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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 12 2010 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

'Such appalling events (teen suicides) simply have no place in our society, and we join our voice with others in unreserved condemnation of acts of cruelty, or attempts to belittle or mock any group or individual that is different – whether those differences arise from race, religion, mental challenges, social status, sexual orientation, or for any other reason.' - Article

Nice statement. While I will never understand the 'we don't hate gay people, but work to stop gay marriage', I will keep this line handy.

Mt. Vernon, IL

Well said and Amen. The church took a stand for traditional marriage.

Claremore, OK

Regarding this entire official statement:

Very, very well said!!

Mt. Vernon, IL

Please excuse me. I hit enter too quick and my last post was not completed. This was very well said. What I'm wondering about if the situation were reversed and over 100,000 signatures were gathered, would the Human Rights Commission have acted as quickly. Where are they when people have been verbally abused on temple square??? Where were they when LDS meeting houses were being destroyed after Proposition 8 was passed. I seem to remember them being absent. Oh well, it looks like human rights for a select few. I'm glad this Apostle of the Lord has stood up for my rights to value traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

Last Stand
Farmington, UT

Re: Pagan

You'd be better off to keep handy this statement:

"We hope that any disagreement will be based on a full understanding of our position, and not on distortion or selective interpretation."

Too many that try to tear down the church and consistently claim hypocrisy by church leaders and church positions on issues are certainly guilty of "distortion" and "selective interpretation".

Joe Moe
Logan, UT

The best-articulated statement from the church on this matter that I have seen. The leaders are clearly trying hard to listen and respond respectfully while clarifying church doctrine and holding to revealed doctrine. A big thanks for that. If everyone communicated this way, our society would be much better for it.

South Jordan, UT

The official statement from the Church is very much well-said. I hope that Mormons everywhere will read it, study it, and highlight areas that emphasize kindness and love toward one another.

And I'm looking for KM from Cedar Hills to try and accuse of me of apostacy again. Where are you?

Tualatin, OR

"I will never understand the 'we don't hate gay people, but work to stop gay marriage'"

I don't think it's hard to understand. It's the same as saying "We don't hate drug addicts, but work to stop drug use."

Kaysville, UT

I think this is as clear and true as it comes, and I appluad the church for the way they have handled it. This is truly the way the Savior would have handles the circumstance: establishing their position as to God's law, while asking all to love and support those who are involved.

Atlanta, GA

I think every Mormon should be required to read this statement.

So many of the comments I have seen on the DNews boards are in open conflict with these positions. Standing for principles is only appropriate when you know what the principles are.

Leesburg, VA

Nice but a small step on the right direction.

Tucson, AZ

Belgie-When you equate sexual orientation to drug addicts you are belittling folks who are SSA. I think I can honestly say no one cares how you police your own membership, but actively working in the political realm to pass laws based on your belief is not right. I know there are nuances to this subject. But gay marriage does not affect you. At worst you can claim theat allowing SSM will make your children tolerant of gays. Sort of what this statement is telling you to do.

Montana Mormon
Miles City, MT

I think this is a superbly crafted position statement. It articulates the common ground that we share with all people of good will, regardless of our differences. It also declares clearly and unequivocally our doctrines and beliefs, in spite of our differences with those same people of good will.

AyeAye Captain
Aurora, CO

Good statement. Very respectable and respectful.

Mcallen, TX

The gay community like other minority groups are much too sensitive and easily offended. I'm a short person, and have had that brought to my attention on many occasions. WOW, I did'nt know I'm short. I have a friend born with multiple birth defects and is constantly stared at when in public. I've never seem him offended by that and is a very successful person. Let's just get on with life and quit nursing hurt feelings.

Tualatin, OR

"but actively working in the political realm to pass laws based on your belief is not right."

Funny how that only applies to Mormons.

You do not see the similarities between drug addiction and homosexuality (and other sexual sin), only because you choose to ignore God's laws. When somebody chooses to smoke cigarettes, you can also say that does not affect me or my children. But, society readily accepts laws that discourage tobacco use, and campaigns against tobacco are not only considered acceptable, but noble. Why the hypocrisy?

New Philadelphia, OH

All of the P R offered will not change the facts. Jesus Christ taught that we WILL be held accountable for our very thoughts of lustful sins, so stop the P R talk. Teach the TRUTH as He taught it. Thank you.

The Rocker
Bountiful, UT

@Pagan. Do you ever have anything good to say about the LDS church? Have you been waiting like a sniper all day just to get in the first word? I just want you to know I believe you are a child of God and so are all gay people. The church leaders love you a ton. Please give them a little respect and don't be blind in your own hate. We are taught to love all people. President Packers comments were filled with love if you did actually listen to them. Hate and truth are opposites. Hate cannot exist in truth. We love you Pagan. Nothing is being forced down your throat. Give peace a chance and All You Need is Love dude. Rock on my friend Pagan!

Ethan Yorgason
Daegu, Korea

Thank you for this statement. This is a good example of how, while differing with others, we can look for common ground with civility. All will benefit if both Mormons and the LGBT community share a fundamental desire to eliminate the abuse and condescension that so many LGBT individuals experience on a very personal basis and which has hitherto been so tacitly accepted by much of our society.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Is it possible for the church and the Gay/lezbian/tans-gender community to disagree and still get along and go about their lives without the other giving in?

Does the church demand that the GLBT leaders only say things they agree with and never say anything they can twist into looking like it was offensive?

I think LDS members and leaders know that the GLBT community won't agree on everything... but they don't go protesting at the GLBT's doorstep insisting they change their stand and agree with the Church's stand on this topic.

The left is supposed to be uber-tolerant... but they are the ones who can't seem to handle a difference of opinion/position and move on. You MUST agree with them or at least say the words they want you to say... OR ELSE!

Can't we all just get along?

President Packer never said it was OK to hate anybody for their sexual orientation. He said the opposite. But it seems many on the left think it's OK to hate somebody for being Mormon... What's up with that?

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