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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Vernal, UT

Truth will prevail. The Lords laws cannot be changed by a vote, by a petition, or by a temper tantrum. He loves all of His children and invites all to come unto Him.

Sandy, UT

To get the full story and the statement from the HRC, head over to the viper's den, er sorry, the Tribune.

Come on D news, you could have given a little information since it was available.

Mike in Texas
Allen, TX

Voice of Reason, Perhaps you will share with us the scientific evidence that Gays can change. It seems to me that that is the critical issue. If they can't they can't be condemned. If they can then there could be a moral issue to discuss.

Henderson, NV

How is that following the 'live and let live' idea for the LDS church?

That's where the church's support of civic ordinances prohibiting discrimination against gays in the workplace and in housing comes in. However, when it comes to marriage, we feel it is our duty to God and our fellow man to speak up while it is still up to civic debate. If same-sex marriage eventually becomes the law of the land, you will see the LDS church handle it in much the same way the LDS living in Nevada handle the gambling issue. We're not out there calling for gambling to be outlawed, but we are still teaching that LDS members should not be gambling (to varying degrees of success). But, while the issue is still open to debate, we feel that it is far too important just to say nothing. If it becomes law, you won't find us throwing bricks through your window or bombing the court house. We won't even be picketing outside of Gay and Lesbian Headquarters (wherever that is). We can certainly be tolerant.

  • 4:24 p.m. Oct. 12, 2010
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New Philadelphia, OH

According to Jesus Christ, it is a very serious sin to have sinful lusts & desires, or has He sent down word that He has changed His mind on that? He said we will be judged on our thoughts, not just our actions, RIGHT? Remember what He said about a man lusting after another man's wife? Enough said for me. I KNOW what He teaches is TRUE & He does not care about P R .


Mormons once again think that they are entitled to dictate other people's behavior. Especially people who are not members.

Aurora, CO

I believe Homosexuality - Physical Acts - are unnatural. As a LDS member I also have the right to believe one of my leaders and agree that Homosexuality or SSA (whatever you want to call it) is immoral when acted upon...but there are many other things I find are immoral also.

150,000 petitions doesn't impress me or cause me to change my mind. Others don't rule me or the LDS church. I answer to God, My wife, My family and Myself.

The LDS church is not a governing body and can say what it wishes from its pulpits (legally). If you don't like it then feel free to disagree and not be a member thereof. Please feel free to start a LGBT church and do as you legally wish.

Do not blame the LDS and President Packer for recent suicides. I have had a suicide in my wife's family and it is a personal decision based upon multiple complexities.

I will remain friends with my SAA friends and treat them with respect just as they treat me with respect.

I have not petitioned them to change and they have not petitioned me to change my desires.

Farmington, UT

This was the best response the church has made thus far concerning homosexuality. The statement reflected the compassion that should be characteristic of faithful followers of Jesus Christ and adherence to scriptural truth.

As for the petition, it was heard, published and caused the Church to respond. Will petitioning and disaggreement ever change God's doctrine? How can it? I know that I, a sinner, am still loved but I know that petitioning God to change his mind about my sins-is pretty useless.

Yes, I believe that the Savior, Jesus Christ would be more inclusive than exclusive and yet could not condone that which will deny a soul from being saved.

The Rocker
Bountiful, UT

@ Utah Buisnessman. Great comment. It is through the power of the Atonement that this can be done. We need to follow the examples of our church leaders and show love like President Packer did in his message. It is not easy. It is not impossible. We all must strive to get there individually. There should be no judging here. Love is the key. It is through love that the power of the Atonement will touch us. Return good gifts when receiving evil gifts. This is what our leaders did. It's up to all Latter Day Saints to do the same. I am not great at this at all. I don't bash the Prophets but I don't always listen and follow either. I'm a terrible example but I thank Heavenly Father for those great teachers in my life who have inspired me and great parents who taught me with love to do good and right.

Syracuse, ut

So when is the petition being sent to the NAACP, The Catholic Church, and the leaders in the Latino community in California? They voted very strongly against homosexual marriage also.

"Mormons once again think that they are entitled to dictate other people's behavior. Especially people who are not members."

Uhhhhh.....since when has the LDS church forced anybody to do anything? Your post is so misguided that I don't even know where to start Bebyebe, not once in my 40 years of life has my church forced me to do anything. As a member I can make my own choices, I just have to live with the consequences.

Provo, UT

Thanks to the Church for having the courage to stand up for righteousness. In doing so, they always have a loving stance.

Same Sex Attraction is no different from drug addiction, alcoholism or any other self-destructive behavior. It can be overcome through the love and help of the Savior.

Kenwa Mabuni
Provo, UT

To Bebyebe and her/his comment that I quote:
"Mormons once again think that they are entitled to dictate other people's behavior. Especially people who are not members"

People can live their lives they way the choose to. Elder Packer was giving advice... The activist in the other hand are doing exactly what you said: trying to silence people and their opinions, and dictate how they should think about a particular issue. YOU CANNOT FORCE PEOPLE TO ACCEPT THE IDEA THAT HOMOSEXUAL BEHAVIOR IS NOT WRONG (as I probably cannot change the way that others view homosexual behavior)
The advice was mostly (I believe) given to people willing to listen Elder Packer's talk as a counsel, not forcing doctrine on unbelievers...

Blue and White
Spanish Fork, UT

To Gracious George: As and LDS member, I can tell you that you are right when you say others do not see this issue in the same light that the members do for several reasons, but mainly because our beliefs center largely around eternal families. I can also say that there is not one member of this church that is perfect, so even when our leaders instruct and give council not everyone is going to listen.But we also believe in free agency,which means people can choose to obey or believe what they want to. I do not support gay marriage in the sense that the practice of same sex marriage conflicts with my personal beliefs, however, I hold no personal gruge for those that practice it. Everyone has their reasons to support or reject this practice,but what is important to remember is that everyone has the right to choose where they stand,whether they agree or not.

Northern, Utah

Nice try!

On one hard we have the LDS Church and its members preaching in this article and in life--love, kindness, tolerance, and fair treatment for all people no matter what their lifestyle and on the other hand we have them using words like immoral, abomination, sin, evil, impure, and unnatural....just to name a few, and actively working in the political arena to pass laws based on their belief that gays should be denied equal rights as citizens. This has the appearance of being logically true on one hand, but which in fact seems absurd that it cannot possibly be true on the other. Paradoxes are effective tools for demonstrating that some commonly assumed idea or action does not necessarily deserve our unquestioning belief and confidence.

Certain religious sects even within Christianity no longer carry the traditional religious view of homosexuality. They believe that Biblical references have been taken out of context and thereby misunderstood. If any religion survives in the future it will have to progress, learn, and grow with society instead of living in the past where knowledge was limited and often wrong.

No single religion can speak for all the other religions or all people.

Eureka, UT

This is what Pres. Packer should have said.

It's obvious that people will use what he did say to go against what this statement says.

It's also obvious that those that do that believe in a different God then the one this statement is talking about.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mount Olympus is right, go the United Universalists.

Santa Monica, CA

As an active LDS member, I find most of the comment posts on this story embarassing and out of sync with the more loving, tolerant message by the Church spokesman. Folks, before you write a post and represent yourselves as a member of the church, please think carefully about how your post will be received by someone not of our faith. Yes, it does matter for those of us who mingle every day with people of different faiths and value systems. If you are unclear about how your post will be received, then remain silent, please.


"The church understands others will disagree, but hopes disagreement will include an understanding of its position "and not on distortion or selective interpretation," Otterson said."

There lies the problem. The distortions and selective interpretations perpetuated by the pro Prop 8 campaign. How one fights is as important as the fight itself. The ends do not justify the means. The campaign was ugly and damage was done.
I'm not sure Church leaders are willing/able to understand that.

Cedar Hills, Utah

One of the reasons the charter school my children attended was so highly acclaimed was because not only did they set a high standard, they also helped the children attain that standard.

God has set a high standard for those who choose to follow Him. He has also provided a way to reach that standard through the Atonement. Accepting the atonement in our lives has always been a matter of choice, of agency.

You can admit to yourself that you are choosing not to apply the atonement in your life in order to rise above your earthly afflictions, or you can be angry at those who choose to proclaim the reality of God's laws. Either way, His laws remain unchanged.

Robert from St. George
St. George, Utah

Their struggle is our struggle. They can enjoy full fellowship in the Church. Always great words, but in reality it just doesn't happen in the real world. I wished my life would be of concern. My Ward ignores me. My home teachers refuse to have anything to do with me. The Church really struggles in its efforts to help gay members feel like there is love and concern. I am not saying "change the doctrine and rules and commandments". Just treat gay members as any other brother and sister. Its not a sickness. Its a natural feeling we have inside. I can't help that I like guys. I do believe in the Church. I know its true. But it really is hard wanting to work towards living in an eternal world with gay haters and bashers. The Church is suppose to reflect Gods love. Wow, I hope not the way it is now. I do hope all of this protest will at least help the Church see their is much need to reflect and grow and not just remind us about how marriage is suppose to be. Its about more than that.

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