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Published: Saturday, Oct. 2 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

So who gets fired because players have not been prepared to step in and replace the departed seniors?
Jamie Hill

What To Do
Salt Lake City, UT

While I think there is a lot of problems to go around you don't change horses in the middle of the river unless you want to drowned! I guess that is what Bronco and company want to do. This will wipe out any desire left in the defense. Bronco as DC wonder if he will have co-defenses? Anae will be next to follow next week the Bronco after TCU.

Bluffdale, UT

Knowing Bronco and Tom H, there must be a lot more to it than poor performance on the field. I suspect there may be some personality differences and/or attitude issues that would warrant mid-season canning.

Claremore, OK

"...was given the choice to resign or be fired."

"...was named BYU's defensive coordinator in 2008, came to BYU in 2006..worked as the secondary coach before being elevated to coordinator."

I'm not at all certain I am comfortable with BYU pursuing the same path as other collegiate teams. Firing like this for a team's recent poor winning record is what is common in OTHER schools.

Since BYU takes pains to be a school elevated and above the rest of the world in action, it is distressing to see them take the low road on this.

It is obvious that he must have performed acceptably in seasons past.

Why let WINNING be the only measure of a person/team/school??

O\'Fallon, MO

Gazpacho | 4:06 p.m. Oct. 2, 2010

"Mendenhall is nothing if not deliberate in his decisions."

What? Bronco hasn't even decided who the starting lineup is. The decision to terminate Assistant Coach Hill's services is probably the ONLY decision he has made this year.

For the past 5 years and so far this year, Mendenhall has repeatedly demonstrated that he takes no responsibility for the shortcomings of his team (performance or incidents off the field).

What happened to Bronco's "football is priority #5" speech? Based on the results so far this year, football probably is close to #5 on everyone's priority list. Instead of firing assistant coaches, they should all be given a performance bonus.

O\'Fallon, MO

Mayfair | 4:15 p.m. Oct. 2, 2010

"Since BYU takes pains to be a school elevated and above the rest of the world in action, it is distressing to see them take the low road on this."

Apparently you are not aware of BYU's contribution to dismantling the WAC and throwing Utah State under the bus all in the name of "looking out for BYU's interests."

U Student Y Fan
Woods Cross, UT

Although the defense certainly has looked poorly coached at times, the real coaching problem is the offensive play calling. It is unfortunate that Hill becomes the scapegoat because Bronco is unwilling to question Robert Anae, who simply does not know how to call plays. I have never seen a team so ineffective at utilizing personnel. Jacobson, among others, has the speed that should result in short/mid-range completions over the middle followed by yards-after-catch. Instead he is sent only on deep routes or 5-yard curl routes that result in no yards after catch.Watch the way other spread offenses (e.g. Utah) are executed and notice how effective short quick slants and other crossing patterns are at gaining YAC.

Big J
Bountiful, UT

There are lots of problems with BYU’s program but the main one is the lack of talent. You could put a top quality Boise or Utah staff with those players and the results would be the same.

When your offensive MVP is a guy named after pasta, you will not score much.

Those who think ESPN will help BYU’s recruiting, are up in the night. Players want to play on successful programs and BYU will never be that as an independent.

Coaching changes are best made after the season. Good luck JH.

South Jordan, UT

I believe this is a good move in the right direction for BYU, the stats for the defense can back me up.

1) rushing yards allowed, 118th in the nation
2) passing yards allowed, 28th in the nation (oh wait, everybody BYU has played doesn't need to pass, do they?)
3) 102nd in total yards allowed
4) 86th in the nation in points allowed

Ya, they change needed to happen and Bronco at defensive coordinator has always done a good job.

Salem, UT

For all of Bronco's supposed great management skills and drawing on the best management models have to offer I am missing this one- I supose we could go with firing someone will motivate others but I doubt it in this case and motivated coaches does not translate into motivated players or improve their skill levels- this one baffels and is in many ways not in keeping with general BYU issues of avoiding open displays of possible contention in the system- will be interesting to see what else emerges over the next few days

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

Frustrating season for sure. But I'm not going postal or Ute. I'm going to weather this storm and see it through. I don't want to ever be accused of being a fair weather fan. The coaches will work out all issues on the field and in the meeting room and we will be back to peak performance.

Mesa, AZ

Bronco will probably take over as DC so he can strengthen his resume for next year.

South Jordan, UT

I wouldn't be surprised in the next couple days to maybe see Anae get fired and Doman or a new guy take over as OC

Provo, UT

Too bad, the one non-LDS/African American coach is gone. More white, Mormon will not improve the defense. I'm not sure that anyone can improve the D for BYU, except that the quality of opponent is getting worse (exception of U and TCU).

Idaho Falls, ID

I, for one, actually think it is refreshing to see Bronco act like a head coach here. The coaching may have nothing to do with the poor performance of the defense but continuing to do the same is yielding the same poor results. I have been critical of Bronco but I still think he is good for BYU football. There is no disputing that he has cleaned up the program. Although I am surprised that he's replacing the DC in mid season, I think any change is a good thing when you're at rock bottom. Now I think he needs to follow through and change out the OC position also.
I think doing this mid season is out of character for Bronco so I suspect there is more to this than poor performance of the defense. I am confident we'll get more details in due time.

Layton, UT

This is a travesty! Robert Anae has got to go NOT Coach Hill. Mr Motivation, Coach Mendenhall should have fired himself before firing Coach Hill.

PAC Member, are U?
Kaysville, UT

The tds and Utah could not be going in more opposite directions.

Utah is joining the strongest conference in the country and the tds is going Indy.

The tds can't buy a victory and Utah is undefeated.

Utah has the Rose Bowl in its sights. The tds has no bowl this year in its sights and no bowl affiliations when they're Indy.

It a great time to be a Ute.

I can't imagine what it's like to be a Cougar with no teeth or claws.

Bountiful, UT

Sad to see Hill used as a scapegoat.

Executive Lee
West Jordan, Utah

@ Observation-ist : The O-line is full of Veterans, and there was a great running back, he just could not wait till marriage to start a family. The problem is Jake is young was should be redshirted… Riley was not the ideal QB, but at least he knew the system by watching it. Anae is not a good OC. He never has been.
@ Everyone: The defense is soft. Even the “studs” on the team are getting blown back. Hill was not adjusting his defense to the skill on the team. Bronco got complacent with his coaching and this is what he got. That is why you will never see Whit, up at the UoU relaxed. He knows that if he is not pushing his team and other coaches
I can only hope that things can change for the better. BYU football is far too Big national to have years like this.

Salt Lake City, UT

Defense has out preformed the offense. It was a mistake to fire Hill before Anae. Hill made good use of the limited talent he had while Anae has squandered the little talent on the offensive side of the ball. His inept play calling has totally rendered the offense impotent. I'd be curious to know why Hill was singled out over Anae.

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