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Published: Saturday, Oct. 2 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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BYU Student
Provo, UT

You know what, you should all run BYU, all you that think firing Jaime was such a terrible idea. We don't know the backstory, we don't really know anything except that Hill didn't fit in well and was troublesome for players and coaches alike. I do know this: BYU can score points and has scored many points through the past 5 years. Even when we were slowed against good teams, we still put points on the board. It's clear that this season, we are not able to do that. Receivers drop passes, our QB overthrows the fade routes, our tight ends aren't contributing, we haven't got much of a run game. Fine. But that comes with time.

Defense is different. We have plenty of players, but we gave up tons of points last season to teams that weren't terribly amazing. We managed to have enough heart to stop Oklahoma and Oregon State, but really, our defense doesn't penetrate and doesn't get it done. But they could. Here's to hiring a good d-coordinator. Hopefully Hill finds the right place for him. But contention breeds chaos.

Las Vegas, NV

I am sad for Coach Hill, but not surprised. I like seeing our defenders playing in the same zip code as the ball. The corners almost never press - which means they do NOT do the very thing that tends to work at stopping BYU year in and year out. Pressing disrupts the pass patterns enough to make timing throws very difficult to complete. Our defenders have had so much space to cover the receivers are simply playing catch in the free zones. BYU has great athletes and terrible schemes. Now if someone would just convince Bronco to dump Norm Chow... er I mean Robert Anae. I nearly had a heart attack when yet again I watched BYU run on third down to the short side of the field (12th defender is the sideline dude). He does this constantly and he just needs to learn the game. He's a lineman Bronco...he's Moose from the Archie Comics, not an offensive genius. Let Doman call the plays, PLEASE!

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT

Jaime's defense hasn't been getting the job done. It's been vanilla, and somewhat effective, mostly, because great offenses that have helped to cover up most of the warts on defense.

Jaime's defenses just aren't getting any better.

Jaime almost never puts pressure on opposing offenses, doesn't anticipate, can't cover receivers, hardly ever blitzes, in other words, his bend but don't break defense is completely ineffective against good offenses.

Sad to see Jaime leave, but it's time to bring in someone who knows how to get the most from his talent.

Rexburg, ID

The offensive coordinator seems to also have some fault as well. Without making some 3rd down conversions and giving the defense a breather....maybe the focus has been too one sided....?

Long bombs and dropped passes and poor blocking on the OL seem to be contributing factors. Maybe the entire coaching staff is out of sync...?

Good luck righting the ship....

Chicago, IL

Bronco is neurotic to begin with, but now he is showing signs of cracking. Can you imagine LaVell throwing a coach under the team bus in the midst of a team failure to win?

"Bronc" is no LaVell Edwards, who was able to represent his religion without shoving it down the throats of his players, many of whom are there to play football, not go to sacrament meeting.

The LDS Church is also showing signs of wanting to use the football team as a proseletyzing tool- a big mistake.

How's about you fire "Bronc", and figure out how you are going to schedule consistently good teams an an "independent"?

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