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Published: Saturday, Oct. 2 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Hey I will take going to the pack 12 as plan B any day! Utah is a great choice for them and they understood that. Great research university, great team, great city and TV market. They really wanted Texas and it's buddies to come, but Utah worked well for them also. I'm happy with that.

I think the way BYU has been coached this year has been horrible, bronco playing the two qb game and benching heaps without letting him get into any rhythm early in the season was the most ridiculous thing. Heaps will be a fine qb, he has poise, he is mature, but the way he has been treated has only complicated his growth, I don't think Bronco has been very smart. Now letting Hill go, Bronco must be dang sure of himself.

Aurora, CO

Oh and one more thing, Norm Chow as head coach, Ty Detmer as O coord, Gary Anderson as D coord (not happening but it would work).

South Jordan, UT

I remember when Bronco was only the DC here at BYU with Crowton. The offense lead by Crowton was horrid but the defense was amazing. Things are bad at BYU all the way through. The defense is a good place to start fixing things. A dominate defense can set the momentum right win games for you. Just look at the Steelers this season. They been running a 4 QB system and they're the best team in the NFL. Kiesel's TD was sweet. Maybe we can get him to come back and teach the WR's a thing or two.

Holladay, UT

ANAE has got to GO,

when he does not have experienced quality players, like hall collie pitta unga, covering for his ineptness,

it shows,

lack of displine and execution, dropped passes, bad and predictive play calling, not picking a starting qb, or starting te,

those players mentioned before succeeded inspite of ANAE,

AnAe should have gone before HIll,

but apparently their was internal dissention and problems with hill,

But what BYU really needs is a coach like wittingham or meyer,

who have the fire and desire and discipline to win,

and the know how to instill that winning fire and discipline into the team.

you can see just looking at them,

but you do not see that with Bronco and his quiet ways

YOu must EITHER be like Lavell Edwards and be a great administrator with vision who can hire the RIGHT coaches,

or be that coach,

but you that need fire and discipline.

Bo Jangles
Meridian, ID

Some of you speak about Holmoe like he's some football genius. The guy went 0 and 50 as the Cal head coach

Vancouver, WA

There is more to it than coaching performance. If you have followed BYU/Jaime Hill closely over the last 5 years and have some true insight into the program, you will know that he has had several conflicts with players and coaches. At the end of the day it was not the right fit. It was a train wreck waiting to happen. BYU knew it and Hill knew it.

Hill was in it for himself looking to build his resume for the next opportunity...."it's part of the business." His motivations were not about BYU and what BYU football is trying to achieve.

It looks/feels like we know how Hill is going to treat and talk about his experience at BYU....he's already admitted that he forced BYU to fire him and not resign because he wasn't going to let BYU get away with that (public relations).

Bronco has made a good first step and he needs to make more.

Go Cougs!

Palookaville, UT

You've had 4 straight seasons with 10+ wins. Since when is that not good enough?? Hill's firing is not about coaching the defense. It's about finding a scapegoat. It's about appeasing unrealistic expectations from a fanbase that thinks competing for the BCS is a possibility. It's about "appearing" to keep up with the Joneses. But it's all window dressing. BYU's football woes go much deeper than replacing coordinators.

They are having a tough time recruiting playmakers, epsecially on the defensive side. They may have one of the worst wide receiver corps in college football. Jake Heaps: highly touted. So was Ben Olsen. How did he turn out? What we are witnessing, for a variety of reasons, is the unavoidable decline of a proud program. If Heaps is indeed the next great thing, I fear he will not have the weapons around him to succeed.

BYU may get 4 wins this season, 5 would be a minor miracle. Winning 10 games again is not on the horizon for some time. Let's appreciate the past 4 seasons, for the future is bleak.

Taylorsville, UT

Jamie is a good coach but not a good coordinator. he is too mean and disrespectful for the BYU type athlete. Alot of kids don't respond well to the demeaning tactics of Coach Hill. I wish him the best. I know that football is a rough and tumble sport but coaches need to relize that they are shaping young mens lives and need to treat them with respect.

Holladay, Utah

I would love to know the back story about this firing. Obviously the performance of BYU's defense on the field was a huge factor in Hill's dismissal, but apparently there have been ongoing personality clashes between Hill and a number of players and between Hill and several other coaches. It is also no secret that Hill has had some sympathy for certain players who thought that the Honor Code was a bit too restrictive for them. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how the defense responds with Mendenhall taking direct control. Like many of you, I wish Coach Hill well. He really gave his all to BYU during his tenure here.

Ivins, UT

Hold on everyone. This is a good thing. Hill was a lousy d-coordinator. Did you see the horrible schemes used against Air Force and Fla St? The talent is there so I do blame Hill. Glad he's gone.

However, the offense is a different can of worms. As erratic as Heaps has been, he made two great throws against USU. Both should have gone for TDs (one to Ashworth and one to Diluigi). If they catch those balls, the whole outcome is different. I think the Y receivers are horrible this year and that's one of the problems.

Where's Collie when you need him? Oh yea that's right, leading the NFL in receiving.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

Hill was sacrificed as part of the giant PR machine that is college football.

I doubt that Hill played a major role in BYU's current situation, yet Mendenhall had no choice but to give the public SOMETHING as to explain why BYU is 1-3 right now.

When your team is 1-3 with a three-game losing skid, there's no way Mendenhall could've let the status quo go on for much longer. Fans expect teams to make changes when they start losing because most fans feel it's intolerable to just do nothing.

99 percent of the blame for BYU's woes lies with its players. Many are young an inexperienced, and thus BYU's record reflects that. But Mendenhall just HAD to make a move... ANY move, to appease the fans.

It's too bad that's the way it is in college and pro sports. Someone always takes the fall so coaches and fans can have something to blame. In this case, it cost Hill his job.

It's really too bad.

Ridgefield, CT

Fire Bronco and Anae. These coaches obviously cannot recruit or develop talent. Bronco obviously wants to be a Defensive Coordinator again. He has never had a stellar Defense at BYU. Name another 1-A coach who keeps control of an assistant's job.

So much money invested in facilities, technology, PR. BYU will get "exposure" only by doing what Boise and Utah have done: get to and win a BCS bowl. I'm tired of hearing the Honor Code as an excuse. BYU needs coaches who know how to recruit the best and get top performance!!!

Cedar Hills, UT

It's not so much the coach as the players that make an offense or defense go. It sounds like Hill had some personal issues that made this firing take place which is unusual especially for the Y. Some say Robert Anae should go which is silly. Take a look at the last 4 years of offense and re-ask the question. BYU's offense led the nation in most offensive categories over the past seveal years so Robert Anae is not the problem. The problem is simply personel...poor quality personel athletically speaking. BYU is simply terrible on both sides of the ball and that is all about talent and they don't have it. Now you could blame this on coaching if you talk about recruiting and not realizing you would need a strong running game this year with a new QB ...then I would say Bronco is fully to blame. As far as what is happening (or not happening) on the field however this is all about player talent and not about coaching.

Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

Wow look at the ute fans coming out of the woodwork to tell BYU how to run their program.

You guys are hilarious.

You can tell who they are because they spell everything incorrectly.

Listen to Jan on 1280 tomorrow morning.

He will tell you a little more than your little minds can handle right now.

There are plenty of reasons for this happening right now instead of at the end of the year.

Harwich, MA

They gave him poor players and fired him because they didn't play well.
Another dark day in BYU athletic history.

Orem, UT

Funny how the poor ute fans are so worried about us. Enjoy us having a down year. They don't happen too often.

You guys know how it feels. We are finally getting a taste of what it is like. I can live with that. After all, basketball is just around the corner...

Sandy, UT

Even when BYU stinks, they are still a bigger story than Utah.

This goes to the argument, that the Majority, does not really care about Utah, win lose or draw.

When Utah went to the Pac 10, they were so revered in the eyes of the league (Not), that they were told you get no revenue sharing for the first year, 5 years later you may have a larger cut, but, the new TV deal has not been signed yet, so we'll see.

Reality...Utah, with Washington St. will not be sharing equal TV monies with USC, Oregon, UCLA or Washington, at all.

The new model has already been established, (See Texas/Oklahoma and the BIG 12).

What really bugs the Utes is the fact that BYU has enough Clout, Cachet, Legacy, and Respect, that
THE Major Sports Network, ESPN, was willing to cut a deal with BYU alone.

One bad year is irrelevent, Legacy Programs are not built or lost in 1 year or 10.

This bugs the Utes to no end, not only will BYU realize more TV revenue than Utah, they (BYU) will also have every game on National TV, Basketball & Football.


Fayetteville, NC

Jake Heaps is the real deal. Great arm strength, quick release and great work ethic. As the game slows down for Heaps we will all forget about John Beck and Max Hall real fast. As far as the play calling and offensive problems this year I got to believe it has something to do with the Tight Ends. That is the one variable BYU is lacking this year. Anae's offense in the past has relied on great Tight Ends to create mismatches. This offense with a few tweeks will take off. Unfortunately the defense is what it is.

Disco Vega
Oakdale, CA

I'm just thankful I'm a Runnin' Ute and haven't hitched myself to the cougs wagon, which incidently has no wheels, no handle, and is obviously completly rusted out...and to think they thought they were the chosen team to go to the PAC10...what planet were the cougs on???

Oh, and by the way...the Church is still true just in case some of the coug fans are begining to waiver...

Big R
La Palma, CA

now in typical state of Utah fashion, Hill will be bad-mouthed. I've pointed out that in Utah you are a hero until you are no longer "with us" then you are a bum. Remember Karl Malone? How about every other Jazz player who left the team? BYU and Utah fans are some of the worst in the country. Such a shame when both have good programs.

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