somehow only provide the biased angle. then convince the other 2 hooligans that there isn't another angle. then...

too many factors, too little time in my opinion. plus he was selected by the mwc, not byu.

those who suspect a conspiracy theory involving the byu administration and the knights templar are just haters looking for anything anti byu to attack.

Tooele, UT

First of all it was just a bad call. Instant replay is supposed to be there for the benefit of both teams so the correct calls are made.

The SDSU fumble was about as inconclusive as any replay I've ever seen. The BYU fumble couldn't have been more clear. Facemask or no facemask, that wasn't what was being reviewed.

Suspension or no suspension, whether the call was for SDSU, or for BYU, replay is useless if obvious calls are not called correctly. Its hard for an official to see everything in real time on the field. Everything happens so fast.

As for Utah's strength of schedule, you can only play who's on your schedule. Whether Pitt is overrated, and Iowa State is a mediocre team it doesn't matter. Its not like Utah's been barely getting by. How can anyone rant on Utah's schedule when you lose to a 2-4 team?

Have fun in Fort Worth, I know Patterson is going to.

Peter Lemon
Providence, UT

I won't pass judgement on this story as I don't have the information to do so. But it is curious to see how defensive BYU fans are in explaining away what appears to be a bad booth review. Missed facemask calls do not justify it nor any other blown calls/reviews that went the other way.

Old Scarecrow
Brigham City, UT

What a joke -- Utah fans complaining about the "common themes" of BYU fan posts, Utah fans telling everybody to move on because it's all hopeless, Utah fans pouncing on a rumor from a biased source with no facts that can yet be verified. Too bad Utah fans have no other life than posting about BYU. Talk about "common themes" and narrow minds. I'm hoping the Utes win, the Cougars win, the Aggies Win, the Wildcats win, and the Ute flamers get a life.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Funny headline...

"Misinformation involving suspension of replay officials"

Well, DH is the leading purveyor of misinformation and spin about BYU football.

So, I guess it makes sense.

O\'Fallon, MO

The issue is that a BYU employee (a person who accepts payment from BYU for services rendered) was in a position to influence the officiating on the field. That condition creates the "appearance" of impropriety and provides a basis for one to infer that BYU was cheating.

Further, BYU should have policies in place to ensure the replay booth is staffed by unbiased third parties and BYU should monitor those personnel to ensure compliance. Without policies and proper monitoring, one could infer that BYU pays an individual (employee) to create and unfair advantage (cheat). Thus, the appearance of impropriety is the issue.

"The fact that Bunn works for BYU means nothing" as TJ2407 | 5:20 a.m. Oct. 15, 2010 suggests is absolutely incorrect. Mr. Bunn should, at the very least, have enough common sense to recuse himself from technical video responsibilities for games at BYU.

Additionally, TJ2707's assertion that "Most MWC schools have employees that work in the replay booth" is also incorrect. To date, we know that SDSU and the UofU do not have employees in the booth (see SL Tribune).

So, how many BYU games have utilized Bunn's services???

South Jordan, UT

First off: BYU fans would be just as outraged if a clear cut fumble was not called. So jumping on SDSU fans is ridiculous.

Second: The "whistle" thing is completee non-issue. The reviewable play was reviewed 100% based on whether the ball came out before the knee went down. Come on Harmon, have some integrity there.

Third: That was absolutely an unexplainable decision by the replay booth.

I only imagine they did not get the clear picture showing the fumble, which may have been the reason Mr. Bunns was suspended. Obviously that is speculation. I also strongly doubt that was intentional though. But there probably was some error that led to the suspension or at least I would imagine.

Escondido, CA

To BYU fans who are downplaying this, and even taking shots at the Utes, I'm going to quote a poster for the SL Tribune on this:

"Look, even the most biased BYU fans have to agree that this was a sham. And, in spite of your collective efforts to downplay it, it was the turning point in the game.

Let's review: BYU is down by 4 points. They are in the midst of an embarrassing 4 game losing streak. They MUST win this game to save face, especially considering the Utes' success thus far this year. DiLuigi gets tackled and fumbles PRIOR to his knees hitting the ground. It was obvious to even the most casual observer.

But then, the review officials incredibly give the ball back to BYU. (It comes out later that a BYU employee has a significant role in the botched call.) BYU then goes on to score and wins by 3 points. It's beyond deflating for an SDSU team struggling to get their program onto the right course.

I think it's obvious why the San Diego State coaching staff and fans are furious right now. I would be."

scenic view
Baltimore, MD

"The issue is that someone deliberately withheld another view of the "fumble" for the replay official to look at,..."

Do you know this for a fact?

Do you have an actual authoritative source who was there and saw this happen?

If so, please cite the name of your source and how he/she knows that this happened.

All we know at this point is that based on the video replays we've seen, DiLuigi did fumble the ball before his knee touched the ground.

Why the replay official didn't rule that way is pure speculation.

I do agree that the previous SDSU fumble, the facemask on DiLuigi, and any other questionable calls during the game are irrelevant because the replay official's only responsibility was to review that one aspect of the play, whether DiLuigi's knee touched the ground before the ball came lose.

The MWC owes both teams a complete explanation of what happened.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I did watch a clip of the fumble with the audio. It sounds like the whistle blew after the fumble and after Luigi was down. This makes it all the more baffling. I don't know anybody who saw this clip while the review was in progress who didn't believe it was a fumble.

This was an important win for a fragile BYU team and its terribly unfair to have this bring a dark cloud over one of the bright spots of an otherwise dismal season.

I have to compare the handling of this incident to something that happened earlier in the baseball season. An umpire wrongly called a player safe at first base costing a pitcher a perfect game. The umpire personally took responsibility for his actions. The pitcher forgave him publicly and it was one of the great sports stories of the year. So far the way the MWC has handled this has not been one of the great sports stories of the year.


Th says: "The SDSU fumble was about as inconclusive as any replay I've ever seen."

That means one of four things:

-Th doesn't know what constitutes a fumble.

-Th's bias does not allow him to see things even close to objectively.

-Th did not see all the video clips.

-Th needs glasses.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

It's fun watching BYU fans, the BYU administration, and the BYU-loving local media scramble to put lipstick on this pig. What's that saying about avoiding the appearance of evil? And, where there's smoke there's fire?

Spirit, integrity, honor, and tradition are apparently being replaced by justify, hedge, downplay, and cover up.

South Jordan, UT

The world is thrilled that 33 miners were saved from certain death; people throughout the world live and breathe and move with great expectations; and here in a tiny speck of the planet, because of a split second of activity in a sporting event, seemingly nothing else matters.

This great "conspiracy" has been concocted, no doubt, by members of two universities and a conference to change the BCS. The plans for this were hatched in July at a secret meeting in Gum Stump, NC!!

Why not read the Gettysburg Address or study the issues before this important election?

Geez, get a life.

Springville, UT

Sltrip stated that 6 MWC schools have school employees in the booth. Utah has Utah alums in the replay booth. Not employeed by the school but with ties to the school. Most schools have alum or employees that are in the booth. They know what they are doing and I stand by what I said earlier. These people know their job is to provide the best service possible on replays. They are there because they are good with technology and video. They need to take a 3rd party stance. He has been doing it for years so all of a sudden he blows a call? I don't buy it. I agree that schools hire people to be in the replay booth. They know the programs and the machines used so there will be less mistakes. I looked up the infor before I posted and I still think that my original statements are accurate. Bunn was hired by BYU and it does not matter that he was an employee. He has been for years and this is the first controversy. Many schools have employees that in the replay booth. The head replay official is never a school employee though

Cali Coug
Visalia, CA

So no one is suspended, the investigation continues and yet we have SDSU and Yewet fans that already know everything. This behavior is called arrogrance.

West Jordan, UT

I am always astounded that if a Y hater posts something false enough times, they eventually seem to believe it.

According to THIS article (the one you are all supposedly posting about) there is no confirmation that anyone was suspended. Right?

BYU officials and the MWC explain that the CONFERENCE is in charge of who the replay officials are. Right?

Chad Bunn is a video technician, not the head replay official. Right?

Almost every U poster insinuates conspiracy not evidenced by these facts. As far as we know them to this point.

And, why in the world does a U fan care one bit about this story? Except for the obvious reason that you delight in BYU misfortune. If there isn't any (i.e. "a loss") you create it. Get a life!

scenic view
Baltimore, MD

The MWC is solely responsible for officiating MWC games. It's not BYU's responsibility to set policy on who is or isn't allowed in the replay booth.

Bunn is a BYU employee, but he was working for the MWC, which is responsible for assigning Bunn to work the BYU-SDSU game.

If it is so clearly a conflict of interest to have a technician connected to one of the schools working the game, then the MWC needs explain why the conference doesn't have a policy prohibiting this. If the conference does have such a policy, then the conference needs to explain why the MWC assigned Bunn to work this game.

Ultimately, it's the MWC, not BYU, who is responsible for every aspect of officiating MWC games.

Conspiracy theories based on pure, biased speculation prove nothing.

BYU is no more at fault than SDSU for the blown call.

Sound, thoughtful rebuttals based on real facts appreciated.

Bloomington, IN

My favorite part of all of this drabble is that BYU may have actually been the beneficiaries of a blown call.

Can anybody really tell me the last time thi actually happened? I honestly can't remember something of this magnitude. This might almost make amends for the infamous TCU fumble at the goal line in overtime a few years back.

Mistakes are made in sports, most of the time they are inconsequential, sometimes they matter more. If SDSU can't beat a team that has been horrible this year, that's on them, not one blown call.

Las Vegas, NV

While I am not pleased that such a controversy has come out at a BYU game, I am glad that MWC officials are finally being outed for what they are. Complete incompetent fools.

If that includes this Chad Bunn person, then that is unfortunate. But at the very least, it includes those on the field and the official responsible for making the final call on the replay.

O\'Fallon, MO

SL Trib...

"University of Utah associate athletics director/director of communications Liz Abel confirmed that for Utah home games the head replay official is flown in from out of state, while the other three replay staffers are locals who do not work for the university, but may have attended school there. At SDSU, school employees are not used to staff the replay booth..."

However, The Salt Lake Tribune’s source said he knows of at least three MWC schools that use employees and/or graduates in the replay booth. Another source put that number at five or six. At any rate, calls went out from league offices to every school in the conference on Thursday morning inquiring about the makeup of their respective replay booths."

Looks to me like Mr. TJ2407 | 8:51 a.m. elected to reference the "second source" in his post. Yeah, that looks better..."everyone is doing it."

Well, everyone is not doing it and if there isn't a league policy today, there certainly will be soon. Still, that does not absolve BYU of it's responsibility to ensure direct employees aren't in a position to influence officiating.

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