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Published: Saturday, Oct. 2 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Houston, TX

First, Thank to coach Hill for the games where his defensive plans worked well in the past few years. Like he said he will land on his feet.

Second, to everyone jumping on Mendenhall.

Head coaches are supposed to manage the asst. coaches. Mendenhall has been TOO detached. All this year the defense had been poor in the first 1/2 then adjusted and done better. Those adjustments were probably made by Mendenhall?

The defense was not working. BYU should (inspite of injury and youth) hold teams like NV and USU to less than 20 points. BYU usually defends AF well. They did not. FSU is proving to be a decent team.

There has been NO pressure on the opposing QBs. The run defense has been a sieve.

See if the defense improves against SDSU and TCU. If it does not then you can jump on Mendenhall.

At least Bronco is directly involved now.

If Anae gets fired who replaces him? Who on the team could replace him as a better play caller this year?

BYU's defense has be poor and the offense predictable for years.

BYU will not be successful without fixing those 2 problems.

Spanish Fork, UT

The defense has played horribly and has looked unprepared on a consistent basis.

Mendenhall has a great defensive mind. I'm sure he saw something he didn't like in the scheming, preparation and/or attitude in the defensive players.

There is definitely a problem when our secondary consistently gets burned for big plays and our defense as a whole is not playing assignment sound football.

Sandy, UT


Steven S Jarvis

They also just need to have Alabama wear BYU jerseys and that may not even allow them to get a win.

Cedar Hills, UT

No question the Y's defense stinks but it has stunk ever since Bronco took over. I'm sorry for Hill - hate to see this happen to anyone in the middle of the season. I never remember a firing ever taking place at the Y in the middle of the season and rarely after the season. I suspect things are getting quite hot in the athetic dept at the Y these days. I really don't blame the coaches unless they are simply not recruiting well. I suspect it is the BYU administration that has raised the bar in recuriting so high for academics and the honor code that the coaches can't get any quality player to come to Provo. If you want good fire side speakers ok but take the fall out of a terrible team record wise as a result. You take a look at the personel the Y has on defense and you see why they are so terrible - small, slow and unathletic. There are no Rob Morris, or Brady Popingas out there.

Frazil man
Cottonwood Heights, UT

If you didn't see this coming look at the sutle hints, particularly after the AFA game and the comments that Bronco made. He gave Hill a rope to hang himself with and Hill did so. The defense is terrible, talent maybe is gone, but the defense has also never looked so lost at all times on the field. That being said, the offense is terrible, the play calling is not what I would consider condusive for developing a QB. How many 3rd and longs does Heaps have to be in, some are probably his fault, but the running game is being largly ignored again. Heck with Harvey the run came with after thoughts of "oh yeah I guess we should mix it up a little." I was on Anae's case last year, though you couldn't hear it unless you were at my house.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Maybe with a couple of offers pending from other schools like Portland State where Jaimie was an assistant years ago was a distraction...who really knows??? But BYU Has never been Defensive Secondary country ...!!!EVER!!!... to begin with. We're not Alabama and we are not in the SEC...so we don't draw the talent in the secondary. The Burn in the backfield is just something we live with... Something that we have to overcompensate somewhere else for. We live and die by the pass...NOT THE RUN...the pass is what gets us in the points faster...It's always been our Trump. In another related line about execution someone from Springville questioned my drawing Anae as a run oriented Coach when Heaps threw almost sixty passes vs 25- running plays. It's not the numbers that matter...it's the type and complexity of the passing plays that Anae orhestrated that matter. His running game for various reasons is no longer viable...So I don't see 5 and out as a real viable comback strategy in the passing game. Anae just doesn't have the Aerial plays that his players need to make a difference.

Payson, UT

Again, bad decisions by Bronco

1) should not have fired Hill mid-season (does he not know who his coaches are before the season begins? How much respect are the players going to give their coaches now? - the players will now blame everything on the coaching)

2) Anae is more responsible for the losing streak. The offense could only muster 1 td against the 1st and 2nd string aggie defense. Not going to win any more games if you cant score.

3) Remember the fable of the mouse and the lion? BYU should have let Hill depart under circumstances that doesnt appear that he is being blamed for the horrible year. In a couple years, this may come back to haunt the cougars if they ever have to face a team coached by Hill, or if they want to get another D-Coordinator with some type of connection with Hill.

Oh well, leave it to Bobblehead Mendenhall to make silly decisions.

Holladay, UT


U Student Y Fan
Woods Cross, UT

JNA | 5:13 p.m. Oct. 2, 2010

Well said. If Hill was not getting the job done, he should have retained his DB duties--which Bronco thought was good enough to promote him in the first place--and Mendenhall could have assumed play-calling duties.

I am convinced that BYU's offensive success over the past 4 seasons was a result of having enough talent to cover up how awful the play calling has always been. Consider this, from 2006-2009, BYU had

1) 2 NFL QBs
2) 3 NFL RBs (4 if Manase Tonga is in the league)
3) 2-3 NFL TEs (Harline was just not an NFL-type TE but was among the best BYU has ever had)
5) a number of pro-caliber offensive linemen.

Though you can correctly argue that BYU is less talented this year, a competent coaching staff could do much better with this team.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Ref: Blue Rampage & Steven S. Jarvis
Agreed. Anae is a nice guy and BYU can still beat not only Utah but possibly TCU also...That would be sweet....But let's face the music and pull the plug on the O.C. early and get the staffing situation corrected that is badly needed and get an early start on the 2011 prep. There is opportunity in this situation...but someone needs to reach out and grab it.

Idaho Falls, ID

I'm huge BYU fan...

1) Recruiting very bad. Forget the Hype! Character and assignment cannot completely replace speed. Why does Whittingham win? Speed. Fault Bronco.

2) Receivers dropping balls all over the field. Fault? Bronco and Anae.

3) Lousy play calling. Fault Anae. The only time I saw BYU throw it as many times was in the Crowtow era. Sign of desperation. How about short methodical passes slowly marching down the field. Why lose downs on these repetitive long passes that the receivers drop anyway.

4) Slowest defense ever. Can't catch anyone running around them. Lousy recruiting again. Fault Bronco and Hill.

5) There had better be another reason for firing Hill. Bronco you are just if not more accountable. Anae as well. You guys might think about this. If it doesn't get fixed Holmoe will have to fire you too.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Bronco, the genious, has lost it.
Funny how wall above average players the last few years made him look great. Now that they're average he's suddenly not so awesome anymore.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

I was listening to ESPN radio or something. Trevor Matich (center on the national championship team and former NFLer) was one of the radio personalities. They asked him about the "firing" of Hill.

He said some insight things though I'm not sure I agree with all of them.

He said BYU is well coached and that it seemed to him Hill wasn't getting it done. He says BYU's players aren't "next level" type of players and quality coaching is crucial to them winning. Basically he seemed to be backing Bronco.

I really don't like the timing however. Hopefully, there are things going on behind the scenes that making this parting of ways a good thing (and for both parties). I hope that isn't because Hill is being made the scapegoat for what has happened.

I think since BYU is a church sponsored school and the church itself has had a peculiar history in regards to African-American membership, that any bad press in this area (of firing the African-American coach) can be problematic in BYU's recruiting efforts and with BYU's general perception in this area.

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

"I will join another team in a couple of weeks."

There is more going on here then a win loss record. Perhaps Hill already had a new position lined up for next year and had given notice. "Bronce, a friend of mine wants me to coach with him next year and I have accepted the position. I'll stick around throught the remainder of the year if you want me to." (We accept your resignation effective immediately). Otherwise there is no way he has a new coaching position lined up in 12 hours on a game day.

I remember when Bronco switched from DC to head coach. Some less than motivated offensive players quit the team. They knew what Bronco demanded, and were not willing to make the commitment. Interested to see how the defensive players react to the change.

Bronco made some comments during Fall camp regarding enjoying coaching special teams. I wondered if he would take a bigger role.

South Jordan, UT

I would like to hear Bronco in his interviews say that he believes his team will be a contender to WIN. Saying that the outcome of any game is unimportant...is absolutely the wrong words to come out of a head coach's mouth.

I support the decision to have Hill leave. As a ticket holder, we needed to see that someone would be held accountable. A few other heads may roll.

BYU is a wonderful school. They will pull out of this. I hate the drama. But then Utah is so boring right now. We hate to take all the press and front page headlines. Go Cougars!

Bo Jangles
Meridian, ID

Would have fired the OC before the DC. BYU's offense is anemic.

American Fork, UT

how come our receivers never seem to be open?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

The ONLY question left for ybu this season...

Who will lose the byu - new mexico battle, not only for the worse team in the league, but worse team in the nation!


Albuquerque, NM

Was this the right choice by Mendenhall? Was Jaime Hill the real problem or was he made a Scapegoat??? Who knows. Everything happens for a reason. The BYU football program is in disarray. I firmly believe how BYU handled its quest for football independence making "under the table" deals here and there to NEVER be #2 to the UofU in the state of Utah, and never be outdone by Utah, especially in football. Now it has come full circle.

I firmly believe in karma, what goes around comes around. Pride and arrogance won't help you succeed in life, humility will, try that for a change. Practice what you preach.

Rocklin, CA

1) Dissension was known among coaches and players in August.

2) Jaime Hill is forceful about his opinion

3) Robert Anae was not hired by Bronco but by the administration, no way he gets chopped that fast but he will go at one point.

4) Bronco is in charge and not in danger of being fired. BYU has been very competitive, he toes the company line.

5) Bronco had enough power to fire Hill midseason (on conference weekend even) when BYU tries to have coaches find new jobs or resign. No way Bronco can do this unless he has the full backing of the administration.

6) What Jaime was saying will probably be heard now that the personality conflict is gone.

7) No way BYU goes into indepence with a new staff. They are starting to build for that now.

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