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Published: Saturday, Oct. 2 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Lehi, UT

Unfortunate it had to come to this. Good luck Jaime Hill...

Funny how many are just losing their minds over this bad start. I wonder how many of you have any life experience beyond 15 years of age...holy smoke!

Life is full of adversity and really, really, bad things happen...often when we don't expect it. You can learn a lot about yourself and those who are your so-called friends when the world starts caving in on you. I for one hope the team can insulate themselves from all this negativity swirling around in media-land and the internet.

My gut says true Cougar fans are not part of this assault on Mendenhall and the program in general...I smell a rat...like Ute fans relishing in a bad year for the Cougs.

If you're not with them, you're against them.

The Cougars will be fine....their track record speaks for itself.

Congrats Aggies on an excellent win.


Springville, UT

Mendenhall is not hitting on all cylanders. He started this poorly by trying to out think every great coach in the history of the game. Pretending like you can have two starting quarterbacks is just bad judgement.

Now this. Ug.

I'm blue all the way on this though I highly doubt this is the answer. And how many great coaches are going to come to BYU now? Knowing that if it goes south they may end up under the bus mid-year?

Defense is decent. The fact the offense is unable to stay on the field longer than three downs is the biggest problem. Manage some sustained drives and see how the defense responds.

I hope Coach Hill lands in a great situation. Classy guy! Best of luck.

Carrollton, TX

Edwards showed us the way with his pick for a replacement - Norm Chow.

Now we're suffering with second rate hacks.

Atlanta, GA

Bring back John Beck to replace Anae. He would do alot better now that he's had a chance to learn the NFL experience from a coaching standpoint.

Born in Provo
Logan, UT

Hill has done a fine job. The games against Oklahoma, Tulane, Wyoming, and Oregon State are a few that come to mind from last season. In 2008, BYU went 10 quarters without allowing a single point.
All the best to you coach Hill!
Thanks for giving your best in Provo!

Sandy, UT

@Howard S.



DoNot...GetTheirOwn NetworkTVDeals!

Oklahoma lost 5 games last year, they're 5-0, Top 10, this year.

Michigan won 2 games 2 years ago, they're back.

Trust me Howie. BYU will rise again.

For it is they which have a "Big-Time" Network TV deal, their own brodadcst facility and Network.
As for Legacy? Check out their Hall.

Utes, just remember, BYU's down year

(all great "Legacy Programs" have them from time to time)

does nothing to elevate Utah's stature at all.

Utah will always be...

Oklahoma State not Oklahoma,
Vanderbilt not Tennessee,
Washington State not Washington,
Texas Tech not Texas,
Tulane not LSU,
Creighton not Nebraska,
Indiana not Notre Dame,
Mich. St. not Michigan,
Marquette not Wisconsin,
Ohio not Ohio State
Villanova not Penn State
Central Florida not FSU, Florida or Miami,

All Legacy Football Programs, can withstand a bad year or two here and there, and survive.

What Utah needs to worry about is by not being a "Legacy Football Program", you had better never fall off, because you won't recover, ask Washington State or Colorado.

Your November is coming, as are your perpetual 6-6 seasons in the PAC12

Old Navy
Provo, UT

So when the defense doesn't perform any better does this mean that Bronco is going to get fired too?

And does the same go for the offense? Will Anae be gone after next week?

Mapleton, UT

Maybe Bronco should become the defensive coordinator and BYU find a new head coach.

Sherwood, OR

Wow. I finally have time to sit and write all of you and tell it how it really is. Look's like I am just in time.

New defensive coach has been in the works for some time. Each coach is given three games. A fourth game is a bonus. Once a coach has proven that his special area is not performing, then the head coach gets to choose another. Four games is a season for an assistant.

Head coaches make this decision. Works this way everywhere; we just don't hear about it way out here in the mountains.

Head coaches get four years. Just the way it is.

By the way, Utah State is a good team, entertaining.

BYU is fun to watch. Go to a game sometime. Sing the anthem, buy a hot dog, take your kids for the first time, take your wife, experience the ups and downs.

Football season is great.

Houston, TX

I tend to agree with PapaSmurf.

I suspect this move was precipitated by Holmoe. Both Mendenhall and Holmoe were at the meeting. There seemed to be no negotiation or option it was resign or be fired.

The talent is on the defense. Much of the talent is young. They should be playing better.

At least something is being done. Maybe this will shake this team up enough they actually start playing.

It is good for Bronco to take over the D. He is a Defensive coach. The offense can only generate 15 points. That is not likely to change soon.

The only hope BYU has against SDSU is if the defense starts playing great.

TCU and especially Dalton are not nearly as good this year. Dalton just turned in another game (against CSU) where his QB rating is not much better than Heaps.

If BYU can pressure Dalton and stop the running game they may have a shot if they get 16 points.

However, they will have to stop telegraphing each play to TCU. The TCU D knows BYU's plays better than Anae.

BYU has needed major change for years. This year is making it obvious.

Fayetteville, NC

Look at the bright side Cougar fans. In 2 years when these stud Freshman are firing on all cylinders we will forget this season ever happened. Look at how bad the Utes were before Urban Meyer came in and they managed to hang on during those bad years. We can manage one bad year if Utah could manage decades of ineptness. And Utah fans need to bug off about BYU going Independent. You guys got the PAC-12 (Though you were plan B) BYU going independent seems to have personally ticked you all off.

Orem, UT

This was in the works for awhile. I doubt Hill feels blindsided by this. When good players leave the program as a result of words with a coach and it happens over and over and over again, then perhaps the coach needs to go.

As far as firing Anae goes, this is the O-coordinator that has produced the all-time winningest QB, receiver, TE and RB at BYU.

Anae has called plays this year that had the receiver caught the ball or had our QB delivered the ball to a wide open receiver, then our PPG would be higher.

As per usual, fan insight and speculation is far, far from the truth.

Woodinville, WA

I don't know much about this coach firing bit, at least it's something. However, somebody better get fired up or somebody's going to want to take their name off of "LaVell Edwards Stadium". It isn't about what kind of season it is, it's about how bad you want it, win or lose aside.

Brigham City, UT

Hill did a good job; we don't beat Oklahoma and Utah without him and his recruits.

Mesa, AZ

Hill's firing has to be for something other than bad coaching. If it was for bad coaching they would ALL be gone.

Logan, UT

I thought Bronco was the DC. Hill was just a figurehead. However, as an Aggie fan I can remember when Chris Pella was the coach here at USU and he actually had a lot of talented player but could only win a couple of games a year. I heard later that he. Tolerated a lot of bickering between assistant coaches and he didn't do anything about it. They always played BYU tough so I guess they all worked together when BYU was coming that week.

So, if there is problems on the staff then Bronco is doing the right thing. I do wish you luck the rest of the season. On paper, SDSU should clobber you but football is funny that way and since it is in Provo, I think you have a chance.e

The Cucamongan
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Wow! This action really reveals the character of the man in charge. Maybe Bronco should fire Robert Anae next week when BYU gets trashed by San Diego State and then himself after the TCU whooping when he will sport a sparkling record of 1 - 6 with no bowl bid in sight. ESPN must really feel good about the deal they put together with BYU and its independence. really feel good about the deal they put together. Listen up Cougar nation, let's give Norm Chow a send off present before he retires and let him be head coach for three years and have him develop Jake Heaps. Norms's contract expires after this season with UCLA. BYU is all about drama these days. Let's see this play out!

Fort Worth, Texas

Big J
"There are lots of problems with BYU’s program but the main one is the lack of talent. You could put a top quality Boise or Utah staff with those players and the results would be the same."

Not true. According to Scouts BYU has the best recruits of all midmajors. In the last 10 years its recruiting class ranks 46, Utah 68, TCU 70, and Boise 72.

NFL talent created in the same period: Utah 27, TCU 24, BYU 20, and Boise 12.

National Stage:
Utah 2-0 #4 and #2
Boise 2-0 #4 and #4
TCU 0-1 #6

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

We know that it took some major issues for BYU to make this change during the season. We do not know the details and do not need to know. I'm sorry to see this happen, I wish him good luck in the future. BYU is slow to pull the trigger on matters. If I were looking ONLY at on the field performance I think I would have made other moves first. Still, we don't know any other details. Let's hope this is the end and we do not see several players leave because of this.

Aurora, CO

Wow... What a lot of Drama going on at byu. Nice move by Bronco and the byu PR machine to wrench the headline away from the beating the "individuals" on the football team took from the Aggies and the better coach - Gary Anderson. His second year and he delivered a beating to byu...something not done in 20 trys.

Hill has nothing to lose by being fired since his contract is good through 2011.

It is unfortunate for the athletes and young men playing on the byu team to have to deal with the false hype and then the total crumbling of the team as an actual TEAM unit.

Bronco distanced himself again from the failure by firing Hill...Excuses, excuses but at some point Bronco needs to step up and admit winning is important and he is the head coach and the buck stops with him....but I have always said Bronco is the angel of death bringing in the end of NCAA Div I sports for byu...look at the steps: Joining the WCC and football going independent....next step?

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