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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Charlottesville, VA

I must disagree with "newsy"'s statement: "Homosexuality is still impure, unnatural and the weakness CAN be overcome. Come to that conclusion and we have dialogue."

That's not dialogue. Dialogue means communicating in a civil and open manner with people with whom we disagree. It means showing respect and understanding of other viewpoints, not requiring others to come to our conclusions before we talk.

Tualatin, OR

I also heard plenty about how pornography, drugs, alcohol, and extramarital sex are all immoral. If there were significant political actions attempting further legitimize these other immoral behaviors, I'm sure the church would encourage member to oppose them, too.

I don't understand why, then, so many people feel the need to try to suppress the speech and change the opinions of this church and its members, and why there are no petitions condemning our stance against our so many other peculiar beliefs and behaviors.

The Final Word
Alpine, UT

Gee, O.K. If you sign a petition we will change our doctrine to support immoral behavior.


Any other sinner just bring a petition about how you would like to continue in your ungodly ways and we will accommodate you too.

What the heck?

Hate the sin love the sinner is not going to change people. If you find an organization that does then you will know it is no longer a religion but rather an institution of man.

Mt. Vernon, IL

One person said the church was hypocritical with regards to President Packer's talk. Is it any more hypocritical than liberals who, if they disagree with you are free thinkers, but if you disagree with them you are a bigot and a hate monger. He is not doing what Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church is doing. President Packer stated his position, and now there are groups that are up in arms. Yet they can freely criticize the LDS church, and they are being free thinkers and exercising their freedom of speech. Who is being the hypocrite???

Before I say anymore while I vehemently disagree with homosexuality and see it as a behavioral and lifestyle choice. I had an incident when I worked in a juvenile detention center where I stood up for a kid who came out; especially when the other kids wanted to assault him.

Orem, UT

Petitions are a waste of time. It is not popular vote that leads this Church it is the word of God and he has spoken. If you don't like it go bother a church that relies on the opinions of the people. There are plenty of them.

Alpine, UT

Gays love to use inflammatory key words such as hate so as to gain attention for what otherwise is known as freedom of religion and free speech.

If it disagrees with their immoral behavior then they call it hate because they know that the press love that word in our PC society.

re: gracious george

Uh, the LDS doctrines are published for the world to see and we already know and have known what is common ground between us and other entities within society.

I suspect what you intend by proposing a meeting/dialogue is for the church to just acquiesce to your point of view.

Payson, UT

Give it a rest people.

South Jordan, UT

I don't have a problem with the content of Pres. Packer's talk now that it has been edited and clarified. However, I do have a problem with so many Mormons that are now using the talk as an excuse to say some very unkind and judgmental things on this message board.

Of course, God's law is not going to change. But can't we follow the lead of the official Church position and be a little kinder and understanding toward our fellow men and women? Leave the judging to God. And you can show your support to Pres. Packer in ways other than blasting those in our midst who are dealing with the issues that he spoke about.

Florissant, MO

So if someone talks about preparedness in Conference and we are not prepared, then this is hate speech? It is a weak church or a weak parent who backs down to the desires and whims of a person. If I had a child who was fourteen years old and really wanted to go live in an apartment, it wouldn't happen, that child may think they know what is best for themselves, but they don't have the wisdom and understanding that I do. And we do not have the wisdom and understanding that our Heavenly Father has and so even though He may tell us to do this or not do that, like look at a stick, we follow and listen and trust and know that He Is. And also know that we aren't.

Utah Businessman
Sandy, UT

As an active LDS who does not have any problem with what Elder Packer said, may I also say that I know that this is a very difficult issue, and I truly feel empathy for those who feel same-gender attraction. I HOPE that I do and will treat them not only with love but also with the respect that they deserve.
I will state as my OPINION that the church's stand on this will eventually be clearly shown as valid and will be accepted by everyone who is willing to accept obvious truths (some never do, of course.)
In 1832, Joseph Smith received a revelation referred to by LDS as the "word of wisdom." It contains warnings against human use of tobacco and alcohol. As late as the 1950's, by brother-in-law was extremely critical of the South Dakota legislature when they were considering a requirement that warnings be put on cigarette packages.
Now, virtually everyone is promoting the "stop smoking" effort--178 years late! Also, alcohol consumption results in huge amounts of misery and death--but alas, some pleasure! Unfortunately, as long as the pleasure is there, many will ignore the negatives.

  • 2:55 p.m. Oct. 12, 2010
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Sandy, UT

Did the Human Rights Campaign release a copy of the statement they delivered along with the signatures? Is it available online? Did they seek a meeting with LDS officials? Did they receive a response back from the LDS church about a meeting? Did an actual meeting take place or is one scheduled?

It is difficult to comment on this news story as key information seems to be missing.

All that is available is the LDS church's statement restating their position. But without the statement from the HRC it is almost impossible to know what their objections are specifically or how they hope to resolve differences with the LDS church. I guess that they would propose ideas for compromise or areas of agreement instead of just filing a complaint, but I could be wrong.

I would like the D News to try to publish the actual statement to which the signatures were attached, if one exists.

Henderson, NV

At the time my son was born, my gay boss told me outright that I should not "push" gender on him at all and that I should give him the opportunity to chose for himself his gender identity and sexuality. This was his "doctrine" so to speak, and it is completely offensive to me. Did I freak out and tell him he was wrong? Did I protest and petition him to change his mind? No. I just smiled and changed the subject. What good would it have done?

I believe Boyd K. Packer to be an Apostle of Jesus Christ with the ability and authority to communicate God's will to all people. You don't. Fair enough. You believe, based on scientific research, that being gay cannot and should not be changed in an individual through therapy. I believe, based on personal experience, that the Atonement of Jesus Christ can change a person's very character, and that God's standards, although very high sometimes by the world's standards, can be met, and that incredible peace and joy come as a result. You think I'm an idiot. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

  • 3:23 p.m. Oct. 12, 2010
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Mount Olympus
Holladay, UT

If you don't agree with the LDS doctrine, go to another church where you agree with what they teach.

Protesting does nothing but show ignorance. If you don't agree, then move on and do something else. No one is forcing you to stay LDS. If you have a huge difference in oppinion with the doctrine of any church, that church is probably not for you.

Babb, MT

LDS members are given counsel twice a year. Any of the world is invited to listen. If I were to tune into a Catholic or Baptist broadcast - and I don't agree with their message - I just turn it off. The Gay community wants EVERYONE to agree with their actions, thus justifying their behavior. It won't and can't be that way. The LDS are not the only religion that will not accept homosexuality - the Baptists, Catholics and others don't and if you happen to be unfortunate enough to live in the mid-East, and are homosexual - you will be stoned! So please, Gay demonstrators find a new whipping boy - you've worn this one out!

The Rocker
Bountiful, UT

Many members of the church only reject President Packer because they believe more in party politics than they do in Heavenly Father. I see it all the time in Utah on both sides frequentely. Did they actually listen to Cladio Costas talk in which he talked about Pres.Ezra Taft Benson qoutes on the importance of our Prophets and where they get their inspiration from? And they still stone President Packer. I do not agree with the person above who thinks the people who joined I Support President Packer are hypocrites and showing no love to the gay community. This remark just leads to more hate and is doing the same thing many in these pride organizations are doing. I'm no saint. I was born and raised in the church and did not go on a mission. I love rock and motercycles and dont break for tabernacle choir. I try to be a good person but I really hate it when people attack good men of God. I also dont like to see Muslims attacked or any religious groups attacked when standing up for truth and doing good. ROCK ON DUDES!

Chandler, AZ

It clearly says in the Bible,

"Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." Leviticus 18:22

If you are Christian, what is there to discuss? If you believe in the Bible, then that is what it says and it is not up for anybody, or any group of people, to argue against or seek to change.

Atlanta, GA

Most scientists, like many Church leaders, have stated that homosexual tendencies may never change for some individuals. The official Church statements on the matter are actually quite different from many of the posts here on this board.

Mormons believe that behavior may be controlled, and that temptations may be overcome. We do not believe, nor did Elder Packer say, that the feelings that lead to homosexual behavior can always disappear. The Church does not ask its members that struggle with homosexual desires to stop having homosexual desires. The Church does ask these members to take responsibility for their behavior, and patiently endure their special difficulties. Marriage may not be an opportunity gay members have in this life, but every blessing will be available to them at some point if they stay faithful to their covenants.

Salt Lake City, UT

'Mount Olympus | 3:24 p.m. Oct. 12, 2010
If you don't agree with the LDS doctrine, go to another church where you agree with what they teach.'

Ah. The 'live and let live' philosiphy.

Gosh, that would be nice.

Prop 8, CA, 2008
Amendment 3, Ut, 2004
Civil Unions, Hi, 1994

So, we have three examples, in three different states of the LDS church taking action against gay marriage.

How is that following the 'live and let live' idea for the LDS church?

Voice of Reason
Layton, UT

Independent from Henderson,

Thank you for your very thoughtful post. I can do you one better: I also believe that the Atonement can change one's sexual leanings, based on personal experience and scientific research. Gay activists can no longer honestly claim that "gays can't change" - a steadily growing body of evidence is showing that they can, and regularly do change to normal heterosexual functioning.

A separate note: these gay-centric stories used to be absolutely flooded by gay posts from just a few people. But now that the DesNews has instituted a new "2 post maximum" for each individual, a few gay activists can no longer bully the majority with sheer volume by flooding these stories with pro-gay posts. It is very refreshing to now see mostly the majority's viewpoint reflected, while still allowing for the tiny minority to have their say...they just can't bully the rest of us anymore on here with obsessive posting.

South Jordan, UT

I must say that I loved this article.

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