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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 29 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Houston, TX

I expect this to be a difficult game. USU will be highly motivated. BYU will have to manufacture an offense or they are not going to win much this year.

That means a lot more players besides Heaps have to step up and make the offense run the way it should.

The Defense may be the key to this. If they can hold USU down to less than 14 BYUs chances improve a lot. Maybe special teams can pull it out?

I do expect things to run better but anything can happen.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

At 1-3 this game is a big deal for BYU.

If the Cougars take it lightly they will get beat.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

QB goes to USU.

Injuries favor y.

Home crowd goes to USU.

4th Qtr endurance goes to y.

It will be anybody's game. I will be surprised if Aggies don't take an early lead. Will be pleased if Aggies can hold on to lead in 4th.

Go Big Blue!!!

Kaysville, UT

I'm as big an Ag fan as there is but as Big Hapa (Y fan) advises we should not live in "fantasy of grandeur" and looking at this game as objectively as possible I unfortunately still see it going to Y. If you add Turbin back in and Matt Ahyou at LB then maybe, maybe we win but with Turbin and Smith out at RB, Austin and Morrison out at WR, Ahyou and maybe Junior out at LB, along with Coleman in secondary, plus our best O lineman I just don't seeing us having the horses to win it. Greatly pains me to say it because if there ever was a year over the last ten when considering victory wasn't "fantasy of grandeur" this year would be it.

Another unfortunate for USU is Riley was hurt. As long as Bronco kept playing Polyanna and not making a decision as to their QB the better for everyone else. Too bad for Riley but it certainly makes BYU more of a threat with Heaps. Look at what SD State did to our secondary?

Love ya Ags but I think we'll have to keep waiting.


Provo, UT

I grew up as a BYU fan, but attended and graduated from Utah State.

I'm excited for the game. I know it probably shouldn't be so, but I'll be happy with the outcome either way.

My opinion...I'd LOVE for USU to win, but I think they are more accustomed to losing to BYU and BYU really needs this win to boost their morale and to improve. Should be a good game. May the best blue win!

Ogden, UT

BYU is struggling on both sides of the ball this year. This game should be a "big deal" for both teams.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I would have thought USU had a shot to win this until they were thrashed by SDSU.
If Fresno can win in Logan so can byu.

Herriman, UT

This BYU team is so unpredictable...I think the Y pulls it out, but it should be a close one. Just open up the playbook a bit, we need to have some deep threats and not simply play field position football. I think we'd all prefer to see some more risk (and potential reward) with our your offense.

South Jordan, UT

I thought USU had a chance to be decent this season until I saw them roll-over in San Diego. I don't give them much of a chance against even a bad BYU team. Here's hoping I'm wrong.

Salt Lake City, UT

Go Aggies Go!

My favorite team is Utah and anybody who plays BYU. I always cheer for the Ags and wish them well. My husband is an Aggie and his biggest wish is that Utah and byu both beat each other ha ha.

yankee doodle
Layton, UT

This is a BIG game for both teams, but I think much much bigger for BYU, if USU loses than its just status quo for them against BYU but if the Y loses they might as well just get in the bus and drive to nowhere in particular cuz nobody will be watching the rest of the season and Bronco's head will be on the chopping block.

Sloppy J
St. Louis, MO

"My favorite team is . . anybody who plays BYU."

I never understood the UtahGals of the world . . I grew up a BYU fan, attended the Y and remain a fan. Yet I always root for the Utes to beat everyone BUT the Y. Is your way more fun? Maybe I should experiment with bitterness sometime. I'd need a team to root against, and frankly the Utes just don't seem worth the effort. Any suggestions? Maybe the Heat, or the Bears (Jay Cutler seems eminently hateable)?

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK


Bronco's position is secure. Everyone has accepted 2010 is a rebuilding year. A significant revelation of recruiting fraud or a string of Honour Code violations is the only thing that would put his job in jeopardy. Bronco will retire on his own terms from BYU (5-10 years is a good bet).


"Deep threats," I will be watching Hoffman. I have not seen many perfect deep balls from Heaps. Maybe we can blame the out of bounds balls on the curve of the stadium field. Never heard it used as an explanation before, it would be interesting to hear it.

Looking forward to Friday night!

Mount Olympus
Holladay, UT

Re: Nehu

Big Hapa stole that saying from a recent article in a newspaper in Fort Worth, Texas.
They said that it is BYU that has delusions of pigskin grandeur.

Kaysville, UT

Amen on Yankee Doodles comment. You are right if we lose we can still finish .500 which would be deemed big success in Logan. BYU loses and you are right Provo and Cougs everywhere will not be happy at all.

So I agree and then some.

yankee doodle
Layton, UT

@Sloppy J
I am pretty sure nobody understands Ute fans, I know I don't.
Like Chris B who pays his own money to go to a BYU game in person just to see them lose. Don't get that at all.
I do think the Heat are a good choice to hate this year, especially in Cleveland, Ohio.

@Floyd Johnson,
You are right, it would just be nice to see if Bronco got a little heat from above he might start making better decisions this year before the bottom falls out.

Las Vegas, NV

I've always found it hilarious that USU has a perception that there is a heated "rivalry" with BYU. When I was at the Y (during the Crowton era unfortunately) I remember seeing a petition to stop playing USU because it was perceived as an easy win, nothing more.

I've got a hint for you Aggies, there is no rivalry in the eyes of most BYU fans (and players for that matter). The only reason we schedule you is because its an easy travel game and holding on to the status quo of always playing in state FBS teams.

Anaheim, CA

not real thrilled with the tone of the article, makes it sound like we live for this game and nothing more. Truth is it's just a non-conf game, but an instate rival. So yea it's big, but it's not a make or break kind of game. Sure we want to win, sure it would be nice to start winning and go to a bowl game. I too was at the SDSU game, and if that Aggie team, whats left of them, shows up, it could be a long night for the Aggies.

Sloppy J
St. Louis, MO

Shooter is, of course, correct. USU remains a wisp of an afterthought to BYU football fans, for obvious reasons. But, I think real Cougar fans would welcome a more robust TUP (Team Up North) and an actual rivalry if the Ags could manage to put a comopetent program together.

The Utah-BYU "rivalry" was in a similar state from the time I started paying attention to sports (1982) until 1993. The outcome was hardly in question; it was more about how many yards and points the Y could rack up.

I was in the stands for both 34-31 games. It killed me at the time, but the games have been 100X more interesting and competitive since then. Strong Utah and USU programs can only be good for BYU fans who enjoy real competition.

Until USU finds the formula, the "rivalry" BYU represents a no-win for BYU. The Y wins? Big deal. The Y loses (or even wins a close one)? Let the ridicule flow. And yes, I realize this is the dilemma for a lot of the "top" programs when they schedule BYU.

Tooele, UT

I'm with teaching. I grew up as a Y fan, but attended and graduated from USU. I think it could go either way. I will be at the game and will be cheering to see a good game. May the best BLUE win.

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