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Published: Friday, Oct. 1 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

It was a thing of beauty. From the beginning USU controlled the game on both offense and defense. The y was out coached, out quarterbacked and out maned. The Aggies made a very impressive turn around from six days ago in San Diego.

Go Big Blue!!!

Las Vegas, NV

Attention Dick Harmon, did you really predict the Yners to score 28 points, they haven't score that much all year, nice job on your pompous biased articles.

Las Vegas, NV

At first it is really kinda funny to watch the Yners get smeared across the field. Then it just becomes so sad and pathetic I lose interest. So, are we seeing the first signs that Bronco really doesn't know how to recruit? Seriously, with the mission thing, 2004 was six years ago which would mean the previous coaches recruits have probably redshirted and moved out of the system by now leaving only Bronco recruits. It sure looks like his days of living off the previous coaches players is over. After all it is Bronco's fault why the previous coach lost his job, running that silly 3-3-5 defense that stopped nobody leading to the firing. And to think this season was your last chance to get to any bowl game.....and the Yners have blown it. Zero bowl ties next year, no outside chance that the Yners would ever go undefeated and end up ranked 1 or 2 to even have a shot at a BCS game. The big trip of the year will be Hawaii, have fun, aloha! Nevertheless, congrats Aggies! Now beat the donkeys!!

Idaho Falls, ID

Dick is right that the Cougs play uninspired, a reflection of uninspired coaches. But more importantly, the individual players are just not as good or fast as their opponents, a reflection of recruiting which is a reflection of coaching.

It's truly painful to see this train wreck. At times they look like a high school football team out there.

dallas aggie
Minneapolis, MN

Great job Gary Andersen, team and fans! Loved every second of this game!

Flame of the West
Tuktoyaktuk, NWT

...weeping and wailing, and gnashing of teeth...

Season over...put us in the Bottom 10 because that is were we belong...that was terrible. I can still be a cougar fan but time to cheer for alternate...Nebraska...GO BIG RED!

still Loyal, Strong, and True

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

When Bronco has had upper class men to help he opt's for the freshman.

Well you reap what you put out on the field coach. The chickens are now coming home and luv 'n it in Provo.

Pine Ridge, SD

mr harmon, the potential is there, i see it in the new players especially holt and mahina of the tight ends and others on the team. yeah, they are young but the future looks bright and i'm looking for some cool shades. execution execution and discipline.

Ann Arbor, MI

The results on the field can be pointed directly at Bronco. When the Y was crushing cupcakes last year, Y did bronco not get these "young" players into the game and grow depth? Y did Nelsen not play last year?

Tds fans are giving bronco waaaaay to much of a free pass- he should be hung out to dry.

BYU could be the worst team in the Nation.

Payson, UT

Problem is letting heaps throw for 54 times in the game.

Mendenhall and BYU are the only ones in the entire nation who would not run more with that huge advantage on the offensive line. BYU would have won this game if they had better coaches. It should have been a running attack, wearing down the defensive front (an already depleted defense). Once again, BYU opts for tradition (80% pass 20% run) over common sense. I cannot understand who BYU gets any good running backs to go to that school.

Jim Marshall
Clearfield, UT

I don't mean this as a snide remark, but didn't you write an article in august Mr. Harmon that said BYU's receivers this year were a Top 10 receving corps?

Where has the talent gone. I'm serious. What is wrong with our receivers?

Logan, UT

Both teams reflected their coaches apparent passion or lack thereof. Anderson was a passionate cheerleader for his troops, Bronco - who knows what he was, emotionless, grim, stoic. The Aggies were aggressive, and full of go get 'em, the Cougars plodding and grim, stoic, lacking in enthusiasm. Part of the problem is over emphasis on 'developing' their star QB who is so absorbed in his own needs that he doesn't convey concern on the field for his fellow players. I could say team mates, but I'm not sure he knows he has team mates.

Cedar Hills, UT

Never has a program fallen so fast so far. Never has a BYU program sunk so low ..not in 90's, 80's, 70's. You would have to go back to 1960 when JFK was president the and hoola-hoop was the rage to see a BYU team this talent poor and toothless both on offense and defense. This ins't just some timing and execution issues...oh no that is way to easy to suggest that. This is the bare bones fact of the talent on the field and brethern it isn't there. Period. For most football savy fans it is easy to see. No running game what so ever. The O-line simply can't run block and that is both the fault of recruitment to conditioning and teaching technique. The backs are sub par as well. The receivers are good enough but they way out of wack right now because of the spotting QB play. Jake Heaps will be good ... next year. He has the arm .. just not the experience and field sense. The defensive line in TERRIBLE. Every team gets 6 -9 yards on first down rushing on average. Pathetic.

Salt Lake City, Utah

The beginning of the end . . . Many in the media praised Holmoe for his high risk venture into independence. Yet, while calling it high risk, few conceived that it could fail. High risk implies that there is a large potential down side. Losing? To Utah State?

Fabricate all the excuses you wish, Utah had similar challenges last year with its freshman QB and it took BYU overtime to beat them on its home field and the Utes still finished with a 10 win season. By earning a spot in the PAC 10, Utah has done more than just beat their rival - with Holmoe's help, they've killed them. High risk means you can't lose 4 in row ending with Utah State and next week against SDSU is likely to be the 5th. Neither TCU nor Utah will need overtime to beat that team.

Giddy over Holmoe's decisive post Utah PAC 10 action to independence, few ever thought for a moment that it could end up in disaster. ESPN is likely looking at their late Wednesday and Friday night line up for the 2011 BYU Cougars.

Ann Arbor, MI

You got to feel sorry for Nevada. They will probably fall out of the top 25 due to their plummiting SOS.

Provo, UT

BYU starts winning when the receivers start hanging on to the ball. Pitta and George made

What To Do
Salt Lake City, UT

Hay Joe what happened to that big time prediction of yours. Maybe the rest of the year you can be more real in you comments and not so one sided.

Washington, UT

It's just too easy to say I told you so. Where, I wonder, are all the armchair coaches now who were so sure those big numbers Heaps put up in spring camp meant something? Don't feel too bad; these coaches bought into it just like you did. If there was ever a team lacking leadership, it's gotta be BYU. Here's the reality coaches Mendenhall, Doman and Anae: leadership has nothing to do with hype, a "me first" attitude, and a good throwing motion.

Nelson is probably thanking his lucky stars he's out of the mess and Lark should tell them to clean up by themselves.

Provo, UT

I think Bronco had the wrong approach calling the USU game unimportant a rivalry game should always be important. BYU has traditionally been able to shrug off early season and non-conference losses by focusing on winning a conference championship. Next year and beyond when there is no conference title to play for how will Bronco be able to motivate these kids if he can't even get them up for a rival? I guess the horrible schedules that will be the staple will help get some wins on the board but for this program 8-10 wins versus the Central Floridas of the world is a step backwards. I hope next year BYU will take USU seriously. I wonder how season ticket renewal will be next year?

Utesville, CA

1) I agree that USU was "hungrier" --and they should be. They struggled so far (ie 1-3 record before the game). I am very happy for coach Gary Andersen.

2) BYU players did not abandon Bronco. They gave up on their coaching staff. Where is Ty Detmer?

3) ESPN looked forward to this game sort as an introduction to its viewer the independent team that it just signed multi-year contract --well, let's say they are in for a loooooong contract.

4) BYU receivers may run like Nissan ZX...but they can't catch the ball then run like Ferrari Enzos like Utah receivers


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