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Aggies dominate stumbling Cougars in Logan

Published: Friday, Oct. 1 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Payson, UT

Oops, I picked Utah state by 3, now that its half time, can i change that to 30?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Man cougs are terrible this year.

Utesville, CA

1) BYU did not show up and was not well-prepared
2) Offense, defense, special team: all have issues
3) BYU really belongs in the WAC

Cedar Hills, UT

Utah State 1-3 on the season has 24 points at the half.

BYU ... well they have some first downs. I think about 5.

at the first of the season I predicted a 3-9 season for the Y knowing they had no talent. I take that back ... 1-11 sounds more realistic.

Worst record, worst team , wost coaching and recruiting since the early 1960's at the Y.

I'm sure Bronco will tell us the team is progressing after the game. What you ya think .. 42 - 10 for a final score??

Farmington, UT


Pocatello, Id

BYU's bowl eligiblity is very tenuous right now.

Anti Bush-Obama
Taylorsville, UT

ESPN is probably having buyers remorse when BYU is getting embarassed like this. If they don't win this one, they will might win 2 more the whole year.

vancouver, wa

Game isn't even over and its the same old story. I guess Bronco has not been reading that the Fat Lady has already sang! Bye bye Bronco.

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

Just wondering if this is the start of a new rivalry between BYU and USU, with BYU having a scheduling alliance with the WAC starting next year.

Will BYU's main rival be USU as opposed to Utah. The first half of this game indicates that the Cougars should not take a win over USU for granted. Not to say it is over for the Cougars, but USU fans should be happy now and I can envision a BYU-USU rivalry in football, like there is in basketball.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Tds is the worst team in college football! Go aggies I am loving this! New mexico will even beat byu mark it down!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Third bcs for utah. 3-9 season for byu. Could this season be any better? Should be tough choice for future recruits. Not!

Draper, UT

Too many dropped passes.

Too much DiLuigi on 3rd down.

Give Utah State credit for dominating our defense.

Washington, DC

BYU's defense has been the problem this entire season. Quit worrying about the QB and start worrying about the defense.

Ann Arbor, MI

Is it possible that BYU is the worst team in the nation?

Cedar Hills, UT

That flee flicker play was awesome!

Spanked by 2 WAC teams! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

USU has been toying with the byu defense all game. They are terrible!

I really hope the coogs can beat NM and CSU.

AZ Dave
Chandler, AZ

Quick Tom, Call the WCC and see if you can play football

Lehi, UT

WoW. I am a BYU fan, but I am confused. Good programs have up and down years, but they don't go down like this.

Watching this game. Not much coaching/teaching on this team.

Defense: Poort scheme, average team effort, bad tackling, and bad coverage. Can BYU make a 3rd down stop? BYU weakness is right down the middle- no LB to be found.

Offense: I like Heaps arm, but he is VERY inaccurate. Who was 2nd pick too? BYU needs to go back to 1927 to find this many dropped passes. The offensive line is big but can't move the line anywhere??? Once again, not much coaching going on.

Bottom line: bad preparation. I'm disappointed in the coaches this year. You shouldn't have this much a fall in a good program. Jaime Hill- whew, wow. We need the old Bronco that had his defense flying to the ball. I don't see that anymore.

Offense (first half), can we run a play more than 5 yards? Wow.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Your right, that last interception was so Max Hallish it's gotta be the defenses fault.

Utesville, CA

Did Ty Detmer just call Tom Holmoe?

Irvine, CA

Which Gary is happier now, Andersen or Crowton?

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