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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 12 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Richfield, UT

Send a million letters. Homosexuality is still impure, unnatural and the weakness CAN be overcome. Come to that conclusion and we have dialogue.

Pete in Texas
Copperas Cove, TX

President Packer......

All I have to say is AMEN, AND AMEN!

Gay lifestyles aren't moral and can be overcome just as alchoholics and drug addicts can overcome those addictions. Overcoming something like that means not getting involved anymore in it. Ask any alchoholic, they'll tell you that they still deal with the temptations, but to OVERCOME it is to find strength necessary to not give in to those temptations. A gay individual would say, "Try putting yourself in my shoes and NOT feeling attracted to females for a day." That isn't how you overcome something. Overcoming it is not getting involved in it. It's not a sin to HAVE gay tendencies, only to act on them. You're not an alcoholic if you HAVE urges to consume alcohol, only if you actually do it.

If the gay community is going to get upset about someone telling them they can OVERCOME those urges, then they're full of hate and won't educate themselves simply because they're too lazy to put their efforts into overcoming tendencies. God's laws aren't going to be changed by a petition signed by 150,000 people. I guarantee it.

Herriman, UT

How will they ever understand - LDS believe in a set of moral principles and that homosexuality is a violation of those principles. Legitimizing that perceived immorality through law is something the LDS oppose.

LDS leaders' comments on the topic are so far from hate speech it is ridiculous. The gay community's extreme reaction to such speech undermines their credibility at every turn. We need to work together to help kids NOT be bullied and NOT commit suicide, but all the activists seem to care about is screaming "hate speech!" at those who have no hate in their heart.

Eagle Mountain, UT

It is sad that these people continue to try and tell God what they think is right. LGBT is a worldly practice that goes against all teachings from God. They should have protection the same as all other citizens but thier practices should never be condoned by the church or be accepted as normal by society. It is un-natural perversion and those who practice should be offered love and help to overcome. Never should these practices be accepted as normal. To do so would be supporting the degredation of society and contribute to the moral decline of our country.
Love the sinner, hate the sins but never persecute those who need our help to repent and change their lives.
Before you blast my comments remember that I also have freedom of speech and the right to voice my opinions. I do not advocate violence or persecution of any kind. I love those in my family who suffer from these conditions but I will never advocate acceptance of the practices.

Gracious George
West Jordan, Utah

From yesterday, I never condemned what the LDS youth did in any way. I may disagree with their faith, but I congratulate them on trying to do something to contribute to the dialogue.

Anyone who insinuates otherwise is wrong and is misrepresenting my posts.

In my opinion having studied Mr. Packer's talk, would he not want the youth and adult members of your church to reach out to gays and lesbians?

Would he not want his followers to serve those people, the ones who struggle?

If the church believes so much in love and compassion, why is it that I read so much criticism and unkindness towards them?

Why is it that your church members want to focus on loving everyone (Packer) except the ones who are hurting the most?

With all due respect, that seems pretty hypocritical to me. To be hypocritical means to say one thing and then do another.

Do not preach love and compassion to the gay community, then turn around and say you are practicing your faith by supporting your leader who has counseled you to serve and minister to the LGBT community.

Not everyone sees this issue the way LDS members do.

Go Utes
Salt Lake City, UT

These sort of petitions, especially to a church leader, are very interesting and show a lack of understanding about what a church is. You don't change the doctrines of God through grass roots. 150,000 signatures stating that something if factually inaccurate does not make something factually inaccurate. Additionally, church leaders have a responsibility to teach truth, regardless of consequences. It is horrific to think that anyone would commit suicide after hearing remarks denouncing a particular type of behavior, but even that possibility does not relieve the speaker of the obligation to teach the principles of God's law. How people react to the truth is up to them.

Homosexual behavior, like any deviant behavior, can be overcome. Whether someone can overcome "being gay" is irrelevant. It is homosexual behavior that is condemned.

I especially enjoyed his point about how God's laws cannot be changed by man's vote. We cannot legitimately vote to approve of homosexual behavior any more than we can vote to outlaw gravity.

I appreciate Pres. Packer and his wisdom and spirit. We support you.

Foothill Ranch, CA

This is another attempt to block what we can say and believe. The gay rights group is fighting very hard to limit Freedom of Speech and Religion. If you do not like what you hear, it is labeled "hate speech". They are trying to force everyone to believe their views.

Claremore, OK

If the circumstances were reversed--

--if all of the nearly 14 million members of the LDS Church signed a petition and delivered it to the The Human Rights Campaign headquarters, asking them to change their position on homosexuality, and to instead agree with the position of the Church, do you think they would??

Dave from Taylorsville
Taylorsville, UT

Amen again to Elder Packers talk in General Conference!

The LGBT lifestyle is like that of many people who live together and have sexual relations before marriage, or adulterous couples or those who have any extra-marital sexual relations. IT IS WRONG and immoral. But I doubt the people that do this know what the term means.

Idaho Falls, ID

Not a chance. They ought to take their angst somewhere else.

Draper, UT

How times have changed over the years however God's laws does not change. Elder Packer I believe is a Apostle of Jesus Christ therefore have to be forthright in what he says. No beating around the bush. If he was not clear, people would be asking what the heck his message was about. It was clear and that is why it has raised such hype.

curious george
Orem, UT

I'm curious as to what the activists expect to achieve. A petition with 150,000 signatures is no different than a vote. If you payed any attention to Pres. Packer's talk I believe he made it quit clear that a vote does not change the fundimental principles of the gospel or Gods laws. Where do you suppose the petition is going to ended upanyway? It will not change the mind of any general authority or I expect anyone else for that matter. Thank you Pres.Packer for saying something so clear and to the point about a subject that most are afraid to speak to directly for fear of upsetting the apple kart.

South Jordan, UT

Do not change the letter. Packer wrote it how he believes is correct. It wasn't written as a hateful letter but when you are looking to be offended, it can be taken as such. Everyone needs to relax. Packer loves everyone. He simply doesn't share the same beliefs as everyone.

Salt Lake City, Utah

The behavior of these gay activists is so bizzarre. If you dont agree with what someone says just ignore them. Going to all the trouble of getting your gay friends to sign a petition telling the church they dont agree with them seems to be a waste of time to me. The LDS church isnt going to change their mind nor are the gays, they should both just move on. Also, the assertion that the LDS church's stance on homosexuality will promote bullying of homosexuals is absurd, people are bullied for all sorts of things everyday in school and the workplace why should the gays be immune because of their chosen lifestyle?

Idaho Falls, ID

I feel for these people. What a struggle they have. But their efforts to change the LDS doctrine seem to be persistently misguided. I wonder if they'd have any better luck sending signiatures to leaders of a different religion. I'd surely like to hear that other religions get equal time from them.

Gracious George
West Jordan, Utah

Why is that your church will not talk to the people that are asking only for an opportunity to come together, reach understanding, and create common ground on moral issues important to both sides?

This is a golden opportunity for your faith to create dialogue and unity.

I do not think this is any different from when your faith talks with governments to have missionary work opened in other countries or when they assist other faiths in humanitarian efforts throughout the globe. They do not agree on some things, but they can find common ground.

What makes HRC and other groups any different? They just want common ground. It is that simple.

Not everyone sees this the way the LDS Church does. HRC likely is doing what they are doing because they feel like Salt Lake City is unresponsive to their concerns. I think if they were more open-minded and willing to step out of their comfort zone, they would find greater acceptance of their beliefs from those groups.

Dallas, TX

"Activists say such statements are factually inaccurate "

Are these activists claiming expertise on the powers of the atonement?

And if not, then on what basis do they make such a claim.

I believe Elder Packer makes the statement on the basis of being called as an Apostle of Jesus Christ.

And if you don't believe that, then why bother with us at all? If in your view we're clearly unhinged, why not just leave us alone to our own delusion.

Silly Rabbit
Magna, UT

WOW, I guess freedom of speech is only for the select few now days.

I can't believe that people from the LGBT do not want to acknowledge the First Amendment of the Constitution: Which is

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

It seems that these people from the LGBT want to exercise their freedom, but when someone that speaks out against their beliefs they want it to be withdrawn.

I know they want it to be withdrawn because of the suicides that they say will happen because of bullying. Well Suicide is a choice; life is hard for most teens.

Hey what these people from the LGBT are doing they have a right to do, but I hope that they realize that others have the same rights as they do. Even a religion.

Gold Canyon, az

It is about boundaries. As a heterosexual there are boundaries. Just because there is an attraction toward something does not make it right. There are many things in life many of us would like to do but we need to adhere to the boundaries. It is silly for the public or any large number of people to tell what a church to do. There are different beliefs.

Tooele, UT

I don't understand at what time it became hate to say that you believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. When it comes come down to a vote, I will vote marriage between man and woman every time. Now I don't mind if they get benefits as a couple and all that but no one will ever change my beliefs as to what marriage is. I don't hate gays and lesbians, but I really don't care as to how they go about trying to bully others into believing what they want us to believe.

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