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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Seek to understand
Sandy, UT

If we, as members of the LDS faith, can realize that the greatest import of this issue is to learn to evolve into a truly loving, charitable, people, we will have assisted in Heavenly Father's work of "all things work together for good for those who love God".

The challenge that is homosexuality - brothers and sisters who, through no fault of their own, have biological urges to seek partnership with those of their own sex, disallowing procreation and the family experience that we understand to be the pinnacle of earth's experience - is a tragic condition of our telestial world. It is immensely sad for most homosexuals who desire family relationships and procreative expression.

The only Christ-like response to this tragedy is compassion, and seeking to understand how we can ease their burdens, lift up their hands, and become instruments for our Savior in ministering in His behalf.

When we individually seek this avenue, we collectively will begin to understand how Heavenly Father can make all things work together for our good.

Members who judge, fear, criticize, or are strident in their response instead of thoughtful and sensitive will regret their words and need to repent.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a wonderful vehicle by which we learn how to love and served one another. No, unfortunately we are not perfect, but rather imperfect people working towards that perfection we have been challenged to obtain. The Gospel of Jesus Christ, the foundation of the church, however is perfect and it was from this Gospel that Pres. Packard was teaching, instructing and encouraging the members of the church and any other who might be listening. Thank you Pres. Packer for not fearing the slings and arrows of those not willing to accept the word of God, but seek to change it to meet their own desires and choices.

SLC gal
Salt Lake City, UT

I heard Elder Packer blast homosexual behavior, NOT those who practice it. I'm just curious what sets the LDS apart from the other zillions of world relgions that agree that homosexuality is wrong, or not a part of God's plan.

Another concept that we as LDS embrace is free agency. You are free to not believe.

Clearfield, UT


While the causes of homosexuality as a sexual orientation remain controversial, many sex researchers believe that it may be the product of a complex interaction of sociocultural AND biological factors. While the evidence still remains highly tentative, there is cause to believe that some individuals exhibit a greater biopsychological predisposition to engage in same-sex acts than others. Science offers the best hope for finding a way to end the war on homosexuality. If science could somehow definitively prove homosexuality occurs naturally in humans, it would force people to rethink their religious prohibitions. I think it is premature for anybody to determine the cause and because of that they should reserve judgement. Unfortunately, many people of faith will never accept a scientific view that contradicts their biblical understanding about homosexuality. They would be forced to find other scientists – faith-based scientists – to refute the findings.

Despite a growing understanding of the nature of homosexuality, myths and false assumptions about same-sex behavior continue to abound. You and many like you perpetuate these myths and continue to be intolerant, judgemental, hateful, and unfair to your fellow man. That is what really is sickening!

Provo, UT

What Elder Packer said, in effect, is that EVERYONE - whether single, divorced, widowed, lesbian or homosexual are equal. Marriage in the Bible is defined as a union between man and wife, i.e. Adam and Eve. Sexual relations between ANY two people who are not married TO EACH OTHER is forbidden in the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:14)

That means that widows, widowers, divorced people, married people, single people and, yes, lesbians and homosexuals ... cannot, according to the Ten Commandments be sexually active.

There are literally millions of widows, widowers and divorced people, along with single people who are, correctly, being advised by the Church to adhere to and honor the 10 Commandments on this issue. Why all this silly insistence that somehow the 10 Commandments don't apply to homosexuals?

Provo, UT

There are so few people nowadays that even KNOW the difference between right and wrong, let alone have the courage to stand for right.

Thanks to the Church for standing for right. CASE CLOSED!

Lehi, UT

One of the wonderful things about true Christians is that they do their best to promote understanding and act as Jesus would have them act, even while others single them out for bullying and cast stones at them.
The Church teaches that we are all born with diverse gifts, weaknesses, desires, and passions. Elder Packer certainly leads this statement. LDS teach that we are free agents, in general, and should seek eternal procreative marriage.

Telling people they are predetermined, and not free to control their hearts, might not be helpful. IF we don’t ask people to control the actions that would destroy these eternal families (porn, adultery, abandoning spouses for homosexual acts etc) we in effect destroy families.

Religious gays do control without known harm (see Evergreen), and we should love all equally, change or not.

Locking people into homosexuality through marriage and promoting homosexuality in other ways has been shown to turn straight children gay.

LDS simply want a voice and vote on the world we create for our children.

ALL are sinners , this is what LDS have always said.

There is a way to overcome the natural man, for all of us sinners, it’s through Christ.

Albuquerque, NM

If Heavenly Father wouldn't make someone gay, then what was He thinking when he made hermaphrodites, or "intersex", people born with both male and female chromosomes and sexual organs from both genders?
The existence of such people, whose sexuality is on a continuum, is impossible to explain or even to acknowledge by a doctrine that claims a soul's gender was set in the pre-existence.

Two of Six
Walnut Creek, CA

If you believe that being gay is a choice, then what do you base that belief on? Did you make a choice to be straight? On the other hand, if you believe that being gay is not a choice, but is an integral part of that person, then just like you, gay people want and need emotional and sexual fulfillment. God said it best you know: it is not good for man to be alone. But then, the church says that there's nothing wrong with having same sex emotions, but that you must choose not to act on them, just as single heterosexual members mustn't act on them until they marry. So then, hetero members can marry to express their need for emotional/sexual love, but homosexual ones can't. Is that what you mean? You want gay people to be good members of the church but to sublimate their natural God given emotions, and to live lives of loneliness and emptiness. Could YOU do that? How could you expect anyone else to? Should gay people judge straight people by what goes on at Mardi Gras in New Orleans or elsewhere? Walk a mile in our shoes.

Two of Six
Walnut Creek, CA

firstamendment says: Locking people into homosexuality through marriage and promoting homosexuality in other ways has been shown to turn straight children gay

Show me one. Straight people don't turn gay. Conversely, gay people don't turn straight. Both are capable of acting sexually in both camps, but both have a preference that is one or the other. Even bi-sexuals usually say they prefer one over the other, rarely equally both.
Promoting same sex marriage will not turn anyone gay who didn't already have that emotion within them. But it will allow a lot of wonderful people to live normal productive lives. That's all we really want. Denying gay people the privilege of legal marriage relegates us to second class status. What's good for you, must be good for everyone. If being gay were a choice, then I could change your mind if you'd give me the chance, which most of you wouldn't, because you don't want that. Even men in prison who turn to other men for sexual gratification go back to women once they leave jail. Isn't this just plain and clear?

phoenix, az

I have struggled with "bisexual thoughts" since I was a teen. I've NEVER acted on them because I believe they are not normal. To me, they stem from being exposed to certain behaviors from friends as a teen, looking at improper material, watching impure movies, even reading certain "romance novels". It's a choice whether I engage in these activities now. I find that when I cleave unto the scriptures, good books, media & music and magnify my callings, that those tendencies to act and even thoughts diminish greatly! I believe many gays nowadays had bad things happen to them sexually at a young age or improper role models or (like me) choose impure entertainment and friends. This may not be the case with ALL. However, I think media/technology have caused this sinful behavior to grow in extremes and is now causing it to be widely accepted. I'm married to a wonderful man with 3 children and another on the way and love my family with all my heart. I'm forever grateful for this gospel of Jesus Christ which when lived truly brings happiness & understanding. The church is true.

Miss Piggie
Chicago, Ill

@Pete in Texas 1:00 p.m.

"It's not a sin to HAVE gay tendencies, only to act on them."

Therein lies the rub. The sex drive is strong and constant. For the homosexual as well as the heterosexual male. To go through life not being able to fulfill that drive can be pure hell.

"If the gay community is going to get upset about someone telling them they can OVERCOME those urges, then they're full of hate..."

Perhaps the gay community is upset because of statements like this. The urge cannot be overcome. It can only be suppressed.

Hurricane, UT

I agree with the churches stand no SSA etc. What bothers me greatly is that very few commenting
here even KNOW what the policy is. Many of you look like morons, cuz you've never read the official churches stand on the issue..

I HIGHLY suggest reading Oaks Talk with Public affairs on the subject. That settles it..

What is the stance of the LDS Church? That SSA may or May NOT be something that someone is born with. You may or may NOT be able to overcome SSA in this life.

However, a person with SSA is expected to live by the same morals as a hetro. Chastity before marriage, and fidelity after.

Can you be gay and be in full fellowship? YES! Absolutely! Read it for yourself.. and stop all of the nonsense that someone with SSA can change they way they feel, just like stopping smoking.

I consider myself to be a well read LDS person.. I have many friends that struggle with SSA.. I love each one of them and they know it. I dont judge them and only hope that they can find some peace in their struggle..

How about a little love!

Cali Girl
Temecula, CA

What I don't understand - is what happened to Freedom of Speech? Obviously the gay activist's can say anything they want without the church demanding them change specific words or phrases in their speeches.
Give me a break. They will whine and cry all day long until they get their way.

I can tell you something right now - it's not the LDS church - or any other church for that matter - who is upholding the FACT that marriage is between a man and a woman ... it's God. Remember Him?

From day 1 it was Adam and Eve. Period.

Union, NJ

Though I do not agree with your churches view on this issue, I don't have a problem with them having the view:

"LDS leaders and members can help lift, support and encourage fellow members wishing to follow the church's doctrine, Otterson said"

Where I do have a problem is where they work to deny the rights of those who do not wich to follow thier "doctrine", i.e. the work they did with prop 8 in CA. From religious perspective go ahead and define and recognize marriage any way you see fit, but from a legal point of view our govenment should never segragate rights to its citizens. They must all be the same.

A person's sexuality is not a choice, but thier religion is. I will respect your religious views even though I don't agree with them, shouldn't you do the same?

Heber City, UT

Prop 8 included much more then just not allowing gays to marry...look it up...That is one reason they fought against it, but there were many more reasons why they fought it.

Provo, UT

A "right" to homosexuality? Where in the world did THAT "right" come from? Every dictionary I've ever read defines marriage pretty much the same way as the Bible describes it... as a union between a "husband" (defined as a man) and a "wife" (defined as a woman.) Whatever else so-called homosexual "marriage" is supposed to accomplish ... one thing it clearly does is to make every dictionary obsolete.
Who gets to pay for changing and reprinting every dictionary now in existence if the meaning of the word "marriage," which has meant the union of a man and a woman for thousands of years, is altered to include sodomy?

If you are older than age seven, even in your lifetime sodomy was a criminal offense. In 1986 the US Supreme Court UPHELD laws that outlawed sodomy in Bowers v Hartwick. In 2003, the Supreme Court ruled that the Texas law forbidding sodomy was unconstitutional.

And 7 years later we are talking about... same sex MARRIAGE?

Gordon T.
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I commend Boyd Packer and the leaders of the LDS church for not swaying from the doctrines. Everybody in society has something to overcome so why do they think they should get special treatment. If the homosexual community spent as much time trying to live the gospel as they do fighting it maybe there would not be any friction.

Holladay, UT

The answer for LDS homosexuals is to leave the church. The church isn't going to change its stance, ever, on ss marriage or sexuality outside of marriage, meaning you will never have a chance for a legitimate sexual relationship (like your parents and siblings). For those who want to pursue the full experience of earth life, including parenthood, commitment, and a loving, committed relationship, there is no reasonable alternative than to leave. To those who choose to stay in: you will be marginalized, by definition, and nothing and no one will be able to change that except you because the church won't -- the church can't -- change its position on homosexuality, other than offering what it has. Start praying for the courage to discover a god who loves you as you are!

christian woman
Hereford, AZ

THe Homosexual/lesbian community can protest all it wants; God's laws DO NOT change, period. The Bible is the word of the Lord, and no amount of excuses on these peoples' part is going to change it. They are just trying to justify their abhorrant behavior. Love the sinner, but hate the sin. "I the Lord can not look on sin with the least allowance." What part of this do they not understand? I can't imagine the pain they are experiencing with this struggle, but I have to believe that a large part of this is brought on by themselves...deal with it. I agree wholehartedly with the stand the church is taking. The Lord's laws and commandments do not change, and never will. If you have faith in God and Christ, this CAN be overcome. It is a choice.

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