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Published: Saturday, Oct. 2 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Saint George, UT

I cant believe how many people want Bronco out... After how well this team has played over the past 5 years, so many people have already given up. They shouldnt point to the past to make excuses for the present, but still... Its a bad year with a lot of young players that are getting experience and hopefully very soon will get their confidence back and get used to winning again.

Draper, UT

I love how all the Ute and Boise fans are saying to fire Bronco and demote Heaps.

Bronco and Heaps will both be fine.

As far as firing Hill mid season... The future is now. No need to delay the inevitable.

As far as ESPN wanting a refund. I'm sure the low point in BYU history still had a higher TV rating than any Ute game will have this season. In part, because Ute fans can't resist a chance to root against BYU. Keep it coming Ute fans, we appreciate the ratings boost.

BYU will only get stronger recruits because of the ESPN deal. Just ask Boise.

The future is bright. The present is another story.

PAC Member, are U?
Kaysville, UT

From reading all of the posts here, it appears that the wheels are truly comin' off.

I'm surprise that most tds fans didn't see this coming even before the season started.

Utah is going to roll the tds SO bad. It will be Utah's "farewell gift."

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

So who gets fired because players have not been prepared to step in and replace the departed seniors?

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Sacrifical lamb? huh?

Did any of you see BYU's defense last year? Florida state, Utah, TCU, and many other teams ran through the Cougars like a hot knife through butter.

to call this a knee jerk reaction is to deny all what Hill has done (his incompetence).

This change has been long overdue. The Cougars defense has been horrible for years. Changes need to be made.

If the offense doesn't improve, Robert Anae should be next.

Sorry coaches, it's up to you to recruit and teach the players that will make you be successful. If that isn't happening, then find another job.

Elk Hair Caddis
Sandy, UT

There is more to like about BYU football than winning games. I think we lose some of that with the dismissal of Hill in this way.

Blue Rampage
Salt Lake City, UT

Hill has been good for BYU but I believe he is ready to move on. He tried to get into the mix for the SDSU head job but was unsuccessful. He has shown brilliance in some instances, like against Oregon State last year. Also, by being fired he gets a full contract payout. This is how it works in sports and often in business. But for a guy with talent and aspirations, he's probably been at BYU long enough and personally needed a change. And maybe he was planning a move and it was showing in his attitude. The problem with that is the timing doesn't always work out as one planned. Like he said, it's just the business they are in.

I'm no Ute homie, but I still think Kyle is one of the best defensive coaches in college football today. My guess is that Bronco will resume being DC, which he loves. But I'm not clued in on the latest, so maybe something else is in the works.

Las Vegas, NV

This is what big boy programs do when a debacle is taking place. You make changes. Good to see BYU acting like a big boy program and not a chuch calling!

Blue Rampage
Salt Lake City, UT

BTW, if Bronco doesn't take over DC, I think he will surprise us with a young guy like Nick Howell. Not that our LBs have been playing great, but it's not easy to read Bronco's mind.

As for Anae, predictability is a BYU tradition. I keep thinking that Lance Reynolds is better, but he's been in the both for a long time now. One thing about Anae though, in spite of my agreement that he is a terrible OC, is that he is one of the finest people to ever coach at BYU. However, the job has been over his head from day one. I wish there was a family friendly way of handling that one. No ideas yet...

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

This isn't exactly a mid-season firing. The football season realistically is over for BYU even though they may win some games and could still get to a bowl. The tell-tale sign was the end of the sell out streak last week.

I expected BYU to compete last night and win. USU was depleted, is not a very good team and they still took BYU behind the woodshed. BYU had no defense. The only thing that stopped drives was when the opponent made mistakes. While that worked for BYU in the past, it won't work in the present.

As long as BYU comes prepared and beats the U, I will be happy. That is all that is left that matters. Start preparing now. BYU needs to build a defense, get the recievers to catch the ball and build confidence. They do those things and they still should be able to beat Utah.

Holladay, UT

Fire mid-season? And fire the D-coordinator? The only thing about the defense that has improved the past five years is the play and recruiting of the DBs, thanks to Coach Hill.
BYU couldn't have picked a worse way to embark upon this independence experiment. For the Y fans who think that BYU draws big audiences, go ahead and look up the nielsen ratings for the Y games that have been on ESPN. Their past five bowl games have had LESS ratings than Utah's bowl TV ratings.
Utah State was missing TWELVE of their players who played significantly vs. Oklahoma. And they couldn't score a TD against USU's defense who got lit up by SDSU.

Good luck with independence. If you don't see the writing on the wall of where the Y football program is heading, then you're just in denial. The future is not bright.

And if I'm Coach Rose, I'm mad that I'm now in the WCC because of a bad football team.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Re: VegasCoug | 3:16 p.m.

"This is what big boy programs do when a debacle is taking place."

Big boy programs don't let performance issues progress to a level that results in mid-season firings.

Big boy program.... phhttttt.

BYU is little more than a mid-major-independent curiosity on a national level. Maybe good enough for a few Thurday, Friday night tv games, but not good enough for the Saturday big time.

Layton, UT

This was a little too knee jerk for me. I suspect that Jaime and Bronco had major disagreements and this was the final blow. Maybe Jaime already had a place to go and had voiced that opinion.
Good luck coach HIll. We appreciate your service.

Lincoln City, OR

I would be surprised if this had anything to do with Football...

Herriman, UT

Prior to this news, I was willing to say that the cougs might pick up 2 other wins this season. Now I am CONFIDENT in saying they will finish 1-11 with Utah waxing them en route to another BCS bowl.

Peter Coyotl
West Jordan, UT

SO it looks like it is officially the time to panic.

Utesville, CA

Ok, so Hill was responsible for bad defense.
Who is responsible for bad offense?
Who is in charge of bad special team play?

Who? Who? Who?


Elk Hair Caddis,

Well said.

mile high cougar
Littleton, CO

Bad move!! Anae should have been fired not Hill. Bronco has lost it big time!

Logan, UT

Fans and media, alike love to point out that “bad” play-calling is to blame for the current offensive woes. The trouble is, lots of GOOD play calls are failing. How can a team fail to get 1 yard on the ground in multiple attempts? How can a team fail to get 4 yards through the air on multiple attempts? How can so many TD and 3rd down passes be dropped? What should the coaches call when the players don’t do anything well? Play calling is not the problem. Execution is.

As for the firing of Hill, it’s unfortunate and untimely, but I have no doubt that this decision has been brewing for a while. Mendenhall is nothing if not deliberate in his decisions.

Need I remind people that BYU has gone 11-2, 11-2, 10-3, and 11-2 the last four years? Bronco turned this program around in 1 6-6 season after the disaster of Crowton. Are we so spoiled and unrealistic that we cannot afford the coach the time necessary to fix this?

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